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Taking the “leap of faith” as a blogger / vlogger

Every major decision in life requires 'leap of faith'

Have you ever wondered what would you be when you graduate from college / university? Or probably after few years of grinding & hustling in “occupations” that you don’t really seem to fit it truly?

Occupation / day jobs that doesn’t seem to be your TRUE preference? Something that you’re not “truly” skillful / talented at? I believe most people from the lower class families (typical working class) peeps might have the exact same situation just like me.

Perform well at school, college. Pick a “niche” (field of study) during college days & grind towards the entire process & finally get CERTIFIED. You finally feel like, alright I’m going to make big $$$ as long as I work hard enough, serve a good company.

Grind through it with hopes that we’ll be able to achieve something GREAT in terms of career achievement & cross our fingers that everything turns out just like what we “expect”.

No! That’s not always the case.

Sometimes things doesn’t seem to favor our side. I’m actually one of those ordinary dudes that fell into getting rich quick schemes & scams before due to the previous mindset of just “making money fast” & made some awfully wrong decisions due to indecisiveness & “going with the flow”.

Fell into the MASSIVE trap of “rat race” otherwise known as “pyramid scheme” by working for a company, for as long as we can withstand. Just for the money! Repeating daily regimes that doesn’t seem to fit the true meaning of “life”.

Recently, I’ve read a great article written by a content marketer friend of mine, Eric Chen, about why working life in the corporate life is “labeled” as a “pyramid scheme”. Get the full details of the article here.

My takeaway on selecting an occupation

One can truly THRIVE within their own career by selecting a “niche” & “occupation” that they truly love. There’s a famous quote about this:

Do what you love & 'truly' love what you do


In that way, we’ll never have to feel like we have to work a SINGLE DAY in our lives & work on something that we’re truly enthusiast about. Not just getting by.

Yes, I do believe the pragmatic approach in life for most people by having a high paying job / career. But, often time I’ve seen people doing it just for THE MONEY!

I believe the principle that in order to achieve something extra-ordinary / be a great person that you’ve never thought you will become. We’ve got to take risk, break our own self-limitation beliefs, and KEEP ON PRACTICING the skills that’s truly contributing to the development of our career.

Even if everything doesn’t feel “natural” in the beginning but I believe it will eventually get easier as we move forward.

All things are difficult before they are easy: Thomas Fuller

The 80 20 rule

80, 20 rule. A universal rule that applies to almost every aspect of our life.

80, 20 rule applies to the concept of not just being a “wealthy” person. It’s actually a concept for TOP LEVEL MINDS to separate themselves from the TYPICAL MINDS.

It’s not just a principle for us to measure the level of “wealth” one person can achieve in life.

TLM individuals usually have VERY HIGH LEVEL of thinking than usual minds. Yes, hierarchy concept comes into play too. Perhaps that’s just the nature of law, there’s a “hierarchy” in every aspect of our life.

I do believe that the strongest element that lies within the human species is the ability for us to THINK. However, excessive thinking may cause “havoc”, it could actually drive us towards success in all of our undertakings / obstruct us from executing a task.

Say, have you ever thought that you’re truly skillful at something / talented at a certain skill but in fact you’re not? Top level minds will execute whatever ideas that “pops up” in our mind.

Execute it even if it’s “risky” / not very sure where it will actually lead us to. But, a TLM person has the ability to adapt to different situation quickly & think of new ways to MAKE A BREAKTHROUGH. Kind of like the survival instinct. It happens to ordinary minds too but, I think you’ll understand it TLM are so GOOOD in reacting to different life occurrences & overcoming it.

Back to our main topic which is the: taking the leap of faith in EVERY major decision if life.

For me it would be the transition from something that I’ve never thought of becoming. I’ve never thought that we could actually make money entirely from the internet by just publishing / sharing content on the internet.

Of course, we’ll need proper “education” for that in order to begin with the journey of being a blogger / vlogger / online content marketer.

Breaking down on the “traditional education” system

Although I do agree that the traditional education system in my home country, Malaysia / any parts of the world is useful for people who’s prepared to get trained for the subject that they’re interested in. However, there’s a serious “bug” in it that what most people don’t realize.

Did you notice that, traditional education system a.k.a. formal education is actually a massive training center to shape the majority into an “ordinary person”. Most people eventually get shaped into a non-entrepreneurial person with attempts to become an “entrepreneur” (some of them do, not all)

Some of my high-school & college mates fell into that trap too. Getting themselves drowned into the glamorous part of a college degree certification & thought they’ll be able to create an exciting & thriving life after college days.

They’ll either continue to fall into the cycle of “furthering studies” in exchange for a more “secured” monthly income & continue to serve for a company.

Or else, some college degree holders actually think they could actually create a profitable business by using the knowledge & skills learned in school. Yes, that’s possible but often times, employee of a company are just too caught up by the financial security & perks offered by the company you’re serving for.

Therefore, most employees often experience MASSIVE HICCUPS whenever they’re trying to be an entrepreneur / start up a company. What most people don’t realize that without getting our hands “dirty”, we can’t actually achieve the actual results that we desire.

We might fall into massive trouble while starting the business & things might start to fall apart. Nearly everything doesn’t seem to work as according to the initial plans.

I truly believe that in order to be an entrepreneur, we’ll have to get trained by entrepreneurs otherwise known as specialists / experts within our chosen field which is in this case, being a blogger, internet marketer, online entrepreneur.

Ways to become a thriving blogger / vlogger in whatever niche we prefer

What most people don’t realize, in order to be successful in whatever “occupation” that we’re in. We’ll have to be mentored by successful personnel within our chosen occupation.

Get educated by the excellent figures within our industry. Mastermind with the ones that’s better than you / has already made it.

I’ve seen a lot of people trying to startup a business / attempt to be their own boss don’t seem to attain the proper learning ways to be able to build a thriving career / business.

If you’re a person who’s seeking to create a thriving digital career. Aspire to be a digital nomad by literally starting a thriving career by generating your income (wealth) on the internet. Building your own digital assets, look no further, you’ve found your solution towards becoming a thriving blogger / vlogger!

Check out on the homepage of my WordPress site to see the results of attaining proper education & being a practitioner for more than 3 months after going through the training provided by my top online entrepreneur training hub choice.

Note: I’ve been learning & practicing on every single piece of knowledge that I’d learned within the online training hub & managed to build my WordPress website + building content on the site by literally spending 35-40 hours per week.

Imagine the amount of results you’ll be able to get if you spend the same amount of time on it / spend more time on building it.

Ignite your online entrepreneurship journey by checking on my review page about the ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR CERTIFICATION program I’ve mentioned earlier.

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Taking the leap of faith as a blogger or vlogger


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