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SiteRubix vs Elementor, WordPress site builder COMPARISON

Hello fellow loyal readers of,

Welcome to IMS’s version of comparison between the famous WordPress site builder platform (SiteRubix) that’s powered by Wealthy Affiliate‘s managed WordPress hosting service & Elementor.

SiteRubix is not just LIKE any ordinary WordPress site builder / visual editor plugin available in the market. It’s a WordPress site builder PLATFORM packed with “tonnes” of other features.

Read till the end to discover more about SiteRubix 🙂

Meanwhile, other WP site builder plugins act as an extension towards the “classic” WordPress editor. Elementor is considered one of those front-end visual editors for the WordPress CMS platform.

We’ll be diving deep into the pros & the cons about both of the WordPress site builder platform, its features, pros & cons and most importantly help you to decide which one is the better deal for your WP site. is a loyal user of SiteRubix & the hosting service POWERED by Wealthy Affiliate. Continue reading & you’ll know why I’ll recommend it more than the other WordPress site builder available in today’s market.

Introducing SiteRubix by Wealthy Affiliate

SiteRubix's homepage

Every successful business starts with a solid foundation, having a successful website.

SiteRubix provides its users with the most useful & integrated tools for website analysis, management, ranking, and security. Ridiculously easy to use & fun as well.

Building wordpress site has never been this awesome before the introduction of SiteRubix 😉

Build our own website in literally couple of minutes & it could be learned & mastered by people ranging from 8 years to 97 years old!

WordPress sites can be built in the “blink of an eye”. “Site builders” don’t have to mess around with the technical aspects of building a website.

The webmasters can focus most of their energy into building content that they want to share with the world. Any person who tries to build a WordPress site using SiteRubix spent an average timing of 34 seconds.


Personalised SiteHealth Dashboard

Site Performance Monitoring

Siterubix users can build stunning looking pre-made WordPress sites using the 3000+ pre-made templates stored inside Siterubix’s archive.

Regardless of the type of WordPress theme that you’ll be choosing, you’re just a few clicks away from building an elegantly designed WP site & publish it LIVE.

Building your WordPress sites with SiteRubix is absolutely easy, as easy as A, B,C.

Website security

Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting service has detected more than 27 MILLION hacking attempts (till date). Users for the SiteRubix platform will have peace of mind by not having to worry about sites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate.


WA’s hosting service is always prepared for the latest & sophisticated threats on the internet (deployed by the web hackers)

Hacking & Intrusion Monitoring


Malware & Virus Monitoring


All WP sites hosted at WA & built using SiteRubix will be monitored 24 hours a day. Full redundancy service is offered bundled with daily snapshots backup.


The SiteSupport team will deal with the technical issues as soon as we report using SiteRubix’s support ticketing system.


SiteSupport ticket submission page

The average uptime for WP websites hosted at WA’s hosting equate to 99.99%.


SiteSupport is always available and the average response time would be just within several minutes, whenever someone faces technical issues or accidentally break the site.

SiteSupport’s team of hosting experts is always around to attend to any technical issues.

Build websites that rank in search engines

A website can only be as successful as the platform it is built on (WA’s hosting).

Websites that is built using Wealthy Affiliate‘s cutting edge hosting technology with SiteRubix will be incredibly fast & the WordPress site’s overall performance would be comparable to those hosted at WP Engine, Pressable, Pagely, SiteGround WP managed hosting platforms.

As a result, WP websites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate would ultimately lead to better rankings on all major search engines & the amount of EXPOSURE & TRAFFIC your site will be getting is inevitable.


Overview of Elementor

Elementor's official site

The elementor plugin is currently at version 1.5 right now (the updated version), to date.

Elementor is a very well-known WordPress site builder plugin available in the market. Some authority sites uses the plugin as an extension to their WordPress site.

Replacing the “dull” WordPress site editor that provide us with static presentation feature for our content published on our WordPress site. Similar to Microsoft Word 🙄

It’s also well-known for its intuitiveness.

Concise explanation about Elementor

The drag-and-drop plugin has several key features

  • It provides its users with completely separate interface for creating WordPress site pages, posts & custom post types. Just enable the Elementor plugin that’s available within WP’s classic editor function tab (typically available above the content within the WP editor). The elementor builder interface will take over the existing classic editor interface allowing users to begin the editing process.
  • The plugin doesn’t require its users to have HTML / PHP coding skills to be able to create beautiful looking pages / posts. How cool is that? 😎
  • It’s a front end editor (get live updates on every element that’s customized). It means “what-you-see” is “what-you-get” 😉
  • Applicable to any WordPress theme that the user currently has it installed on his / her site
  • The plugin is packed with default templates provided by the developer. Just tweak them & get impressive looking posts / pages in the shortest amount of time possible

An excellent add-on for WordPress site owners who’s on a tight budget but still desiring to create stunning looking pages / posts

Extra features worth mentioning

  • There’s a library of pre-made page templates that could be modified & imported. There’s an approximate 35 plus free templates available for usage. Modified templates could be stored & used later.
  • Lastly, there’s the custom page template known as Elementor Canvas. It’s a blank page template that’s meant to let you build a page without having any elements originating from the user’s current WordPress theme. For example, the header, footer & sidebar, etc.


  • The content widgets / content blocks allows users to fully-edit every element within the page / post that’s represented by Elementor’s content widgets


Elementor's content widget (content block)

The content blocks include elements that users can fully customize such as columns, headings, text editor, image, video, etc.

I’ve also found some extra features UNLOCKED for PRO users such as:

Elementor's content widget (content block) for PRO version

Apart from that, users can revert back to the previous version of the page. In case users mess something up while editing the pages.

Elementor Pro’s pricing structure

Just like most plugins available in the WordPress repository. There’s free version for all GREAT PLUGINS. Elementor is just one of them.

However, free plugins that’s either available via the WordPress’s official directory or the developer’s official site would usually have LIMITED FUNCTIONALITY.

Users of the any great-performing plugin would usually perform at its best by purchasing the paid / premium / pro version of the plugin.

Here’s the pricing table for Elementor’s PRO VERSION.

Elementor's pricing table (extracted from official site)

Features unlocked in the PRO version

  • Display post listings & portfolios inside Elementor layouts
  • Work on web forms directly in Elementor’s editor like editing fields, spacing & just about everything else
  • Global widget functionality that allows users to place it into different areas of the user’s site
  • Custom CSS could be added to any of Elementor’s content block
  • Elementor elements unleashed within the sidebars & widgets section
  • WooCommerce integration enhanced (users with WooCommerce plugin activated could customize the content looks supported by WC plugin)
  • Additional page templates included within the PRO version
  • Content blocks “super-charged” for “pro-users”

SiteRubix’s Pricing Structure

All the above mentioned FEATURE-PACKED WordPress site builder + WordPress managed hosting service at the price of 49 USD per month!

Not just that, if you sign up as a member for the Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting package, you’re able to get 61% off SiteRubix’s monthly membership fees & WA’s hosting fees. Both of the platforms are integrated into a single platform & “inter-related”.

That means members for BOTH the WA hosting package & SiteRubix platform just have to pay 19 USD during the 1st month!

Subsequently, members just have to pay 49 USD for continued access to SiteRubix & resume the hosting service for All the WordPress sites hosted by Wealthy Affiliate.

Good or good?

Elementor’s Pros & Cons


    • Impressive set of features available & highly intuitive
    • Great user interface
    • Implementation of global widgets is definitely amazing
    • Unique styling & hidden elements specially made for responsiveness
    • Revision history works well
    • It’s an open source plugin. Constant updates for the plugin wouldn’t be an issue.


  • Forced styling by default
  • Elements could not be edited directly
  • Global vs static templates can be confusing for beginners
  • Lack of marketing-oriented features
  • Undo button isn’t available. Revision history could cause headache for users.


SiteRubix’s Pros & Cons

The Pros

  • Step-by-step training offered by the SiteRubix’s site hosting platform (Wealthy Affiliate)
  • No coding skills needed to build a WordPress site from SCRATCH
  • SSL certificates loaded into the WordPress sites are “priceless”
  • Website space & bandwidth included within WA’s hosting service is comparable to the big brands within the WP managed hosting space like Pagely, WP Engine, Pressable,etc
  • Details on the site condition known as SiteHealth
  • There’s also a feature known as SiteComments. Seek for comments & feedback on the WP site built using SiteRubix within the Wealthy Affiliate community. More feedback the better.
  • Buy preferred domain name at a competitive range. Typically, less than 20 USD per domain (.com, .net, .org). Depending on availability for the preferred domain name.

The Cons

  • They only offer 2 FREE sites with the siterubix domain name
  • There’s no FTP access for free sites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate
  • There’d be limitation on the number of plugins that we’d install on the WordPress site for starter members of SiteRubix (Wealthy Affiliate)



SiteRubix Review
4.7 of 5 stars 0 reviews
  • System Support
  • User-friendliness
  • Value-for-money
  • System Update
  • Productivity Boost
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Elementor Pro Review (WordPress Plugin)
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  • User-friendliness
  • Value-for-money
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WordPress visual editor plugin like Elementor Pro is still a wonderful choice for converting the dull-looking content created by the WordPress classic editor into more visually appealing piece of content to publish on your WordPress site.

However, don’t forget to consider about “hassle-free” WordPress back-end supporting platforms like SiteRubix.

WordPress back-end site builder platforms like SiteRubix is the “only” ALL-IN-ONE WordPress back-end site building platform you’ll EVER NEED while being able to build a GREAT LOOKING WordPress site using WordPress editor & start creating AWESOME CONTENT using the SiteContent (feature available within SiteRubix)

Here’s a wrap up for the list of features available within SiteRubix:

  • SiteManager (helps to monitor the site health for All the WEBSITES build within SiteRubix)
  • SiteDomains (get the 2 FREE WordPress site domain with “SiteRubix’s subdomain” & install up to 50 WordPress sites in to the platform)
  • SiteFeedback (get feedback for the WordPress site you’ve built using SiteRubix, the more feedback the better, you’ll get to improve the entire user experience to your site visitors)
  • SiteComments (get comments from the Wealthy Affiliate community regardless of the niche that your site is involved in)

Google & other major search engines take into account the number of engagement for websites as one of their ranking factor.

  • SiteEmail (get unlimited PROFESSIONAL E-MAILS for your WordPress site with siterubix’s subdomain / your personal domain)
  • SiteSupport (get support from SiteRubix’s team) or ANY WordPress site related issues encountered while building the site

All the above are just the few goodies that you’ll get as a SiteRubix user. All YOURS just for 49 USD per month!

Test drive your SiteRubix experience by building 2 FREE sites available for non-member.

Although you may still consider of getting yourself a visual editor plugin like Elementor Pro, as an extension for the classic WordPress editor. However, don’t forget about all the great features that SiteRubix & Wealthy Affiliate‘s managed WordPress hosting has to offer 😉

Not just that, the website bandwidth that’s offered by Wealthy Affiliate‘s hosting accommodates up to 500,000 each month to your site which is comparable to WP Engine. In fact, they offer extra bandwidth up to 100,000 per month!

WA Hosting comparison chart (features revealed alongside famous hosting firms) - 1WA Hosting comparison chart (features revealed alongside famous hosting firms) - 2

That alone will cost you some extra dollars if you were to opt-in to WP Engine, Pressable, PagelySiteGround on the WP managed hosting market.

Not to mention, SiteRubix powered by WA hosting is loaded with FULL REDUNDANCY feature when your site is experiencing server downtime (that happens to most servers, there’s no such thing as ZERO downtime for our $ generating websites).

WA hosting actually creates a mirror image to the latest version of your LIVE site before the primary server is undergoing maintenance, excessive traffic & possibilities of server downtime.

That alone would COST YOU EXTRA $$$ needed to be purchased by any website owner to GAIN THAT EXTRA FEATURE.

This is absolutely the best deal I’ve found recently. I’m glad if you stumble across this page & site. I’m able to share my gems & jewels with you 🙂

Hesitate no more, check out on the HIGHLIGHTED LINKS located within this page to get INSTANT ACCESS to kickstart your WordPress site 😉


Disclaimer #1: If you ever decide to purchase any products / services using the AFFILIATE LINKS provided within this page. Feel free to do so as it’s TOTALLY SECURE & THE LINK will direct you to the OFFICIAL HOME PAGE of the companies this site is AFFILIATED with.

Thanks for the trust towards IMS & my recommendations. We’ll just earn A SMALL FRACTION of the commission from the PURCHASE made. The price of the items won’t be INFLATED due to the purchase decision made using the AFFILIATE LINKS provided (the retail price is exactly the same as advertised on the said company’s official site)

I’ll only recommend companies / brands that IMS has handpicked ourselves. The funds received shall be the main “fuel” to keep the site going & its the ESSENTIAL element for CONTINUOUS QUALITY CONTENT PRODUCTION 🙂

Disclaimer #2: Do not hesitate to share your LOVE with me by sharing your thoughts at the COMMENTS section below / subscribe to our newsletter for UPDATED relevant posts from IMS

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