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What is ClickBank University About? – it’s version 2.0 RIGHT NOW!

ClickBank University 2.0 in-depth review - Blog title

ClickBank University 2.0 is considered as one of the MOST LEGITIMATE training ground for affiliates ever introduced, since its inception, it’s closely connected to the reputable ClickBank affiliate network & affiliate program which has been around for more than 10 years! One thing for sure, the program is more often suitable for affiliate marketers who wish to develop their own DIGITAL PRODUCTS and put it for sale on ClickBank’s online marketplace or other online marketplace which has high demand for the created product (say products like an E-Book).

Introduction about ClickBank University 2.0

Though CBU is famous among most internet marketers, however ClickBank University 2.0’s online training courses wouldn’t cover most of the skills & know-how needed for a newbie in the affiliate marketing space when they are just getting their business rolling! Why say so?

Entry level knowledge such as building a website, targeting keywords for SEO purposes (obtaining FREE organic traffic into our websites) is not taught in the training, website hosting is not inclusive in the membership too however CBU 2.0 students can learn how to earn some serious money by leveraging other affiliate’s time and resources to promote the products they have created (such as E-Books) or any other digital product which favors the CBU student.


ClickBank University 2.0 – Breakdown & Ratings

Community Name (aka training platform) : ClickBank University 2.0

Owners: Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz & Justin Atlan

  • Training Provided: 4.5 out of 5 (top-notch training taught by industry experts & the CBU team)
  • Support Provided by CBU’s Team: 3.5 out of 5 (delayed feedback for students FAQ)
  • Pricing : 2.5 out of 5 (1USD for 7days trial, 47 USD/month for BASIC MEMBERSHIP & 97 USD/month for advanced users to gain FULL ACCESS)
  • Community Support: 4.5 out of 5 (Moderately active community)
  • CBU Toolkit: 4 out of 5 (tools needed to be a successful affiliate marketer, for example, email marketing tools, website builder, tools needed to gain traffic paid traffic via social media, etc which usually incurs extra costs! website builder alone costs a whopping 297 USD! )

ClickBank University 2.0
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  • Training
  • CBU Team Support
  • Pricing
  • Community Support
  • Toolkit
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BONUS FACTS: CBU included prerecorded live events, students may watch it whenever they want, CBU has a social responsibility project within their organization as well, known as “Pencils of Promise: Giving Back to Community by helping disadvantage kids” which is kinda meaningful since they have the sense of giving aid to the COMMUNITY in need.


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ClickBank University 2.0, training platform for beginners & possibly affiliate marketers beyond beginners!

Before we resume with the pros & cons of ClickBank University, we would like to stress again, ClickBank University is NOT SUITABLE for affiliate marketers who decide to promote products/services from other TRUSTABLE, REPUTABLE & LEGITIMATE brands & companies, in exchange for a small fraction from the SALES generated via the AMOUNT OF TRAFFIC DRIVEN to our website(cha ching!). Good or good? Check out this video for a quick understanding about creating a fully functional WordPress website with hosting, in literally just under 30 seconds! (it will definitely improve your knowledge about earning legitimate money online without creating/selling your OWN PRODUCT)

As mentioned earlier, here are some MAJOR pros & cons which we have listed after our thorough understanding about the PLATFORM.


1) Extensive range of topics provided in the affiliate & vendor training archive, that includes, teaching affiliate marketers about creating their own campaigns, membership sites & digital products (cha-ching!)

2) Students are taught on how to write sales pages, build an email list, execute split testing for max conversions, create landing pages, drive targeted traffic to websites/channels (sounds good to me!)

3) Tutorial videos are made in high quality, detailed & easy to follow (step by step guidance for newbies & possibly affiliate marketers of different level)

4) The training teaches students about creating their own full-fledged product empire (a complete product funnel)

5) There’s a moderately active community within the ClickBank university (unlike our #no1 recommended active & caring community) – everybody needs some help when they’re just starting out, even the advance marketers or experts need to mastermind with the TOP marketers!



1) Training modules are locked (students are required to watch all the prior videos first / after a certain amount of time to unlock further modules)

2) There are indeed some disadvantage as being an ADVANCED or EXPERT affiliate marketer student in CBU (often times the training provided do not really cater to affiliate marketers beyond beginner level, advanced students find it not helpful in advancing their pursues)

3) Students have to purchase the full course in order to gain most out of the training which typically costs more, thus burning more HOLES in your pocket! So it is just up sells after up sells, a never-ending process 🙁

4) Videos dedicated to traffic generation are not comprehensive (till date), some tweaks are needed!

5) THE support team does take quite a while to response in most of the time (reported cases takes as much as several weeks)

6) Talking about gaining organic traffic to your sites, SEO is a crucial element to get your websites ranked on GOOGLE! or other popular search engines like Bing & Yahoo. (students are not taught a lot in the respective subject). Want to know how to improve the ranking in Google for the websites you have build? Which is absolutely crucial in achieving success on the online business world, check out our #No1 most frequently used keyword research tool on the planet!



ClickBank University 2.0 is definitely a recommended affiliate marketer / online vendor training ground for NEW COMERS.

Affiliate marketer newbies have to choose wisely before making up your mind in the which training platform they’re picking, most of the training revolve around creating YOUR very own digital products and launching campaigns (which is often more COSTLY for starters!).

Do stay tune to our site for our in depth-review about our #No1 recommendation affiliates community and other relevant AFFILIATE TRAINING PLATFORMS / COMMUNITIES.


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