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SiteRubix is the ULTIMATE website building platform for bloggers & webmasters.

Have you been trying to build a website all by your own to start producing content on the internet? Or even tried to build a SUSTAINABLE income stream via the internet by building a website / blog all by yourself?

If you fall under one of the categories I’ve mentioned, you’re in the RIGHT PLACE. I’ve tried building a blog using the Blogger platform few years back & even tried building a website using the Weebly (CMS platform). Both of these platforms are great for building personal (casual blogs) & simple looking websites but it’s still UNMATCHED for what WordPress has to offer (the website CMS that SiteRubix focuses on)

You may be asking me, nahh… it’s just another blog post / article about ANOTHER WordPress site builder platform.

Yes! this is really another REVIEW article about a WordPress site builder platform. But, this is not an ORDINARY website builder platform. To me, it looks more like  a blend between WordPress site builder & COMPLETE SOLUTION for literally anybody who’s interested in building an AWESOME looking website / blog in just a couple of minutes (at least setting up the foundation of the site).

I do understand that these days the internet is SATURATED with different website builders (built upon different website CMS). However, results have shown that WordPress is not another website CMS “fad” & it’s not going to be dethroned by other website CMS (at least for now).

WordPress is currently powering more than approximate 30% websites on the internet! That’s close to 600 million in any niche / language on the world wide web. With that staggering amount of user & data. WordPress definitely is leading in the website building RACE.

As an open-source CMS that has the sheer amount of users on the internet. It can definitely continue to provide continuous INNOVATION & SUPPORT for your website / blog. Therefore, selecting an ULTIMATE WEBSITE SOLUTION platform (like SiteRubix) is definitely a no-brainer since the platform is deemed to be a robust website building platform.

Prior to Siterubix & WordPress, I didn’t know building & MANAGING  a website can be intuitive & fun for most people. Regardless of your desktop / mobile device browser & internet literacy. It could be learnt & MASTERED in a short amount of time.

If you’ve been following this niche site. You’ll notice that this brilliant-looking website (in blog theme) was installed & built using WordPress via Siterubix. By the way, this is a premium WordPress theme (paid theme). It could be bought from premium WordPress developers like Mythemeshop, Elegant Themes, Themeisle, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, you DON’T have to purchase a premium (paid) theme immediately, if you’re just getting started in building a website. You can proceed it at a later stage / the moment when you think it’s necessary to do so. If the purpose of the website / blog is for commercial usage. I’ll advise that you’ll have to get yourself either a custom theme / paid theme (due to site security & performance concerns)

Otherwise you can kick-start your website building journey by leveraging the FREE THEMES that’s available within the Siterubix platform. Start building WordPress sites by using the themes that’s available within the Siterubix platform (synchronized with the WordPress respository)

Getting yourself a domain via SiteRubix

First, you’ll have to login to the Siterubix official homepage (webpage) and insert your domain (website) name as shown in the image below:

Turning passion into a thriving business

After inserting your preferred website name , you’ll have to click on the “build my free website” button and after completing the initial registration process. You’ll be redirected to the next page.

And it’ll look like the image below:

Completing personal details for Siterubix free account registrationAfter inserting all the mandatory details needed to create your Siterubix account, you’ll be redirected to the “building your website” page.

More details on the video below…

Building a professional looking website all by yourself

If building an awesome looking & professionally-looking website is a real “headache” for you in the past. Worry no more as Siterubix has got  “us” covered.

Watch the following video for a better understanding about the streamlined process in building a WordPress site: Building a website in under 30 seconds

Note: The SiteRubix platform user interface shown in the video above is the Wealthy Affiliate version. A unique version that’s only available for Wealthy Affiliate members.


That’s how easy it is to build a WordPress site from SCRATCH. In fact the title of the video is known as building a website in under 30 seconds. I’ve never achieved that milestone in creating a site within the stipulated time. But I can tell you the fundamental frame of the website is ACHIEVABLE within a couple of minutes.

If you’re highly browser & internet literate. Then again, just like any other skill. A website building & management skill is learn-able & could lead you to some really exciting site improvement functions once we’ve mastered the basics of building websites by leveraging Siterubix & the power of WordPress.

Some of the ESSENTIAL key features offered by SiteRubix


The SiteManager section consists of 6 different tabs integrated into the Siterubix platform. We can access the overall site health and performance of our installed websites on the platform.

Get details such as website last backup date information, website database monitoring, malware & virus monitoring, file system monitoring, hacking & intrusion monitoring, site performance monitoring.

Number of pages and posts that we’ve published on our website. Number of comments that we’ve received on all of our posts / pages within our website.

SitePlus+ feature records the admin details, domain details, website speed, SiteSSL, SiteProtect (Spam Blocker). Page Speed insights such as the overall speed performance for a webpage (desktop and mobile version).

Get track of all the essential info which is important for ranking our content / website on Google, Bing, Yahoo. Website speed is one of the most important ranking factors that’s applicable to all major search engines if you’re looking forward to gain MORE organic traffic into your website.

More organic traffic = more possible conversion (site visitors to clients / subscribers) = less money spent on paid advertising

Within the Sitemanager, webmasters are also informed with the other key features worth mentioning offered for SiteRubix platform users.


Monitor the overall site performance for all the websites that’s installed on the SiteRubix platform to enhance the chances of indexing, ranking & gaining organic traffic via major search engine platforms such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.


SiteRubix’s proprietary website engagement platform to spark discussion and monitor engagement for every piece of content that’s loaded on our websites, a very important factor for getting our content ranked on first few pages of the search engine result page


Get feedback on our website from the Wealthy Affiliate community & learn from what others think about our websites, content & the overall direction of the website (whether is it on topic)


24/7 website technical support when needed. Average response time after the ticket submission is about few minutes (expect it to be less than 1 hour)


Proprietary suite of website security measures such as hacking, malware, spam & bot attack. All our “masterpieces” are safely guarded within SiteRubix.

Installed Plugins

Monitor all of our plugins that’s installed via the WordPress platform (live synchronization between WordPress & Siterubix). Any changes made within WordPress will be updated in seconds.


An ultimate writing platform that has the similar outlook just like Microsoft Word & mimics the look of WordPress classic editor. Bloggers / writers who are not tech-savvy / familiar with HTML codes will find it intuitive to use since we could just paste any KIND of media links while producing our blog posts.

Could be a video / GIF file. There’s even an indexing notification for every blog post that we’ve published on SiteContent (Siterubix). Making it easier to keep us informed about the progress of every piece of content that’s published on our website.


Purchase any domain for your website and select the top level domains (.com, .net, .org) starting from the price of 14 US dollars that’s protected from WhoIs domain lookup. Privacy protection at its best! We can even transfer our domain bought outside of SiteRubix such as NameCheap & GoDaddy & host in on SiteRubix powered by Wealthy Affiliate.

Siterubix Hosting details breakdown(for premium users only)

Details include:

  • number of domains
  • number of free websites
  • instant DNS setup
  • hosting speed
  • website storage space
  • bandwidth that’s included for each website
  • data transfer
  • site builder feature
  • staging environment
  • full redundancy
  • enterprise security
  • daily website backups
  • 24/7 access to server admins
  • email accounts
  • botnet security
  • sitehealth
  • sitecomments
  • website feedback
  • community access
  • 1 on 1 Marketing mentorship.


SiteEmail is another awesome feature that’s available for Siterubix users. We could literally create professional email address for every website that’s hosted on the Siterubix platform. For example: I sincerely felt that this is another profound feature that’s available within the Siterubix platform.

Siterubix premium hosting service breakdownVerdict

Starter (free) account members can start learning the ropes of building your own niche websites (based on your personal interest) and indulge yourself into the exciting world of building websites even if you’re a completely newbie.

SiteRubix platform is powered by one of the most ROBUST online business education platform on the planet which is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate has a track record of educating and incubating successful online entrepreneurs (over 1 million) from all over the world (especially English literate individuals)

Literally anybody can benefit from the awesomeness that Siterubix has to offer. Building 2 free WordPress sites with the Siterubix subdomain. In that way, you don’t have to invest too much of your capital initially for buying domains and other premium resources to get your website rolling.

Starting a niche website (online business portfolios) in just a couple of minutes and start learning all the essential knowledge via Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Entrepreneur Certification program for the 7 days trial period.

That’s actually spending just about a week of INTENSIVE TRAINING on your website (online business) foundation without even spending A DOLLAR!

Hesitate no more if you’re DESPERATELY looking for more affordable ways to build different niche websites / blogs by leveraging the power of WordPress & state-of-the-art Siterubix platform powered by Wealthy Affiliate hosting (and community) to master the hurdles of building awesome looking websites without spending TONNES of your precious time searching on the internet.

Siterubix has made building websites intuitive & “fun” for anybody’s who is interested to share their thoughts & content by creating various websites for each purpose at a breeze…

Look no further, SiteRubix is your time-saver & ultimate choice for building websites! Insert your preferred domain name & kick-start your website building journey on the Siterubix “mini version” website creator below 😉

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