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What is Wealthy Affiliate University? (2018 Updated Version) – “myth-buster” review for all your doubts!

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Welcome to IMS’s “thorough review” about one of the world’s most renowned internet entrepreneur incubator platform for bloggers / affiliate marketers who are just “getting started” or those who has been in the industry for quite a while.

Wealthy Affiliate University is an all-inclusive internet marketing training platform that will allow you to create, grow and manage your internet businesses of ANY LEVEL!

The services include 1000’s of training, LIVE CLASSES, PERSONAL AND EXPERT MENTORING, websites & hosting (up to 50 websites for premium member), and the ability to network with more than 1,000,000 members.

It is the LARGEST internet entrepreneur COMMUNITY in the world and absolutely the most caring! But don’t take our word for it, read our thorough, holistic and insightful review below.


Wealthy Affiliate – Insightful Breakdowns & Breakdowns Dissect!

Name of the company : Wealthy Affiliate

The founder & owner of the company: Kyle & Carson


Training Provided by the company: 95 out of a 100,

There’s literally 1000’s of training within the community & is constantly updated based on the current trend & development of the internet marketing & affiliate marketing sector.

There’s the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) for those who wish to build a WordPress website based on your own NICHE (thus becoming a publisher for any affiliate program that you desire) or become an internet marketer for Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program (more about that in the section below)…


Support Provided by Wealthy Affiliate University95 out of a 100

There’s live training (updated frequently).The SiteSupport team is highly attentive towards all troubleshooting issues regarding WordPress websites built & hosted within Wealthy Affiliate.

Feel free to raise any questions related to building a successful affiliate marketing business (your questions will be answered typically within minutes!).

If you’re lucky enough, the founder (Kyle) or the nominated live training coach (Jay) will drop by to answer all your doubts! (how cool is that?)

Pricing: 95 out of 100

Starter Member (FREE FOR LIFETIME, but with RESTRICTED ACCESS to all of the training & other intensely helpful tool, starter members get 7 days of 1-1 coaching & live help from the community).

Premium Membership (49 USD per month or 359 USD per year).

The premium membership fees for the first month costs 19USD & 49USD for the subsequent months (members can cancel the membership anytime they want to, 49 USD will only be charged if the member decides to remain as a PREMIUM MEMBER after the FIRST MONTH).

Do inquire about it if you require further clarification.

You may look at the picture shown below for the invoice billed to me during my first month of BEING A PREMIUM MEMBER.


Community Support: 95 out of 100

The community support is absolutely stunning with over 1,000,000 active members within the community, your questions can literally be answered within the shortest amount of time (by advance & expert internet marketers).

Refer below for one of my question raised within the “Question” section in our personal Wealthy Affiliate profile. (One of the ambassadors for WA actually dropped by & answered my “noob” question)


Toolkit: 95 out of 100

Wealthy Affiliate offers one-stop-solution for anyone who’s interesting in making money online, ultimately turn into a successful affiliate marketer.

Tools offered under the hood includes, state-of-the-art keyword research tool (Find topics which has low competition rate within the search engine rankings, get content indexed & ranked at a faster rate).

WordPress drag & drop builder with managed web hosting (create a website literally under 30 seconds).

Cutting edge content creator for your WordPress websites known as SiteContent which has some cool features such as content indexing preview for all your content published on your WordPress websites & all-in-one grammar checker for all WA premium members (similar to Grammarly)


Now here’s a BONUS FACT: Wealthy Affiliate University hasn’t increase their pricing in 12 years period & they have a team of dedicated experts working on the site to move the technology.

Training & offering far beyond our expectation & the fees for the site hosting alone costs about 250USD per month (highly competitive as compared to leading web hosting companies in the industry)

WA WordPress Hosting

Testimonials for FAMOUS brands about WA hostingWA Hosting comparison chart (features revealed alongside famous hosting firms) - 1WA Hosting comparison chart (features revealed alongside famous hosting firms) - 2

Wealthy Affiliate University, Who Actually Needs It?

Apparently affiliate marketers of ALL LEVELS are encouraged to join the platform because the training community itself offers one of the most bang-for-your-dollar.

Online entrepreneur certification courses PLUS all the “crucial tools” under single hood needed to be a successful internet marketer.

There is a defined process to building a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS ON THE INTERNET, and literally anyone can follow the process and create a business, whether he/she is COMPLETELY NEW to the industry, 20 YEARS OLD or 80 YEARS OLD, and regardless of your location in the world.

Success has no BIAS.

There is a streamlined 4 steps towards creating a successful internet business.

Step 1: Choose an interest (any NICHE that you want)

Step 2: Build a website (via the WordPress site builder that’s included within Wealthy Affiliate)

Step 3: Attract visitors to your website (you will learn how to attract ORGANIC TRAFFIC into your web page / a particular post)

Step 4: Generate profits! (cha ching! after successfully driving web traffic into your affiliate offers & converting it)

4 basic steps towards creating wealthy within affiliate marketing

The most obvious starting point is by choosing something that you are passionate & enthusiast about as your niche.

As an example, Chris loves to sing and everything related about music genre that he loves, so Chris could quite easily build a website within the singing niche.

Some examples of guideline for Chris’s internet business approach could be:

  • online vocal coaching
  • improve singing voice quality
  • improving vocal range
  • vocal training classes
  • vocal exercises for singers
  • free vocal training exercises

This is just one of the few “keywords” for the niches that you can utilize for Chris’s niche example (improving his singing skills as a person with baritone vocal).

Before we resume with the specific types of training being offered in Wealthy Affiliate University.

Feel free to drop us a comment below regarding your questions, we promise to reply to you ASAP (typically within 24 hours period)


#1 Absolutely anyone can begin learning & earning as an affiliate marketer or learn internet marketing skills to scale your existing business by using all the training taught within the training & coaching from the expert internet marketers within the community. (could be a brick and mortar business / setting up an ecommerce store)

I’ve managed to find a testimonial page within the community with helpful feedback & awesome stories from members worldwide who has joined the community!

#2 Literally any WA member can gain help from the active internet marketers within the community, get your questions answered within minutes in the classroom or personal profile within the WA community.

Sometimes you can even get instant response from the live chat room (only available for WA premium members). Not to mention the SiteSupport feature that’s available to premium members & of course those who host their websites using Wealthy Affiliate’s managed hosting service.

#3 Learn how to create a successful authority style domain using the intuitive WordPress drag & drop builder.

#4 Understanding the keyword research process by using the SEO keyword tool offered for premium members only.

#5 Website performance & monitoring tools provided for Wealthy Affiliate’s premium members, members can check it out in their SiteManager tab within the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard section located on the left side of the main dashboard.


#1 Newbies can get addicted to the overly active members within the community, don’t just hangout like what we normally do on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as it is really “harmful” to the development of your website (ultimately delaying your process in producing a thriving website / blog)

#2 Newcomers have to learn how to filter advises that we receive from the “experts” within the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

Don’t follow blindly to “all the advises” given by the members within the community

Tips: get advises from premium members who has “actively dedicated” themselves in the community for more than a year & of course those who has been around for more than 3 years, etc.

#3 Do not “hover” between 2 different training offered for free / premium members, otherwise you’ll get yourself dipped into the situation whereby you couldn’t channel all your energy into that “particular website” you’re working on (either it is Wealthy Affiliate’s ambassador website or your niche website based on your enthusiasm)

#4 Keyword research process could be “fun” at times when you’re doing research for the content that you’ll be creating on your website.

Likewise, don’t get stuck in the analysis paralysis syndrome whereby we find it interesting at times to check out on our competing websites within our niche.

#5 Do not stress too much on the indexing & ranking of your content on search engines initially (we should focus on creating consistent quality content) always.

Google & other major search engines absolutely love websites who’s constantly producing quality content at a consistent frequency.


Wealthy Affiliate University is absolutely THE best internet learning platform for internet entrepreneurs / entrepreneurs who’s trying to learn the ropes of mastering internet marketing. It’s definitely your go-to spot to learn these skills.

A legitimate training community with no doubts at all. On the other hand, you’ll get all your “skills & drills” about how to turn a website into search engine & social network friendly too.


Wealthy Affiliate University 49 USD per month
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  • Team Support
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  • Toolkit
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Gain personal coaching from the founder & co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate & premium coaches by learning how to create HIGH QUALITY content that converts site visitors into a potential lead / buyer.

Extra tip: the founders created the company after they have launched successful Pay Per Click campaigns, that’s one of their successful track records! 

Apparently anybody can become a “master” in building a WordPress site after enrolling & practice the skills learned often. That’s because;

Practice makes progress.

The amount of money that we’re able to make also depends on the willingness of a person to spend their time & efforts involving in the training & doing the “right things” PLUS doing “things right”.

That’s not all. I’ll be offering you with personal guidance throughout YOUR ENTIRE JOURNEY within Wealthy Affiliate. As you follow throughout the training and lessons.

I’ll guide you through your entire experience from the day you sign up as a FREE MEMBER until you become a PREMIUM MEMBER. Just shoot me a message within WA and I’ll try my best to respond ASAP.

A brand new member would be offered a DISCOUNTED MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION FEE (during the FIRST month), which is 19 US dollars, when you ever decide to go premium after attending the trial lessons and trial features within WA (well, you can still choose to be a LIFETIME STARTER MEMBER, but most of the MAJOR SECRETS leading to succeeding within the INTERNET SPACE will be LOCKED, only PREMIUM MEMBERS are allowed to view the content).


There’s a savings of 61% for the FIRST month of your premium membership subscription.

I’ll be offering you this “secret sauce” for NON-PREMIUM MEMBERS as a sneak peek about gaining “organic unlimited traffic” to your website (regardless of whatever niche you’re in).

This is a CASE STUDY done by one of the founder for Wealthy Affiliate University (Mr Kyle himself).



Before you leave the page, don’t forget to check out this CONCISE walk-through video made by me about the entire Wealthy Affiliate experience.

My apologies for some of the errors within the video as I’m not really “an expert” in creating walk-through videos. I’m actually kind of nervous when I first created the video, I may have mispronounced some of the words.

Sorry if I haven’t made certain issues clear within the video. I just want to provide you with the best initial experience for your entire WA journey.

Hope it helps!

I’ll see you on the other side 🙂


Disclaimer #1: If you ever decide to purchase any products / services using the AFFILIATE LINKS provided within this page.

Feel free to do so as it’s TOTALLY SECURE & THE LINK will direct you to the OFFICIAL HOME PAGE of the companies this site is AFFILIATED with.

Thanks for the trust towards​ & my recommendations. We’ll just earn A SMALL FRACTION of the commission from the PURCHASE made.

The price of the items won’t be INFLATED due to the purchase decision made using the AFFILIATE LINKS provided (the retail price is exactly the same as advertised on the said company’s official site)

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