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MyThemeShop, our unique takeaway for the WordPress developer

Welcome to IMS product / service reviews,

In this blog post, I would like to recommend to you this premium WordPress developer company known as MyThemeShop. The company has been around for more than 6 years and this WordPress website is currently using one of its PREMIUM THEME known as Socially Viral Pro.

I first discovered about the company a.k.a. WP developer when I was trying to search for the “best” WordPress theme that’s well-coded & search engine optimized in order for me to deliver my “messages” (my content) that I’m delivering through IMS as my website is pretty new & I need to search for the best ways to get my content (blog posts) discoverable by my site visitors.

After searching for a while, I’ve discovered a few WordPress developer companies that’s well-known for providing well-coded yet “light” in terms of its loading speed & able to perform well in major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo.

So I’ve come across several famous companies like ThemeIsle, StudioPress, Thrive Themes, MyThemeShop, Elegant Themes, etc.

And I’ve discovered that Genesis Framework by StudioPress is the veteran in terms of WordPress premium themes (paid version for WP themes). It is still one of the most well-known WP developer in the market & we have rising & competing companies like Thrive Themes & MyThemeShop that’s performing equally well like StudioPress but these companies provide its users with much more AFFORDABLE rates.

Then, we have WordPress developers like ThemeIsle & Elegant themes that’s well-known in the market for coding beautifully looking wordpress websites but its overall site performance doesn’t meet my expectations.

In terms of, the sitespeed which is one of the MAJOR factors for ranking our website / content on search engines. There’s a list I’ve found on the internet listed out “unofficial” ranking factors for search engine giant, Google.

After diving deep into a lot of reviews and personally using the themes & plugins provided by MyThemeShop, I believe now is the BEST TIME for me to create an in-depth review about MyThemeShop WordPress themes & plugins.

In-depth review for MyThemeShop products
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MyThemeShop theme selections (based on popularity & usage experience)

Socially Viral Pro

Socially Viral Pro theme outlook

SociallyViral pro has one of the KEY FAVOURITE feature that I like, don’t you think that the theme design looks like Facebook’s newsfeed?

Yeah, perhaps it’s not the LATEST VERSION of Facebook’s timeline looks but I believe the MTS theme has created it to mimic the looks of viral social media platforms such as Facebook.

Apart from that the theme is also designed based upon one of the VIRAL website on the internet known as ViralNova.

Viral Nova website appearance

This is just one of the styling option for the theme, the WP theme actually provide 2 different styling layout designs. One of it is the one that I’m CURRENTLY USING for this website.

Some of the vital features for the WordPress theme includes:

  • Optimized for social shares with a lot of LARGE images design in high pixel quality designed for sharing on social media platforms
  • Social media icons on the homepage of the blog theme & the ability to include social sharing icons on every post that we create (full social media platforms integration)
  • Trending post ability to showcase your most commented / engaged blog post & display it on the homepage
  • Google Adsense optimized, providing the ability for its users to embed Google Ads into the website
  • There are four types of loading effects with “infinite scroll effects” being the one that I’m currently using, works like a CHARM
  • There’s also a subscription box section option available at the sidebar at every page and the option to turn it OFF
  • The theme is 100% responsive, which means it looks exactly the same across various devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • As mentioned above, it has SUPER FAST loading speed to boost our search engine rankings (try checking my website on Pingdom and you’ll know what I mean), average websites should not fully load longer than 5 seconds, otherwise more than 50% of your site visitors will be turned off
  • Easily customizable with “theme options” function available within our WordPress dashboard
  • Featured post availability for webmasters to be able to display its “best post” on the homepage
  • Schema markup integrated, the content of the website will be easily discovered by search engines as the crawl bots start to crawl the website
  • Search engine optimized design which is VERY BENEFICIAL for bloggers / webmasters to rank their content on search engines
  • Mega menu drop down that’ll increase the user engagement & experience due to its “image preview” feature
  • Video post support that works absolutely well for bloggers & vloggers, video post is also proven to boost search engine rankings and ability to drive more web traffic
  • Back to top function to scroll the content of the site back to the header section
  • Includes parallax scrolling
  • Clean-coded for the ease of its users to alter the HTML codes that’s displayed in the WP appearance>editor tab
  • Translation ready function by simply adding translation file with key terms to translate the content of the website
  • Ability to install shortcodes to increase the captivity of each post / page within the website (install and activate a complimentary plugin known as WP shortcode)
  • Typography functionality to edit the type of displayed font to change the MOOD of the text (integration with Google Fonts)
  • Ratings and review features is available after installing and activating a plugin known as WP review which is available for MTS premium theme users
  • Widget ready to display ads at the sidebar section (banners by sponsors / affiliated companies / affiliated brands)
  • Unlimited colors available to tune the entire color scheme to the user’s preference
  • Options to include unlimited sidebars to display the widgets that the user prefer
  • Ability to import & export custom settings / load the default settings provided by the developer (stock settings)
  • One-click updates available within WordPress theme updates tab (available after installing and activating a WP plugin known as MyThemeShop connect)
  • Right to Left font support to ensure languages that’s written in those format would be properly displayed on the user’s site after translated
  • Floating social icons function is available for users who decide to remind site visitors to “share the love”
  • Lazy loading images option to ensure that the “weight” for loading the website is reduced further enhancing SEO endeavors
  • Customization feature for menus on different pages
  • Google adsense / other ads from display networks could be shown on the header section of the homepage
  • WooCommerce support, a WordPress plugin that’s widely used my WordPress users to create an ecommerce store (ecommerce website)
  • Retina ready icons that’ll keep the sharpness of the icons across different devices (unleashing high pixel quality icons)
  • Option to create child theme which is an option for premium WP themes (Genesis framework by StudioPress do offer the feature as well)
  • Breadcrumbs implementation is available out-of-the-box to enhance the searchability of our content like blog post by search engine crawl bots
  • Authorbox ready to increase the “awareness” of the author for blog posts written by the particular author

Check out the theme demo here.

Get it here if you’re interested in installing it on your WordPress website.


Schema Mythemeshop default theme settings

Schema is another theme that I would like to recommend to bloggers / vloggers is the schema blog theme by MTS. The WordPress theme developer claimed the theme to be blazing fast and comparable to Genesis Framework themes by StudioPress.

With that said, a quicker theme also means higher chances of ranking your content high on search engines. Especially Google 😉 If you do notice, MyThemeShop focuses a lot on a well coded, light in weight, clean-cut designs that doesn’t practice over-complexion in terms of its theme design presentation.

Mission statement for MyThemeShop

Mission statement for MyThemeShop (2)

As you can see here, the mission statement that’s found on MyThemeShop’s about me page stated clearly about their code of conduct which is clean code, optimum performance, improving productivity and compatibility with WordPress CMS users.

I’ve tried the free version for schema lite and I do notice the speed to fully load the entire page takes less than 1 second which is superbly good. As compared to many poorly coded themes available within the WordPress repository. Not to mention the potential harmful effects that those free themes would affect the overall performance of your website.

Here’s the presentation video I’ve found on YouTube for Schema theme:

Mythemeshop schema theme vs genesis framework (by Studiopress)

The comparison chart clearly shows that the Schema theme is superior over Genesis framework by studiopress in terms of YSlow grade, page speed grade, page load time and total page size.

That’s so important as users start to build content on the blog theme as feeding more content into the site usually means “heavier” in terms of total file size and the amount of time needed to fully load the entire page.

Some of the other KEY FEATURES include:

  • 100% responsive (compatible across all devices with non-to-zero issues in displaying on different screen sizes)
  • Ad management dedicated tab to manage ad campaigns
  • Built-in review system that’ll boost the compelling factor for each product / service review post, not to mention the click through rate as well
  • Easy import feature to the schema theme from other wordpress themes
  • Industry leading all-in-one control panel to manage all the theme’s settings
  • Rich snippet feature built-in to help increase the captivity of each content published on the site
  • Custom CSS that comes with the redesign and restyle schema, providing users with ULTIMATE CONTROL
  • Unlimited range of backgrounds to choose from
  • SEO-ready with the latest tricks to keep the Google crawl bots dive deeper into the user’s site (increase chances of making it standout beautifully in search results)
  • A theme that’s fully secure and coded in a lightweight manner
  • Includes translation mode by adding translation files
  • Shortcodes functionality is included that works beautifully with rich snippets
  • Related posts with thumbnails that comes with 3 different layouts
  • Optimized for speed
  • More than 350+ ready to use icon fonts to include in every post / page
  • Google Fonts typography with “unlimited” options to choose from
  • Custom widgets are included
  • Demo data is included (ability to provide useful examples that’s easily modified)
  • Integrated social media sharing functionality to boost engagement on the user’s content via social media platforms
Bonus tips
#1 A custom handwritten custom mark up for a website would cost anywhere between 3,000 dollars. #2 SEO costs for any website would cost about 1500 dollars to be done correctly. #3 Page speed optimization cost about 200 dollars with increase in price depending on performance requirements.


Check out the theme demo here.

Get it here if you’re interested in installing it on your WordPress website.


MyThemeShop Crypto theme default layout

Due the recent popularity of cryptocurrency, crypto assets, digital currency. Mythemeshop has decided to release its own version of wordpress theme specially made for audiences who’s interested in the developments of crypto trading market. 

Webmasters / bloggers who’s involved in cryptocurrency development and trading market could use it to create relevant content for their fans / followers. As for bloggers who’s deciding to monetize their crypto blog content with affiliate programs, they could make good use of it too as there are MULTIPLE affiliate programs that’s tied with cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Some of the USP for the wordpress premium theme include:

  • Live coin price display section (webmasters / bloggers are able to link the most accurate and live updates for the crypto trading market)
  • Dedicated coin page that allows webmasters to create pages on the website that’s dedicated to single coins (displayed at the side bar of the website)
  • Historical price data functionality allow website visitors to know the complete picture of the coin’s track records
  • Comparison feature for site visitors to compare a single coin with other cryptocurrencies (speculate the movement of the cryptocurrencies)
  • 2 dedicated widget for coins located at the custom-made widgets section (normally located at the side bar)
  • Unique design interface to ensure its uniqueness as compared to other similar website themes
  • WooCommerce compatible, that means bloggers / webmasters can convert the theme into an ecommerce store (if they prefer the looks of the theme)
  • Drag and drop homepage sections allow webmasters to streamline the process of managing the homepage (with unlimited homepage layouts available to choose)
  • 2 different post layouts to provide the “freshness” look for site visitors
  • API key integrated for the ability to display live crypto trading updates on the website
  • Fully responsive design for the ability to display the website content across different screen sizes in near “pixel-perfect” condition
  • ICO archive availability for webmasters to list individual ICO
  • Featured slider functionality to display a good image on the website’s homepage (capture reader’s attention with attractive images)
  • Fully SEO ready theme that complies to the latest guidelines set by Google and other major search engines
  • Speed optimized to allow the webmaster’s content to rank on search engines
  • Adsense ready to allow bloggers / webmasters to add additional income stream for their website
  • Parallax scrolling that allows webmasters to create immersive blog posts that will keep the eyes of the site visitors on screen
  • Advanced option panel for users to fully customize the theme without messing with a single line of code
  • Clean-coded theme (it has clean, organized and well-commented code), one of the fastest theme and most secure in the industry
  • Translation ready by just editing the files to the language of the webmaster’s choice
  • Google Fonts integration with over 600 types of font type to choose from
  • Unlimited color options, customizing the theme to match brand and style preference
  • Unlimited background options to pick from
  • Built-in shortcodes to assist webmasters to create buttons, highlights, unique block quotes, notes, table of content, etc.
  • Ajax loading to allow site visitors to load more information without refreshing the page
  • Author box to further showcase the identity of the author (strengthening the personal branding for the post author)
  • Off canvas mobile menu that’s great for mobile site visitors
  • WP review pro compatible (a premium plugin by mythemeshop) to assist webmasters to create stunning looking product / service review posts
  • WP subscribe pro compatible (a premium plugin by MTS) to allow site visitors to subscribe to the latest blog post / newsletters
  • WP mega menu compatible (a plugin by MTS) to help webmasters create LARGE MENUS that’s rich in content
  • Advanced typography options to customize every detail of the text displayed into a favorable state by webmasters
  • Ability to import or export settings which is invaluable for webmasters who’s deciding to test new settings or share settings across different websites
  • Lazy loading for images allowing images to load whenever a site visitor scrolls on them, further reducing the loading speed for the theme
  • Related post feature (self-explanatory)
  • Awesome fonts included that’s integrated with the font awesome icon library
  • 4 types of pagination options to choose (next, default numbered, Ajax load more button, Ajax auto infinite scroll)
  • 15 custom widgets that the webmaster can apply on any widget designated area
  • Child theme support (webmasters are allowed to maintain the settings even after theme updates)
  • One click install by literally uploading the zip file to wordpress admin dashboard in a single click
  • One-click update via the “plugins update” section after activating the “mythemeshop connect” plugin


Check out the theme demo here.

Get it here if you’re interested in installing it on your WordPress website.

MyThemeShop plugin selections (based on popularity)

WP review pro

With the rise of product / service review websites on the internet, webmasters / bloggers has to pick a different strategy in order to get the MAXIMUM EXPOSURE for the content they’ve put on the internet.

Rich snippets integration is one of the key features that’ll make the webmaster’s content stand out from the pack, further enhancing the click-through-rate for whatever review post / page that a person is deciding to display on search engine results page.

Apart from that, some vital features include:

  • Support for 14 types of rich snippets to match almost every type of webpage category
  • 16 different predefined designs to match with the overall theme of the website
  • Multiple rating systems are available to pick from (star, point, percentage, circle, thumbs)
  • User comment rating and review allow site visitors to rate features, leave comments on the review and mark other’s comment as helpful / non-helpful
  • Compatible with ANY WordPress theme (integrates with any theme by just installing and activating it)
  • Google places reviews integrated features, works best for businesses that’s focusing their efforts on local marketing
  • Yelp reviews integration (importing review data from Yelp to the webmaster’s site)
  • Facebook reviews integration (importing Facebook reviews data into webmaster’s site), just by inserting the FB account credentials
  • Ability to create comparison table for multiple product review objectives
  • Exit intent popup and notification bar to nudge site visitors while skimming on the content of the review page
  • WooCommerce integration (replacing the basic WooCommerce reviews forms) with the advanced, customizable review forms in WP review pro
  • Advanced option panel that allows webmaster to fully customize every detail of the plugin
  • Complete mobile friendly (review boxes look “perfect” in various screen sizes)
  • Optimized for speed (creating stunning looking reviews without sacrificing website speed)
  • Clean and secure code (any security breach can erase a webmaster / bloggers years of effort), therefore security is MTS’s upmost priority while coding its themes and plugins
  • Translation ready (fully translatable by following WordPress translation guidelines)
  • Developer friendly (webmasters can create custom templates to be used for reviews), an extendable feature
  • Custom widgets allow 10 custom designed widgets to add into a website, website admin can add variety of reviews on footer, sidebar, and other widget enabled areas
  • Multisite support for ability to utilize the plugin on different sites
  • Customizable image for ratings (pick different icon designs that suits the taste of the user)
  • Text is allowed to add alongside with rating icons
  • Role manager options that allows webmasters to customize the authority level for each site manager / author
  • Thumbnails alteration option that’ll improve click-through-rate whenever the content appear on search engine feeds
  • Google product review feed support (additional metadata is displayed on search results too)

Check out the theme demo here.

Get it here if you’re interested in installing it on your WordPress website.

Final thoughts

Needless to say, the WordPress themes and plugins offered by Mythemeshop is definitely top-notch in terms of its overall performance, simplicity, team support, pricing, responsiveness, etc.

That’s why I would highly recommend if you’re really serious into blogging and decide to monetize your blog. The possibilities are endless!

The sky is the limit…

Even if you’re a casual blogger / vlogger, you can’t resist the FEATURES AND BENEFITS that mythemeshop products can offer to your blog / vlog. It’ll definitely increase a lot of captivity to your content thus ending you with tonnes of loyal fans, followers to your site via search engine marketing.

As for business sites, they do offer one-page website layout as well, perhaps you could check it out at MTS’s official site. These are some testimonials that I’ve found on MTS’s official page.

WP review pro testimonial (1)

WP review pro testimonial (2)

MyThemeShop SociallyViral Pro testimonial

MyThemeShop Schema theme testimonial

MyThemeShop Crypto theme testimonial

That’s all for now. Have FUN crafting your WP website!

Disclaimer #1: If you ever decide to purchase any products / services using the AFFILIATE LINKS provided within this page. Feel free to do so as it’s TOTALLY SECURE & THE LINK will direct you to the OFFICIAL HOME PAGE of the companies this site is AFFILIATED with.

Thanks for the trust towards IMS & my recommendations. We’ll just earn A SMALL FRACTION of the commission from the PURCHASE made. The price of the items won’t be INFLATED due to the purchase decision made using the AFFILIATE LINKS provided (the retail price is exactly the same as advertised on the said company’s official site)

I’ll only recommend companies / brands that IMS has handpicked ourselves. The funds received shall be the main “fuel” to keep the site going & its the ESSENTIAL element for CONTINUOUS QUALITY CONTENT PRODUCTION 🙂

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