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What is Four Percent Group? – a HOLISTIC REVIEW for all the HYPE!

Hi there, our loyal readers!

Welcome to our HOLISTIC review about the Four Percent Group, 4% Group, 4 Percent Group, whatever way that you prefer to address it…

Four Percent Group is actually a MARKETING & TRAINING PLATFORM which is founded & developed by Vick Strizheus, a 7 figure earner, a well-established internet marketer. Vick has developed a REMARKABLE PLATFORM for internet marketers especially for the advanced (experience internet marketers). Why say so? (We’ll talk more about that later).

It’s actually a training program which is “free” to join & does offer some great training, thus, there’s really no such thing as FREE within the internet / the world. Good materials & content usually come with a price. Depending on a person’s capability & the willingness to PAY for the “education”. However, it does come with the “Lite”, “Pro” & “Pro Elite” membership package for the program’s supporters.

Refer to the image below for the membership packages offered within four percent (4%) group,

four percent's membership options


The program actually teaches us, internet marketers, about its money generation system (which is creating profitable campaigns to make $$$ online in a short amount of period). Vick Strizheus claims so by inventing its own version of “7 STEPS TO RESULTS” success formula (a series of video created by Vick serving as the system’s overview, how the business model operates & elaborate about ways to making money online).

Refer below for some images about the above mentioned “7 steps to results”, creating your free account examples,

four percent group's 7 steps to results

and here’s a sneak preview for the next step of creating your free account,


creating a free account on four percent group's page

Vick claims that he has developed the program to cater for internet marketers of ALL LEVELS. (One of the mission that I like about Vick, he shares the same version as our website’s ideology & our #1 highly recommended affiliates training community of all time)

Four Percent Group consists of over 200 thousand members within their community, an evolutionary online community aiming to help people in reaching their desired level of income via the internet (a.k.a. making money online), that most people can only DREAM of! Another GREAT vision stated by Four Percent Group is their bold VISION to help entrepreneurs to become the most POWERFUL, INFLUENTIAL & DOMINANT figure in business & life. (Now, that’s really a HUGE claim)

In a nutshell, the Four Percent Group is actually an affiliate marketing training program which helps people to setup their own marketing & sales funnel & drive PAID traffic into it. (more on that later)

Four Percent Group (4 Percent Group) – Insightful Breakdowns & Breakdowns Dissect!

Name of the company : Four Percent Group

Here’s the official website link:

The owner of the company: Vick Strizheus

  • Training Provided by the company: 4 out of 5, the training teaches us how to drive traffic into sales funnel by utilizing 3rd party company’s tools
  • Support Provided by Four Percent Group : 4 out of 5, there’s a dedicated team within the platform to assist members as quickly as possible
  • Community Support: 4 out of 5, as mentioned earlier there’s a community of over 200,000 members within it
  • Toolkit: 2 out of 5, the tools recommended by Vick & his FPG team are very useful & developed by legitimate companies & widely used by the internet / affiliate marketers, however the “business costs” for your “online business” will initially “stack up”, refer below for the additional tools needed to progress in the program,

Four Percent Group's additional tools section


#1 Tecademics

Members are advised to be a member of Tecademics, Four Percent Group’s affiliate company by recommending its product / services, in order to be an affiliate marketer for the company, one has to pay 100 USD per month to subscribe as an affiliate of TEC (The Entrepreneurs Club) for Tecademics


#2 ClickFunnels

It’s actually a sales funnel software to assist internet marketers in enhancing traffic to their offers, the software itself costs about 97 USD per month & 297 USD for their PRO users


#3 Leadpages

It’s another sales funnel software similar to ClickFunnels but charges their subscribers at a cheaper monthly subscription fee, which is 37 USD per month


#4 ClickMagick

This is a click tracker & link manager for your affiliate links, the company charges its subscribers for 12USD per month, according to the starter plan


#5 GetResponse

GetResponse is an email autoresponder tool developed by a UK company, a highly recommended tool for those aiming to venture into email marketing, the tool is priced at 15 USD per month, for starters)


#6 AWeber

Aweber is also an email autoresponder tool developed by an American company, yet another widely popular tool among the internet marketing community, the company charges its subscribers 19 USD per month, for their starter plan)


#7 Udimi

Udimi is a website for advertiser & publishers to network & exchange trades specifically for Solo Ads, Solo Ads typically costs about 35 to 55 cents USD per click


#8 NameCheap

Namecheap is another popular & legitimate domain & web hosting provider, they charge users about 8.88 USD per year, renewal price for their web hosting services costs about 29.88 USD per year. You may check out on our recommended alternative for WordPress managed web hosting solution)

Based on all the tools that Four Percent Group has “nominated”, the initial startup cost for an affiliate marketing business will stack up to approximate 78.49 USD per month as a “pro member” for FPG. You may check out on our #1 most recommended affiliate marketing training community for equivalent quality of training plus helpful & supportive training community always ready to answer your doubts within the affiliate / internet marketing journey.


As mentioned earlier on, here’s another image showing the breakdown for “7 steps towards results” guidance layout,

Referring to the above image, the extra tools are needed when the member reaches step 2 & 3 for the “7 steps towards results” training.

The main dashboard for the member’s area actually look like this:

Now here’s a BONUS FACT: The Four Percent Group “name” originated from the philosophy of there’s only 4% out of a 100 people will truly succeed in their life / business, that’s because 80% out of 100 people will make complaints & focus on the issues that are holding them back from being successful & never take actions, 16% of it will actually take actions but with scepticism, ONLY 4% of the world population will take massive action & do whatever it takes to SUCCEED.

Four Percent Group, Who actually needs it?

Newbies to the affiliate / internet marketing space can actually benefit from the weekly training webinars. Experienced marketers are suitable to join the program too, as they can gain by learning how to utilize the recommended tools recommended within the program, this allows them to enhance their revenue & profits offered.



#1 Vick Strizheus is a master internet marketer, a 7 figure earner within the online marketing space, he’s able to teach us all the necessary SKILLS needed to excel within the affiliate / internet marketing space

#2 Vick Strizheus teaches us how to create virtual sales letter to “nail” our content, it helps to improve in our traffic generation & conversion of our content (ultimately improving in monetization of our content)

#3 Vick Strizheus teaches us how to be an independent online entrepreneur (by not relying entirely on any proven system / training within the industry)

#4 Four Percent Group offers weekly training webinars & webinars replay which is really beneficial for the novice marketers within the affiliate marketing space

#5 The program itself is actually inexpensive & affordable to begin with, however, it’s definitely not the most “bang for your buck” 😉


#1 Members have to buy extra tools, which is the “hidden costs” for joining the program in order to proceed further into its training.The nominated tools such as ClickFunnels, Tecademics are software / tools developed by 3rd party companies (it means these tools are not developed & branded under the same roof within Four Percent Group)

#2 Four Percent Group offers one-of-a-kind automated marketing system (too good to be true?), FPG actually claims that we’re able to create realistic 5,000 USD per month income within 30-60 days! Don’t forget to check out our review about a realistic way in making nearly 2,500 USD within 180 days!

#3 The concept of “multiple streams of passive income” introduced by Vick Strizheus can create some distraction for newbies within the affiliate marketing space (newbies have to promote the nominated tools which is recommended by Four Percent Group to create multiple source of income), often times newbies do not know which direction they have to focus when embarking on the journey, therefore mastering certain vital tools / software initially is crucial at first

#4 Free members for Four Percent Group is often redirected to the PRO membership even if you’re the LITE member (the membership package starting from 7 USD per month), it’s totally different from what our #1 recommended most supportive & caring affiliates training community has to offer (literally anyone can be a LIFETIME member for FREE, if they don’t decide to become a paid subscriber for the community)

#5 It’s a steep learning curve for newbies to master all the “nominated” tools at a beginning stage of the internet marketing journey, it can cause some “serious distraction” for newbies & advanced internet marketers too, thus newbies are not able to achieve their expected income goals as expected along the way


Four Percent Group (4 Percent)
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Four Percent Group is a legitimate company & is not offering a “scammy” program like what most affiliate marketers claims it to be. Despite the fact that Vick Strizheus (the founder & co-owner of FPG) had a shady past, he definitely has rectified himself from his past mistakes & rebuilt his “brand” within the internet / affiliate marketing industry. Literally any of its members can benefit from the training provided by learning everything from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to email marketing, traffic boosting, etc.

FPG teaches us about generating large amount of INSTANT TRAFFIC which seems to be an extremely challenging task for starters (a task which is nearly impossible for beginners). These are some “hidden costs” which is untold upfront when a person decides to begin their journey with FPG.

Don’t forget to check out on our in-depth review for our all time favorite, our absolute recommendation, the #1 MOST CARING & SUPPORTIVE affiliate / internet marketers training COMMUNITY, for all LEVELS!]


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