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Pinterest, the LEAST-TAPPED traffic source for webmasters & marketers

Hi there, dear loyal subscribers & readers of

Welcome to IMS’s version of setting up a Pinterest personal account to BOOST “loads” of POTENTIAL TRAFFIC to our respective websites.

Did you know that, Pinterest is by far one of the least “tapped” social media platform to drive LARGE POTENTIAL of traffic to our websites. Regardless of the NICHE that we’re involved in.

It’s not just another “social media site” / any ordinary social media platform that looks & works similar to Instagram, Snapchat, etc. It’s also not another Google Photos kind of platform for us to curate our photos in it.

It’s another “publishing platform” disguised as a social media site (platform), just like Google+.

As we all know, unlike Google+, we’re not registered as a user of the Google+ platform due to using any of other Google’s products / services like Gmail.

We’ll need to manually register as Pinterest’s user. Look at the graph below that I’ve found via Alexa. The graph shows the explosive & steady growth for the “number of users” during year 2012-2013 within the platform.

Alexa's traffic analysis for Pinterest (from 2012-2013)

You’ll notice that it’s not just another social media fad.

Pinterest has proven itself to be a proven-to-work social media web-traffic “referral source”.

How can we actually start getting those TRAFFIC?

Nevertheless, the first step to get THOSE enticing traffic is by STARTING A PINTEREST ACCOUNT. That’s for sure 🙂

At least we’ll have to start off with Pinterest’s personal profile, if we’re just getting started with the platform. I know that there’s a business account option for Pinterest users, but I strongly recommend you to start with the personal account first to reduce complexity in the beginning.

According to reliable sources, the Pinterest’s traffic analysis system that’s embedded in the business account is similar to Facebook page’s analytics / Instagram’s business account analytics.

In fact, according to the following tutorial video, it’s actually one of the analytics tool used in social media platforms that’s really user-friendly (I love the design of the interface too 😉 )

Pinterest business account analytics

Note: Refer here, for the tutorial video about driving crazy amount of traffic to our website by following a few simple steps.

I’ve not actually started off with a Pinterest business account just yet. As of “typing” this guide. Maybe I’ll be moving into the business account soon as “things” start to get matured on my side.

Alright enough of the introduction for Pinterest. Let’s get right into things now…

Creating our own Pinterest personal account (profile)

First off, we’ll have to login to Pinterest’s official site.

Signup as Pinterest personal account user

You’ll probably receive a confirmation e-mail by Pinterest just like I do.

Confirmation e-mail by Pinterest

During the following step, we’ll be redirected to the new user’s welcome page.

Pinterest new user welcome page

This just the first step out of the 4 steps, as shown in the image.

You can select your gender over here. As for my case, I’d picked male.

Let’s move on to the next step:

Pinterest (pick language & nationality) page

The next page that’ll be shown on your monitor screen would be the “field of interest”. It basically means the “interest” or the “niche” we’re interested in.

We can choose more than 5 based on the settings given by Pinterest.

Select 5 or more field of interest (Pinterest)

After selecting the “topics of interests”, we shall move on to the following page:

Pinterest's handy browser button

You can either click on the “get it now” button if you want the shortcut button to be installed on your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.)

I’m not deciding to use the shortcut button at the moment, perhaps I’ll install it when I really need it. At the moment, I think “bookmarking” it at our browser would be sufficient for convenience sake.

After setting up our Pinterest profile for the first time…

We’ll be redirected to the home page of our personal account.

The “blocks” displayed on every person’s Pinterest personal account varies from account to account. I’ve actually selected 5 different topics during my 3rd step for the new user settings page.

My Pinterest personal account homepage (

Take a look at the subjects highlighted in “red rectangular boxes”, those are actually the SOURCE of the website / referral site from a social media platform. Say Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. The source (referral site) would be displayed at the “pins” that’s displayed on our “homepage”.

The “pin symbol” that’s located at EVERY PIN on our homepage is ready to be saved into our “boards”. More commonly known as “collections” in the Google+ platform.

We could actually save as MANY PINS AS WE WANT into our “boards”. One reminder though, if you only save someone else’s pin, it means that the web traffic would be directed into that particular site / page that’s shown in the “pins”.

What’s our main purpose for creating account within the Pinterest platform? Literally, we want more REFERRAL TRAFFIC into our blog / site. I believe you might have the same thought just like me. Otherwise, you wouldn’t stumble upon this particular guide.

Notice the “blue arrow” shown in the image above? That will actually direct us to the “notifications” page. Pretty basic stuff, just like most social media platforms has to offer.

The “blue rounded rectangular box” represents the option to translate the entire Pinterest site into “traditional / simplified Chinese” version. I’m not sure why it is showing me the translation option as my current computer’s language is set in ENGLISH.

Perhaps it’s suitable for those whose not ENGLISH LITERATE to be able to use the platform with no language barriers. I’ve seen some Japanese users using the platform as well.

Yeah, we could actually get audiences from “other languages” as well. How cool is that? 😎

By the way, this’s how the notification “drop-down menu” looks like after clicking on it.

Pinterest's notification drop-down menu

Start “pinning” content into our personal profile

We’ll start building our Pinterest “followers” from now on by starting to pin anything that we want to showcase in our Pinterest boards.

In my case, I’ll like to increase the followers for my Pinterest account. Don’t you think it makes sense? More followers = higher potential of driving LOADS OF web traffic into our blog / site.

There are a few steps that we’ll need to take in order to start growing followers. If possible get audiences to our site / blog that’s relevant to our NICHE.

Here’s a checklist of what we could do to grow our followers & drive traffic to our site:

  • Pin at least 5 pieces of content into our profile.
  • Arrange it into respective boards (name it appropriately). It would increase the searchability for our “similar niche” seekers.
  • Select the most relevant / captivating image to represent the “pin”. The image is the key source to actually drive traffic into our blog /site
  • Edit the URL if you want to change the “location” for the referral traffic source. By default, it will usually show the URL for the pinned blog / site. However, things might be different if we’re selecting an image that’s shown on the beginning of a video (YouTube / Vimeo)
  • Try not to pin all of your content at once, just like any other social media platforms. It’ll be deemed as being a spammer, our account might get penalized for it. Pinning 1 pieces of content everyday might be a wise move instead of pinning it all at once!
  • Edit the description for every pin. By default, it will actually show the “alternate text” shown in every image that we include within our site / blog. Otherwise, it will just extract the “meta description” from the respective post / page that we’re pinning on our account. Be wise while selecting the description for every pin. The same concept applies while we’re selecting the best “meta description” to represent our “snippet” that’s displayed in search engine result pages.
  • Verify our website / blog to boost exposure. After verifying our website using the “html tag” provided by Pinterest. Our website’s URL shall appear beneath our “name” & “number of followers” section. Refer to image for more details about it.

website URL appears on our Pinterest personal account (after verifying)

Also don’t forget to watch the following tutorial video about how to verify our website in Pinterest. Created by one of my Wealthy Affiliate community friend, Marion Black. It’s really easy to configure, just simple code editing (copy & paste tasks) using the WordPress editor. Even a non-web programmer like me could easily learn & execute it.

Here’s another video by Pinterest about ways to create “beautifully-looking” pins that will attract more re-pins thus gaining more REFERRAL TRAFFIC from Pinterest by literally following the simple steps listed in the video:

Without further ado, let’s start creating our boards & pinning one of the content from our own site into the Pinterest boards.

Creating boards for the pins

Click on the create board function

Hover your cursor over to the “create board” function to start adding your very first board into your personal profile. Just click on it & you’ll be redirected to the next page.

Naming the Pinterest board

Alright, let’s add a name for the board that we’ll be creating within our personal account. On my side, I’m deciding to name it “performance marketing insights”. I think the board suits the NICHE of the website that I’m working on.

After typing your desired name for the board. Hover your cursor to the “red create” rounded rectangular button. That leads us to another page.

Clicking on the create pin function to start pinning content into boards

Hover our cursor to the CREATE PIN section & again, we’ll be redirected to the next page.

Typing a description for the board & adding collaborators

We can start typing the description that best describes the characteristics of the board. Just add in anything that you think is relevant.

If you notice on the IMAGE ABOVE, there’s also a “collaborators” field that allows us to invite our FOLLOWERS within the Pinterest platform / send them an e-mail to inform them about collaborating on the board.

Click save button after creating the description for the Pinterest board

Hover your cursor over to the red color SAVE button to proceed to the next page. Before proceeding, remember to cross-check on the description that we’ve filled in.

We could also group our board according to the RELEVANT category. Pretty much the same like the ones when we first register our account & required to choose our fields of interest.

Refer to the checklist above that I’ve made (in bullet points) to discover again why it’s important to “categorized” our boards according to APPROPRIATE CATEGORY.

Adding URL, description & featured image for the pin

Once you’re redirected to the “creating pin” page. You’ll notice that there’s basically 3 sections that’s available for us to fill-in.

First off, there’s the website URL. Just COPY & PASTE the URL for the pieces of content that’s available within your website. I’ve added an article that I’ve typed earlier on. It’s about Malaysians’ success rate for creating a thriving affiliate marketing career (an affiliate online business).

The second step would be adding a nicely “written” description to elaborate about the PIN that you’re going to create.

I would normally copy & paste it from the “meta description” snippet that’s displayed in search engines for the posts that I’ve created in my site.

By doing so, I’m actually increasing my productivity by not over-analyzing on EVERY SINGLE detail before publishing any kind of content (cross-checking & analyzing our work is definitely important to mitigate errors)

Pick a “killing-looking” image to represent your pin. An act to INCREASE THE CTR (Click Through Rate) for every pin that we’re adding into our boards.

Click on the DONE button after everything’s done.

Appearance of our Pinterest board after creating the first pin

Voila! Our pin is successfully created. Now this is how our PINS look like on EVERY PERSON’s homepage. The URL to our website is included alongside with the “red rectangular button” with a PIN SYMBOL next to it (the one pointed using the blue arrow)

Up next, we’ll be clicking on the pin & again we’ll be redirected to the next page.

Commenting on a Pinterest pin

The image above clearly shows how it looks like on the “inside”. Our website URL is clearly shown underneath my name & followers zone.

There’s also a commenting section for our Pinterest account followers / literally anyone who clicks on our pins from the Pinterest homepage.

What’s next?

From now on we could only see the growth of referral traffic into our website / blog & even our Facebook page. Yes, I’ve recently discovered a blog post that says how we could actually grow the number of fans (followers) that owns a Facebook Business Page by leveraging the power of Pinterest.

Consistently adding pins into my boards

As of typing this guide, I’m gaining several followers after pinning several posts from my site. Just like what I’ve mentioned earlier on, I’ve selected the MOST RELEVANT category for every board & I’m starting to get “some” followers for my Pinterest boards already.

The number of followers on our boards is equivalent to the number of followers on our Pinterest account. The more the better. Simple logic, it will only start to “compound” as we’re constantly PINNING on our account.

I believe the snowball effect will only start to occur after the MASSIVE & CONSISTENT actions that’s being applied.

Not just that, after getting advises from my “mentor”, the community for ONLINE ENTREPRENEURS that I’m involved in. Our mentor had actually given us a solid pieces of advice, we should be pinning every pieces of content that we’ve shared on our site & content that we’re deciding to “share” it to the world wide web.

Building web / referral traffic is just like building any career / business. It takes a lot of time & effort to actually get to see some results. To me, we have to really work on it with FULL PASSION & ENTHUSIAM to actually CRUSH THOSE GOALS that we ultimately wanna achieve.

Even if it’s some tedious “regime”. Repetitive tasks that we’ll have to do, day in day out.

There’s a famous saying: Nothing worth having is easily gained.

That being said, don’t forget to check on the following video regarding the ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR COMMUNITY that offers us with in-depth & thorough training about creating a website from SCRATCH thus creating a THRIVING ONLINE BUSINESS by learning all the skills & drills needed to excel in the online world.

Wealthy Affiliate Walkthrough - How YOU Can Benefit From WA

Note: Check here for more info & watch the online entrepreneur community walkthrough video here.

Good luck to you 🙂


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