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Top 5 Most Trusted Affiliate Programs for Indian Webmasters & Affiliate Marketers

Hello, dear loyal readers & subscribers.

Welcome to the IMS review about top affiliate programs on the internet (especially for the Indian affiliate marketers/bloggers).

Before we begin on reviewing the said programs, let’s discuss about how the affiliate marketing industry is doing in Asia Pacific (India is on the top of the list), following close to the U.S. & UK (the matured markets).

rise of affiliate marketing in india

India topped the list in the quickest growing country for the affiliate marketing industry due to the several major reasons. The sector is stimulated by the fast growing internet penetration rate in the country & smartphone users (mobile internet users).

Thus, there are millions websites (especially websites built using the famous WordPress CMS), WAP-sites, blogs adopting the business model to monetize contents(in their respective websites).

By the way, this website is built using WordPress (Content Management System) which utilises literally just a couple of MINUTES of our precious time, from scratch(provided there’s no messing around without asking the “experts” within the site building community 😀

We can definitely foresee huge innovation within the affiliate industry (both the advertisers & publishers) to keep pace with the ever evolving habits and behaviours of consumers.

Apart from that, e-commerce is also flourishing within the country, brands are aware of online shops affiliate marketing which is ABSOLUTELY a major channel to exploit great level of UI perspective.

Additional facts for content publishers during year 2018.

#1 Content marketing has been “bombarded” as the future of affiliate for a few years from now (in fact content marketing is the upmost important factor in most blogs & websites).

Content publishers are beginning to make significant portion from affiliate marketing programs. (bloggers, influencers, taste makers, etc.)

#2 There’s been a significant increase for affiliate network participation within the country (India), figures has soared by 175%. Meanwhile, sales revenue generated by content publishers increased by 240%!

As always, content publishers require the right tools & guidance to integrate with advertisers in a way that’s cost effective & efficient for all parties involved.

And now, let’s resume with the introduction of the TOP paying affiliate programs for the peeps of India.

Most Trusted Affiliate Programs for Indian Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers (Top 5 highly LUCRATIVE affiliate programs)

50 Indian Rupee note sample

#1 FlipKart Affiliate Program

FlipKart offers relatively high commission percentage payout for every sale made via purchasing via FlipKart’s affiliate links (ranges from 4% to 10%), which is higher compared to most online retailers (higher than some U.S.A. online retailers which offers up to 5% ONLY for their limited stock offered products &

Affiliate marketers can basically advertise any product on their blogs/websites/social media marketing channels, pick any niche that they want

FlipKart offers same percentage payout commissions’ for NEW & RECURRING consumers purchasing from affiliate links (as of July 2018)

FlipKart pays commission for every FlipKart application INSTALLATION made (downloaded from smartphone operating system marketplace such as Android’s PlayStore)

FlipKart 4 fundamental affiliate earning steps


#2 Amazon Associates Program (

AAP offers high commissions’ payout for their affiliates (with commissions’ up to 12% from every sale made for items advertised on, 5% for consumer electronics & 10% for other consumer products.

World renowned brand & leading e-commerce marketplace in the world, a highly trust able brand for online shoppers & of course the Indian shoppers as well 😉

Launched Indian version during year 2013, and since it has “streamlined” the entire process for Indian affiliate marketers & online re-sellers (shoppers as well) for completing the entire e-shopping experience, as for bloggers/affiliate marketers, they’re able to gain traffic by publishing the banners / affiliate links provided by Amazon.

Amazon Associates earning rates for the Indians


#3 Hostgator (

Earn 1,250 INR for every successful sale made, 3000 INR (per sale) for achieving more than 21 sales (per month) and beyond.

Highly trust able web hosting company originated from USA, after establishing its brand in the US & the internet, it has since expanded to various key market countries such as India (one of the key Asian market)

Consumers are able to purchase the hosting services in rupees (advisable for Indian website owners/ bloggers using the WordPress CMS), to publish the banners / affiliate links on their respective marketing channels to monetise their content on the internet.

3 basic steps for earning money online via Hostgator

#4 InfiBeam Affiliate Program

Indian established e-commerce company & listed on India’s stock exchange, founded during year 2007.

Indian affiliate marketers & bloggers get the chance to gain traffic outside of India by promoting (the Indian e-commerce brand) on the worldwide web, thus, getting potential earnings from conversions (based on the unique visitors from different parts of the world)

Infibeam affiliates will get commission ranging from 1% to 10% PLUS affiliates get EXTRA earnings when consumers purchase something from the search toolbar widget provided by Infibeam), additional cha-ching $$$ opportunities!

Infibeam has included a “magic box” widget as well for the bloggers / affiliates to embed “magic box” widget to allow consumers to pick preferred products & proceed with price comparison.

Infibeam is also ideal for books, electronics and automobiles in India’s online marketplace space (marketers who are interested in promoting the said items within their Infibeam affiliate niche site)

#5 Shaadi Affiliate Program

Shaadi is one of the leading matrimonial service provider in India, Canada, UK, USA & UAE (with offices in these countries)

The company has been in business since 1996 (since then it has been growing its business rapidly at a staggering rate of 200% each year)

Commission payout for being Shaadi's affiliate

The affiliate program is absolutely ideal for bloggers / affiliate marketers with a relationship niche blog / website.


Shaadi Affiliate Program

# Affiliates can earn up to 75% in commission payout for every sale made via affiliate links PLUS additional bonus commission rate of 25% for every paying consumer

FlipKart Affiliate Program

#1 FlipKart has streamlined the approval process (get approved almost instantly), good news for affiliate marketers / bloggers who’s interested in earning money online

#2 Conversion rates are considered higher due to the fact that Indians buy from the online marketplace (earn higher commission rates by promoting fashion category items)

Amazon Associates Program (

#1 Offers EXCLUSIVE support for the Indian affiliate marketers & online resellers within the country, hence, the conversion rates (successful deal rates will be much higher) as Amazon is facilitating to the Indian peeps

Hostgator (

#1 Leading web hosting company in the industry, with its reputation & fame going side by side with its sister company Bluehost (both are subsidiary companies for its parent company, Endurance International Group)

#2 Offers web hosting plans at competitive rates (offer payouts in rupees for Indian affiliate marketers)

InfiBeam Affiliate Program

#1 Affiliates can choose to recommend books listed on InfiBeam (often cheaper than online marketplace such as FlipKart), in fact commission rates for e-books are the highest in the list (10% for every successful sale)

#2 InfiBeam’s affiliate division provided its affiliate (performance) marketers with latest inventories (for example, banners & e-mail templates for higher conversion rates!)


Shaadi Affiliate Program

# Restricted for Indian affiliates only (affiliate marketers outside of India is out of “luck”)

FlipKart Affiliate Program

#1 Affiliates may lose some sales due to improper tracking system provided by the company

#2 There’s no daily tracking reports, however, monthly & quarterly report tracking tools are provided for affiliate marketers, as we all know, daily tracking reports are VERY crucial for every affiliate marketing (for tracking on our online performance)

Amazon Associates Program (

#1 Offers 24-hour cookies for consumers that decide to purchase via affiliate link / banners provided by Amazon’s associates, which is relatively short (read the explanation provided by Amazon’s support team for a clearer picture)

Amazon's 24 hours cookie duration thourough explanation

#2 Be wary on the “domain” that we pick while promoting Amazon’s products (say, if we choose to be an affiliate, we should stick with it, otherwise there wouldn’t be any commission payout for affiliates if they picked the wrong domain, say Amazon Australia, Amazon China, Amazon UK, Amazon USA, e.g.)


Hostgator (

# The commission payout threshold is on the HIGH SIDE, affiliates have to accumulate at least 3200 INR in their Hostgator account or equivalent to 45 USD for direct deposit to PayPal / local bank accounts.


InfiBeam Affiliate Program

#1 Currently the brand is only known amongst fellow Indians (brand exposure is definitely lesser than e-commerce companies that has global / regional reputation such as Amazon, Alibaba, Lazada.



In a nutshell, Indian bloggers, affiliate marketers should choose wisely for affiliate programs that they’re recommending on their blogs / websites (affiliate ONLY with LEGITIMATE companies, regardless of its geographical location).

Stay up to date on affiliate marketing industry within India & other parts of the world to avoid wasting our “precious” time & efforts by piggybacking with the “fraudulent” companies.

Before leaving don’t forget to check out on our #1 Most Recommended Legitimate Affiliate Training Platform (with affiliate program) review.


Disclaimer #1: If you ever decide to purchase any products / services using the AFFILIATE LINKS provided within this page.

Feel free to do so as it’s TOTALLY SECURE & THE LINK will direct you to the OFFICIAL HOME PAGE of the companies this site is AFFILIATED with.

Thanks for the trust towards​ & my recommendations. We’ll just earn A SMALL FRACTION of the commission from the PURCHASE made.

The price of the items won’t be INFLATED due to the purchase decision made using the AFFILIATE LINKS provided (the retail price is exactly the same as advertised on the said company’s official site)

I’ll only recommend companies / brands that​ has handpicked ourselves. The funds received shall be the main “fuel” to keep the site going & it’s the ESSENTIAL element for CONTINUOUS QUALITY CONTENT PRODUCTION 🙂

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