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Thrive Themes vs MyThemeShop, CLASH OF THE WordPress Developer TITANS

Hello dear loyal readers & subscribers!

Welcome to this “special version” of our review regarding 2 of the most POPULAR & top-notch WordPress themes & plugins provider a.k.a. developer company.

In this version of the review I’ll be comparing the features for these 2 providers, head-to-head!

I’ll be listing all the KEY FEATURES, it’s pricing structure, pros & cons and of course the VERDICT! (Helping you to pick the “best” WordPress theme developer for your needs 🙂 )

Without further ado, let’s move on to Thrive Themes…

Introducing Thrive Themes

Thrive themes homepage interface

Thrive themes specializes in building WordPress websites specially made for online business owners, internet marketers & entrepreneurs alike.

The company specializes in CONVERSION focused products by the name of:

  • Thrive Architect
  • Thrive Leads
  • Thrive Clever Widgets
  • “Thrive Themes”
  • Thrive Comments

These are just the few highlighted products offered by the company.


Thrive themes is one of the most POPULAR WordPress website builder, theme provider, plugin developer on the marketplace.

WordPress websites created using Thrive Architect (website visual builder) creates some of the most STUNNING visually appealing websites available across the internet. Very few WordPress theme developers / providers are able to PRODUCE such a visually appealing WP website loaded with other relevant features.

One of the main mission announced by Thrive Themes is their FOCUS on website speed, apart from conversions.

The company provides advance design FEATURES & user-friendliness IN MIND.

Thrive Themes is absolutely SUITABLE for NON-PROGRAMMER / WEB DEVELOPER with its DRAG & DROP BUILDER functionality & plugins.

As a result, users have to prepared for STEEP LEARNING CURVE but no worries tutorials are provided once we purchase Thrive Theme’s products or be part of Thrive’s members.

Brief overview of MyThemeShop

MyThemeShop homepage interface

MyThemeShop is a LEADING WordPress themes & plugin developer company that has been around the market for more than 6 years.

MTS offers all-in-one solution for WordPress themes & plugins with an extensive range of SELECTIONS at AN AFFORDABLE PRICE!

The company specializes in responsive WP themes that’s viewable in ALL SCREEN SIZES 😎

MTS has a range of over 121 PREMIUM WordPress themes, approximate 33 types of plugins offered within the online store (there’s only a handful of FREE themes & plugins offered within directory).

MyThemeShop offers themes that’s specialized for professional bloggers & writers, magazine & news site, e-commerce stores, affiliate marketers & of course BRICK & MORTAR businesses.

MTS is famous for providing CLEAN CODED & sites that loads BLAZINGLY FAST! We can always head to Pingdom & GT Metrix to ANALYSE on the speed & performance of websites.

Results showed that themes designed by MyThemeShop is comparable to StudioPress’s “Genesis Framework” with Thrive Theme’s sites slightly lacking behind.

Don’t believe every word I’ve “typed” here. Go ahead & check it out yourself 😉 You’ll be AMAZED by the results SHOWN.


Thrive Themes’s CORE PRODUCTS

Thrive themes brands its products into various STANDALONE website building plugins that operates well individually & works great when COMBINED together under a single hood.

Built using Thrive Architect.

The plugins works almost perfectly with other WordPress themes as well, therefore it could be purchased & installed separately on other WP themes.

These are some Thrive theme products (Handpicked by me 🙂 )

  • “Thrive Themes”
  • Thrive Architect
  • Thrive Leads
  • Clever Widgets

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes in action (editing a WordPress blog theme)

It’s a brand new, fully visual theme that “Thrive Themes” team has been working on. Thrive themes is a completely new product that replaces WordPress themes built using “Thrive Architect”.

According to, this is a WordPress theme that’s not any ordinary plugin & it’s a separate product from Thrive Architect.

The user interface is similar to what “Thrive Architect” has to offer. The theme’s goal is to bring instant, truly visual front end editing to a WordPress website.

Users are able to add custom post types & support for popular e-commerce plugin like WooCommerce. The beta version for “Thrive Themes” builder launched during 25th of July 2018 & it’s only available for Thrive Themes members.

Thrive Architect

Thrive architect page screenshot

This is a great tool for online / offline business that’s looking to create a WordPress website from SCRATCH using the visual page builder.

The tool focuses on building website pages from the ground up for business & conversion focused websites built with an obsessive focus on being as fast as possible!

Thrive themes claims that Thrive Architect is the ONLY visual editor for WordPress that we’ll ever need, built by do it yourself entrepreneurs.

Users of Thrive Architect can write beautifully formatted blog posts that gets more traffic & share (include elements such as highlight boxes, styled lists, images & other media, click to tweet quotes thus getting higher engagement)

Thrive Architect offers its users with dozens of optimized landing pages that’d be handy to present free offers & grow an e-mail list.

TA users can use the preset pages designed by Thrive Themes / build all the pages needed to announce a product launch, get leads for the product launch, build webinar pages for webinar events.

Thrive Leads

Thrive leads is a lead generation plugin for WordPress. It’s a list building solution that’s created by Thrive Theme’s developers who’s obsessed with conversion optimization.

Here’s the 4 big benefits for TL:

#1 Design & Deploy

Thrive Leads combine every type of opt-in forms a user needs in a single plugin & gives us a simple drag-and-drop editor to create the perfect design every time.

The drag & drop builder is incredibly intuitive & offers maximum usability right out of the box. Thrive leads allow full customization for its users.

Users are able to create designs that:

  • matches brand colours
  • add image backgrounds
  • get horizontal / vertical opt-in forms
  • one or multiple fields
  • alignment
  • text

Template library allows users to create limitless variations of forms that BELONGS to the users (creators)

#2 Advanced Targeting

Users are able to gain massive conversion boost by showing relevant, highly targeted offers to visitors based on posts, categories, tags & others.

Advanced targeting allows users to show unique opt-in offers that’s totally in line with the content our visitors are reading.

There’s also a segmented e-mail list feature that allows users to send HIGHLY TARGETED messages to exactly the RIGHT PEOPLE.

TL users are able to group the content by:

  • category or tag
  • By post
  • By page
  • By anything (custom post type, custom taxonomy, URL, page type, etc)

#3 A/B (Split) Testing Engine

It’s a highly advanced feature but highly intuitive split testing feature at the same time. It easily increases conversions & uses the plugin to automatically increase conversion rates.

Thrive leads split testing engine (image 1)Thrive leads split testing engine (image 2)

Thrive themes claims that there are more testing possibilities & better metrics than any other similar WordPress plugin available in the market.

Users can setup a test between 2 or more variations of forms within minutes & use the “automatic winner” feature to let the plugin do the rest of the job.

The plugin automatically monitors the performance of each variation & generate statistics report for analysis purposes (all the “losing variations” will be hidden automatically)

All forms can be created with the easy, build in drag & drop editor. Zero coding skills needed (suitable for non-web programmers / developers 😀 )

#4 Actionable Reporting & Insights

Thrive Leads generates a simple overview over the most important metrics, view literally how opt-in forms are performing over time & the origins of most VALUABLE traffic.

As mentioned above, users are able to gain lead referral reports & locate the source (every page / post), that’s generating the most leads.

Users are able to:

  • Find the value
  • Detailed reporting
  • Choose our own time frame

Here’s the type of reports uses can gain access to:

  • conversion reports (know the number of leads we’re actually getting)
  • conversion rate report (know the percentage of conversions just like Google Analytics)
  • cumulative conversions report (the number of conversions we’re getting over time)
  • comparison report (locate which opt-ins generate the most number of leads)
  • list growth (number of opt-ins we could get across all forms & lead groups)
  • cumulative list growth (same as the above, collect the exact data as the list starts to grow over time)
  • lead referral report (identify where our leads originated)
  • lead tracking report (identify the effectiveness of our campaigns)
  • content marketing report (identify which content produces the most leads)

Clever widgets

Users can easily show highly relevant content in our WordPress site widget areas. Show visitors the kind of “thing” that most visitors to our site is looking for.

Clever widgets acknowledge the simple fact that visitors are telling us a lot about themselves simply by pose & page they’re looking for.

Users can determine exactly where the widget content should be shown to visitors, based on categories, tags, post types plus include and exclude rules for specific pages.

It’s a WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrate with default widgets options.

Here’s an example of ANY WordPress blog theme before & after using CleverWidgets:

Before using Clever WidgetsAfter using Clever Widgets



WordPress themes

I’d like to share the 3 of the most POPULAR WP themes that’s offered within MyThemeShop which is suitable for website owners of all categories, it’s either professional bloggers, e-commerce store owners, news site, photography sites, etc.

Schema Theme

schema theme screenshot

The WP theme is classified as THE FASTEST WP theme within the MTS’s store. It’s an ultra SEO-friendly WP theme.

It’s bundled with in-built review system to achieve HIGHER ranking in search engines.

The theme is HTML5 & CSS3 ready inclusive of POWERFUL options panel. Dummy data is also included within the theme.

Apart from that, the theme is GOOGLE ALOGARITHM friendly TOO.

Free version for the Schema, Schema Lite is available within the WordPress’s official directory.

SociallyViral theme

SociallyViral theme screenshot

MyThemeShop claims that the theme increases social shares that’s SERIOUSLY important during online / internet marketing endeavors these days.

SociallyViral is a WP theme that shares nearly the same framework with ViralNova (a website that’s worth a WHOPPING 100 million USD!)

The theme has a super fast loading time & FULLY SEO READY with integrated social sharing buttons (refer to the image showed above).

The theme is “Schema” integrated, an effort to help boost search engine rankings. There’s an option for every user to create a “child theme” within the SV’s theme settings section.

SociallyViral is WooCommerce ready (a WordPress plugin that’s used by MOST e-commerce store owners). Not only that, there’s also built in “breadcrumbs” for better site navigation experiences.

If you do notice, my WordPress site actually uses the SociallyViral Pro theme. How do you think of the entire outlook of it? Share your thoughts with me at the comments section. Thanks 😉

eCommerce theme

eCommerce theme screenshot

eCommerce theme is a beautiful, modern & professional grade WordPress theme that’s ideal for eCommerce sites (eCommerce store owners)

Its amazing layouts will DEFINITELY boost sales immediately meanwhile the theme offers advanced features like wishlist & quick view options that provide more ways to package our products & satisfy our customers.

The theme offers “fluid responsive” feature across all mobile devices & desktop. The theme is “WooCommerce” compatible. It’ll benefit e-commerce store owners with all the advanced features offered by WC.

Users for the theme are able to sell simple / variable products on the site. Easily add single items / add customization options to create more choice & ways to sell)

The theme is perfect for affiliate marketers too thanks to the in-built support for making external sales. The wishlist functionality provided encourages site visitors to “re-visit” & navigate the site for other related products.

There’s also a comparison tool for store owners to compare the performance of hot selling items thus MAXIMISING sales.

Now we shall resume with MyThemeShop’s secondary core products which is:

WordPress plugins

#1 WP Review Pro

The plugin specializes in ratings for all sorts of product reviews & is highly intuitive & suitable for ANY WordPress themes available on the market.

WP Review pro (compatible with any WordPress theme)

Here’s a list of features that’s packed into the plugin.

16 Pre-designed templates (16 pre-made templates that anybody can start with). Users are able to customize each template’s color and other elements from the control panel itself.

WP Review pro 16 pre-designed templates

Multiple Rating System (Stars, Point, Percentage, Circle, Thumbs). Different products need different types of reviews, create “perfect reviews” for all products.

WP Review pro (multiple rating systems)

Compatible with ANY WordPress theme (as mentioned above)

  • The plugin is created by abiding to WordPress guidelines strictly, which makes it compatible with every WordPress theme
  • It’s a completely “install-and-activate” experience with our preferred theme & start reviewing the products of our choice

WP Review pro (user comment rating & review)

User Coment Rating & Review

Users can showcase our reader’s opinions about the products we’ve reviewed. Visitors to our site can rate features, leave comments on the review & mark other’s comments as helpful or not helpful.


Facebook Reviews Integrated

WP Review pro (facebook reviews integrated)

Users of the plugin can embed Facebook reviews on our website. It’s simply “hassle-free”, simply enter Facebook app credentials & start importing ANY Facebook reviews in an INSTANT.


There’s a free version for WP Review pro available within WordPress’s official directory.

#2 WP Shortcode Pro

80+ Shortcodes

WP Shortcode Pro (80+ shortcodes)

WP Shortcode Pro gives us access to more than 80 shortcodes that we’d used to style our content.

It helps to create buttons to testimonials (from COUNTDOWNS to ANIMATIONS, from VIDEO EMBEDS to MAP EMBEDS, from ANIMATIONS to PRIVATE CONTENT)

WP Shortcode Pro offers UNPARALLED FREEDOM to create JAW-DROPPING content.

Beautifully designed shortcodes

WP Shortcode Pro (beautifully designed shortcodes)

Every pixel displayed by the outcome of the plugin has been CRAFTED with the “utmost care”.

The plugin includes a variety of beautifully designed templates, enabling users to make their posts EYE CATCHING in just a FEW CLICKS.

Compatible with all WordPress themes

WP Shortcode Pro (compatible with all WP themes)

MyThemeShop’s team has spent COUNTLESS HOURS of TESTING to ensure it works in SYNERGY with all WordPress themes.

The plugin is applicable to viral websites, news site, e-commerce stores, etc.

Shortcode Preview

WP Shortcode Pro (Shortcode preview)

Apparently, the plugin has a LIVE PREVIEW function to let users preview types of shortcodes that’s used within every post / page. There’s a popup SHORTCODE WINDOW for users to preview the outcome of shortcodes used.

Experience INSTANT PREVIEW UPDATES for every change that we’ve made, saving countless amount of time in tweaking the entire post / page.

Right-to-Left language support

WP Shortcode Pro (RTL support)

WPSP is a GLOBAL PRODUCT used by people around the world to showcase our content to audiences forms all over the world.

Therefore, a website that supports both RTL (Right to Left) & LTR (Left to Right) writing modes are very crucial these days with the increased internet penetration in Asian markets with languages such as Mandarin that utilizes RTL publishing methods especially in the “book publishing” market.

A function that’s suitable for the Asian market segmentation. Shortcode Pro does its job without worrying on the TYPE OF LANGUAGE used within our site.

Save Custom Shortcode Settings

WP Shortcode Pro (save custom shortcode settings)

The function allows us to SAVE PRESETS of every custom-made shortcode.

Users of the plugin are able to reuse any configured settings on any of our page / post.

Here’s the LIVE DEMO for WP Shortcode Pro meanwhile there’s also the FREE VERSION which is available within WordPress’s official directory.

Pricing Structure (Thrive Themes)

Standalone Products

#1 Thrive Themes (price unknown yet), beta version launched during July 25th 2018 (Source:, as of September 2018). Awaiting for the launch date of OFFICIAL VERSION.

#2 Thrive Architect

  • Single license 67 USD
  • 5 single pack 97 USD
  • 15 license pack 147 USD

Source:, as of September 2018


#3 Thrive Leads

  • Single license 67 USD
  • 5 license pack 97 USD
  • 15 license pack 147 USD

Source:, as of September 2018

#4 Clever Widgets

  • Single license pack 39 USD
  • 5 license pack 47 USD
  • 15 license pack 97 USD

Source:, as of September 2018


Thrive Membership (for individuals & entrepreneurs)

  • 19 USD per month (if paid annually, save up to 24% & paid once every 12 months)
  • 30 USD per month (if paid annually, paid once every 3 months)

Get access to all PLUGINS & THEMES on 25 of user’s personal websites

Thrive Agency Membership (for agencies & web designers)

  • 49 USD per month (if paid annually, save up to 24% & paid once every 12 months)
  • 69 USD per month (if paid quarterly, paid once every 3 months)

Get access to all plugins & themes on 50 users & user’s client websites

There’s approximate 18,000 Thrive members as of September 2018, Source:

Pricing Structure (MyThemeShop)

Single Product

Single product (themes / plugins) costs about 27 USD to 47 USD (reduced rate). According to MyThemeShop, the package is suitable for individuals / online entrepreneurs. There’s a nominal fee per year for continued support & update for every product purchase (members can cancel at any time & still get to KEEP ALL THE DOWNLOADED PRODUCTS)

Extended Membership

The monthly membership for MyThemeShop’s extended membership costs 9 USD per month (if paid once annually, that costs about 108 USD annually, Source: MyThemeShop)

Gain INSTANT ACCESS to all of MTS premium themes & plugins.

Every product bought from MyThemeShop has an instant 1-year support & continuous MEMBER’S ONLY community forum support by MTS.


Thrive Themes PROs

  • The founder & CEO of the company has indeed created “the next generation” website builders that’s laid upon the WordPress CMS platform. I’m truly amazed in the STUNNING VISUAL effects that the theme builder can deliver :star:
  • Users of the platform can customize ALMOST every detail within their website, posts, pages PLUS still granted the chance to use the pre-designed templates with minimum customization
  • Most of the pre-made templates are designed for online businesses, marketers with the most important task in mind, “conversions”
  • The drag & drop features within its builders is suitable for beginners & non-web developers, non-coders.
  • The highlighted products suits all the essential NEEDS for ANY ENTREPRENEUR, INTERNET MARKETER, INTERNET BUSINESSES. They’ve basically loaded all the essential TOOLS to create a “thriving WordPress site”

Thrive Themes CONs

  • It’s not suitable for startups with SMALL TO LIMITED BUDGET/ PROFFESIONAL BLOGGERS that doesn’t expect RISING COSTS in running their blogs / sites
  • Professional bloggers, internet marketers & internet business owners could end up spending LOADS OF TIME in customizing the looks of EVERY PAGE / POST in their website.
  • Excessive customization could result in a huge time sucker thus lowering down the productivity of content creation & content marketing (the essential elements in basically ANY TYPE of online business
  • The comment of testimonials advertised within the home page is SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH, people tend to get more confident with the “amount of testimonials” a.k.a. NUMBER of members / satisfied users for a company / brand
  • Beware of the STEEP LEARNING CURVE for beginners to the online marketing / online business space while “diving deep” into researching & customization of every PLUGIN

MyThemeShop PROs

  • Instruction manuals & tutorial videos are included in users e-mail (sent by the MTS’s support team). Users can also login to their community support for an alternative understanding & support about ALL OF MTS PRODUCTS.
  • Great LIVE DEMO functionality for ALMOST EVERY MTS’s products. The company uses STATE-OF-THE-ART live preview technology to display its products to the public.
  • The company is WORLD RENOWNED for its fast & lightly coded WordPress themes (and plugins) without sacrificing AESTHETICS & PERFORMANCE of the site.
  • Regular themes & plugins updates. An essential factor to maintain the compatibility of MTS products with the latest WordPress version. Prevent unnecessary malfunctioning for its products.
  • One of the BEST DEALS on the market. Don’t believe every word I “type”, go check it out by yourself. Leading WP themes & plugins from competitors such as Thrive Themes & StudioPress are much costlier in terms of their PRICING.
  • Offers 30 days MONEY BACK POLICY for dissatisfied buyers of MTS products 😎

MyThemeShop CONs

  • Many themes may LOOK FAMILIAR in the eyes of its buyers, however, if you dive deep into the functionality of every theme. You’ll discover the difference. There’s a famous saying, “don’t judge a THEME just by its cover” 🙂
  • Buyers of MTS themes might have to spend some time to TWEAK the theme to LOOK AS APPEALING as the DEMO VERSION
  • I’ve heard certain affiliate marketers complaining about the LACK OF “affiliate marketer-friendly themes”
  • Single theme pricing might NOT BE THE BEST DEAL but still much cheaper compared to Genesis Framework+theme by StudioPress
  • Updating the THEMES & PLUGINS might take a lot of hassle if the “MyThemeShop plugin” is not installed & activated (AT ALL TIMES)


4.5 of 5 stars 0 reviews
  • Company Support
  • User-friendliness
  • Value-for-money
  • Product Updates
  • Resources Provided
User Review
0 (0 votes)
Thrive Themes
4.1 of 5 stars 0 reviews
  • Company support
  • User-friendliness
  • Value-for-money
  • Product Updates
  • Resources Provided
User Review
0 (0 votes)

I personally love both companies, ThriveThemes & MyThemeShop. ThriveThemes stuns me with its visually packed editors & tools that add TONNES of value for EVERY WordPress website.

Go check out Thrive Themes official homepage, you’ll understand why I’ve pointed on the VISUAL ELEMENT. However, I’ll let you know why I’ll continue to be a loyal fan & supporter for MyThemeShop products due to the following factors;

#1 There’s absolutely LITTLE TO NON-CUSTOMIZATION needed for MTS themes but the OVERALL PERFORMANCE of any WordPress site owners that uses MTS themes can “compete” with market leading WP themes & plugins developer such as StudioPress & Thrive Themes, etc. 

Refer to MyThemeShop’s overview section for the site performance tools I’ve mentioned.

#2 The price is absolutely AFFORDABLE for most online business owners / offline businesses who’s seeking for a RELIABLE & REPUTABLE leading WordPress theme supplier. We’re looking at less than 50 USD per WP theme / plugin offered within the store.

#3 The number of SATISFIED & RETURNING users for both of the companies. Market statistics don’t lie. Market feedback is the direct response whether the product / service of the specific company works.Amount of satisfied users (MyThemeShop)Amount of satisfied users (Thrive Themes)

(Image Source: &

If you’ve noticed, SociallyViral Pro is the EXACT THEME that THIS SITE is USING. I’ve personally tried both Schema & SociallyViral Pro. Loving both themes by MTS but prefer SV Pro more due to the social media sites element embedded within the design of the site.

Get up to 77% discount by purchasing using the affiliate links provided within the page.


Schema WordPress themeSociallyViralSociallyViral Pro




Disclaimer #1: If you ever decide to purchase any products / services using the AFFILIATE LINKS provided within this page. Feel free to do so as it’s TOTALLY SECURE & THE LINK will direct you to the OFFICIAL HOME PAGE of the companies this site is AFFILIATED with.

Thanks for the trust towards IMS & my recommendations. We’ll just earn A SMALL FRACTION of the commission from the PURCHASE made. The price of the items won’t be INFLATED due to the purchase decision made using the AFFILIATE LINKS provided (the retail price is exactly the same as advertised on the said company’s official site)

I’ll only recommend companies / brands that IMS has handpicked ourselves. The funds received shall be the main “fuel” to keep the site going & its the ESSENTIAL element for CONTINUOUS QUALITY CONTENT PRODUCTION 🙂

Disclaimer #2: Do not hesitate to share your LOVE with me by sharing your thoughts at the COMMENTS section below / subscribe to our newsletter for UPDATED relevant posts from IMS

Share it within your social media profiles if you LOVE WHAT YOU SEE 🙂


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