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Top 8 WordPress website BLOG POST SUBSCRIPTION plugin

Welcome to IMS’ current article about highly recommended plugins for subscription of newsletter otherwise known as the subscription service for your recent / updated blog post published on our respective WordPress websites.

According to recent studies found on the internet, I have personally found a few interesting “fun facts” about e-mail marketing that I would like to share with our fellow loyal readers.

Refer to the following points’ breakdown that I’ve compiled after my recent studies:

#1 56 percent of companies worldwide (including affiliate marketers / agencies) use an e-mail marketing provider service for their content marketing endeavors, therefore, e-mail marketing should be on everyone’s radar (literally any digital marketing personnel / company) should consider seriously about the digital marketing channel 😎

#2 The average opening rate for an e-mail received by any recipient = 16.75% (based on studies carried out on the e-commerce industry)

#3 Mobile phones owns 58% of the entire e-mail market share, with personal computers (desktop & laptops), not to mention web mail contributes about 20 percent to the entire market share too

#4 Nearly 14% of e-mail users originated from North America, 50% from Asia Pacific, 22% from Europe % remaining 14% from the other parts of the world

#5 The opening rate for an e-mail message is 5X more than those sent to famous social network sites

Alright, since we have highlighted on the importance of e-mail marketing. Let’s begin to explore into some tremendous plugins AVAILABLE in WordPress dashboard (listed under the plugins side menu).

Bonus fact: the stated plugins are updated frequently & compatible to the latest WordPress version (version 4.9.7), as of the creation of this blog post 😉

Email subscriber & newsletter WP plugin (by Icegram)

Email subscribers & newsletter WP plugin by icegram

The developer of the plugin (which is Icegram) has a very interesting tagline, but I deemed it as pragmatic too, cause it sounds like this “grow your subscriber list, engage & convert visitors, decrease bounce rate” for our websites 😎 right?

However, the free version doesn’t offer time delay & other common lead generators bonuses such as (header action bars, toast notifications & slide-in messages).

The “bonuses” stated can actually aid in leads collection & send automated new blog posts as well as e-mails.

Not just that, the user of the plugin can actually create stunning looking newsletter & manage with just ONE single click! (too good to be true? 😀 )

The plugin is absolutely suitable for our blog posts subscription (newsletter subscription) needs. Hence, bloggers, website owners, affiliate marketers & web developers will find it handy.

Here are some key features for the plugin:

#1 Includes automatic welcome e-mail for new subscribers

#2 One time easy setup for brand new users of the WP plugin

#3 Offers friendly & helpful customer support services

#4 Includes options to schedule e-mails (automate the sending process), almost similar to autoresponder service provided by e-mail marketing service providers

#5 There’s also the flexibility to control user access on the plugin

#6 Convenience for integrating with other free plugins available within directory

Check here for the premium version pricing.

Mailchimp for WordPress (by ibericode)

Mailchimp is a popular name within the e-mail marketing provider community. But, take note that this WP plugin is developed by ibericode, a well-known name within the community.

Mailchimp is by far, one of the best e-mail marketing service provider, (SaaS) company, “Software As A Service” firm.

The plugin helps to bridge between WP & our MailChimp account. The plugin is available for FREE! How good is that?MailChimp for WordPress(WP plugin) by ibericode

Of course, they do offer the PAID version (in order to unlock the full potential of the plugin). Thus, this plugin is considered as a newsletter / e-mail list building plugin in conjunction with MailChimp.

Some key features include:

#1 User friendly & MOBILE OPTIMIZED opt-in / sign up forms

#2 Provides seamless integration with other popular form plugins available in directory

#3 Well documented & web developer friendly

#4 Friendly & dedicated support is provided out-of-the-box

#5 Add-ons available for better features

#6 Translation function available

#7 Unlimited subscription form templates provided

Check here for the premium version pricing.

Mailpoet (by MailPoet)

The plugin is a revamped version of MailPoet (it’s currently version 3.0). It’s another free plugin that comes with the PREMIUM VERSION (PAID VERSION).

The free version offers up to 2,000 e-mail subscription for our e-mail list building efforts. One thing, that I like about the plugin, we can actually navigate without LEAVING the WordPress dashboard (impressive UX for WP beginners).

It offers flexible & easily configurable options (further enhancing the ease of usage), that’s not all, users can switch “almost” immediately to the PAID version after building 2000 subscribers for the blog / website.

MailPoet WP plugin by MailPoet

I have compiled several key features for the plugin:

#1 Reliable function & service provided

#2 Offers options to send e-mails with MailPoet sending service

#3 Translation feature provided

#4 Helpful & responsive customer support

#5 Easy configuration with automatic welcome message for subscribers

Check here for the premium version pricing.

Newsletter (by Stefano Lissa & The Newsletter team)

The Newsletter plugin by Stefano Lissa & the newsletter team

The plugin is another GREAT plugin for e-mail list building & provide “headache free” e-mail sending services. Provides one of the best out-of-the-box experience for recommending & subscribing to our respective websites.

That being said, we’re able to create unlimited e-mail & campaigns for our subscribers. One thing good about the plugin is, it offers FREE ADD-ONS (unlocks extra features) for the plugin & not to mention that, it is actually a “WordPress specific plugin”.

Here’s some key features for the plugin:

#1 Responsive & mobile friendly FORM designs

#2 Offers unlimited amount of subscribers / signing up for the newsletter

#3 Translation ready

#4 Easy installation & great user experience

#5 Helpful & friendly user support for the FREE & PAID version

Check here for the premium version pricing.

Opt-in Panda (by OnePress)

Optin Panda WP plugin by OnePressWell, this is a fascinating WP plugin for e-mail subscription. It offers a rather special service which is locking a portion of the “content” on the website by “hiding” or “blurring” it.
This would allow visitors to leave their e-mail address AFTER they “unlock” the content. The plugin integrates well with famous email service provider companies.

Not just that, the plugin provides some 😎 features such as single opt-in (without e-mail confirmation) & double opt-in (email confirmation required).

Apart from that, it allows visitors to subscribe using their social networks thus, providing better understanding of audience & visitors for our website.

Here’s a compilation for the key features provided by the plugin:

#1 GDPR ready (compliance with the EU laws & regulations, and other users on the internet)

#2 Search Engine Optimization friendly (locked content is still visible for search bots deployed by search engines, one can configure this feature)

#3 Optimized for mobile experience (mobile users can unlock & gain access via mobile devices)

#4 Lightweight design with fast loading speed (well optimized, hence, reducing the loading time into the site)

#5 Smart targeting function (set lockers to display on specific high traffic posts / pages on our website, show locker only for non-registered visitors)

Check here for the premium version pricing.

Hustle (Pop-Ups, Slide-ins & E-mail Opt-ins) by WPMU DEV

Hustle WP plugin by WPMU DEV

The plugin is formerly known as WP Popup , the plugin offers great interface that grabs attention & allows for first pop-up creation in “no-time”.

Hustle offers state-of-the-art interface & dashboard for improving campaign launch.

Users gain full control of the “look” & the “feel” of opt-in forms (easy to set up & customization made simple) bundled with a user-friendly visual editor.

The premium version offers “exit intent” functionality on all opt-in forms.

Here are some key features offered:

#1 Beginner friendly interface & user experience (suitable for average WP user)

#2 Mobile friendly & responsive design layout

#3 Control over display (delayed in appearance of pop-up notifications, avoiding visitor annoyance)

#4 All-in-one solution (includes pop-ups, sidebar widgets, slide in notification bar, etc)

#5 Users are able to track stats using analytics service built-in to the WP dashboard, track impressions & conversions)

Check here for the premium version pricing.

Sumo list building plugin (by SumoMe)

This is yet another e-mail “list-building” plugin developed by SumoMe. With that said, users are able to convert “one-time” visitors into “permanent” subscribers.

It’s one of the easiest & most advanced drag & drop builder available in the market. The company claims itself as “the one and only” mobile-optimized plugin for e-mail list building.

Offers free version for trial & PRO (PAID VERSION). Integrates with MailChimp, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, etc.

Some key features include:

#1 Loads of pre-designed templates to choose from

#2 Powerful targeting tools for most engaged users

#3 Simple integration process with popular e-mail marketing providers (SaaS)

#4 VIP & dedicated customer support for ALL users

Sumo WP plugin by SumoMe

Check here for the premium version pricing.

Popups by OptinMonster (by OptinMonster Team)

Popups WP plugin by OptinMonster

A world renowned brand for e-mail marketing service firm & well-known for its AWESOME service. The e-mail list building plugin is suitable for users ranging from starters to professional.

Likewise, the plugin is compatible with contact form plugins available within the WordPress directory.

Some key features include:

#1 Mobile friendly & retina ready designs are available

#2 Over 65 types of pre-made templates to select from

#3 Provide SUPERB targeting & segmentation functionality

#4 Includes a user-friendly drag & drop builder

#5 Easy integration with other Cotent Management Systems & E-Commerce platforms

Check here for the premium version pricing.

Verdict! Wait a minute…What about the MASTERING traffic conversion PART?

E-mail list building & conversions are definitely one of the key essence for “content marketing” & monetization of the content for any business (especially online businesses) such as affiliate business whereby affiliate marketers rely on the monetization part by “converting” website visitors to $$$.

Therefore, installing plugins on our WordPress websites is just “one” of the ways to increase efficiency in the conversion a.k.a. the “monetization” part.

Master the “art” of gaining steady & ever growing “organic traffic” via search engines & social media, etc, via IMS’ #1 recommended affiliates & internet entrepreneurs training community, to gain more IN-DEPTH understanding about converting YOUR website into a “money making machine”!


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