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Jaaxy vs SEMrush, keyword research tools ULTIMATE “showdown”

Hello fellow loyal readers of,

In this version of the product comparison (review) series, we’ll be reviewing 2 of the most popular keyword research tool that’s popular on the internet.

One of it is known as SEMrush, the other one is known as Jaaxy

The founder for SEMRush is known as Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov meanwhile Jaaxy is founded by Kyle & Carson Lim.

Both companies offered SUPERB keyword research tools that’s absolutely GREAT for improving SEO efforts. Keyword research tools actually could help its users to improve the ranking for the user’s website / every content that is created within the user’s site.

Nowadays, internet marketers / any online business owners have to consider getting themselves a keyword research tool in order to boost exposure aka driving more traffic via search engines or any other social media / network platforms that heavily rely on “search bars” to curate the content that’s created within the platform.

In fact, I’ve not seen any social media platforms that doesn’t rely on search “phrases” to index / rank content listed within the site.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the overview, core features & of course which tool is the “best-bang-for-your-dollar” 😀

Introducing Jaaxy Lite, Pro & Enterprise

Jaaxy's Keywords Galore

Jaaxy is the ULTIMATE all-in-one keyword research tool for our NICHE MARKETING ARSENAL, plus, it costs us a lot LESSER than any other SEO tools available in the market.

Here’s some KEY BENEFITS for becoming a JAAXY user:

#1 We don’t have to download the software in order to get started. It’s available on the internet.

#2 It’s SUPER EASY to use

#3 The software is equipped with game changing keyword data FAST. It helps to boost our rankings on major search engines (gets accurate results in result time from Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc)

#4 It’s a keyword tool that helps us save time over “manual process” of researching SUITABLE keywords for our niche

Commonly Used Features

Keyword Data

This is the core for keyword research tools. In other words, good keywords EQUAL topics / niches with the most TRAFFIC (keywords that will rank on first page of search engines)Jaaxy lite keyword research dashboard

Alphabet soup

Introducing one of the most interesting features available within ANY VERSION of Jaaxy. It blends or keyword with every letter of the alphabet to gain potential search terms (displayed in search engine results page).

For example, I used the phrase “make honest money online + a” (alphabet a) & the letter “e”. Check on the images below for a better understanding about what I meant.

Jaaxy lite's alphabet soup dashboard - 1

Jaaxy lite's alphabet soup dashboard - 2

Alphabet soup automatically helps us to do a new suggested search term based on the phrases or we get the “instant search results” for the suggested terms.

We could even add the keywords to the brainstorm list archive.

Saved List

It is a place whereby we could store our preferred keywords. Get it archived & we could even SELL THE KEYWORDS that we’ve search (it is possible, but not done by me yet 😀 ).

Saved keywords list could be used for PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns.

Besides that, we could even SPY on our competitors (those that fall under the same niche / terms).

Jaaxy's saved keyword list

Search Analysis

This is another cool feature that we could look into. Discover whose content ranks better based on our desired keywords.

We could check on a list of popular article directories that rank well in SERP like YouTube, Vimeo (video streaming sites).

Get insights about what our competitors used to rank in search engines. It even shows us what’s not ranking.

That being said, we could add a YouTube video & our content will probably rank easier, compared to our competitors 😈

We could always improve the rankings for our piece of content based on what our competitors are not doing.

Let’s say they have a thousand word count in their piece of content, we could make it 1,500 to increase our chances to rank higher.


Jaaxy provides training for being a user of the software. The training videos are recommended for Jaaxy Pro / Enterprise users only.

I don’t need to watch these videos because I’ve learned most of my keyword research skills through WA.

Check out the training video attached for a concise understanding about how Jaaxy works:


Affiliate programs

Jaaxy offers one-stop-solution for doing research on affiliate programs availability just by selecting the various world renowned affiliate networks such as ClickBank, LinkShare, Commission Junction (the niche that we’re interested in the search toolbar).

Get insights for affiliate programs available in the market (that’s related to our niche).


Discover trending topics that is being shown in websites like Twitter, Yahoo, Google & Amazon. Harness the trending topics as one of the pieces of content that we’re going to deliver.

Click on the “brainstorm” tab to have a glimpse of it. Aligned on the same row as “Keywords” & “Alphabet Soup”.

Head on to the “brainstorm” section if we run out of ideas while producing our content. Let the search engines / social media assist us in seeking ideas for our content.

Now let’s move on to the overview & commonly used features by SEMRush users…


Overview of SEMRush

SEMrush's homepage

SEMRush performs almost similar to Jaaxy it’s a great tool to help marketers find great “phrases” aka keywords, analyze the “backlinks” for the site that users want to spy on, check web traffic for the site that users want to analyze, fix website issues & other great features as well.

There’s approximate 120 million keywords being found using the platform, compared to Jaaxy’s number of searches which has nearly TRIPLED the amount of phrases / keywords found using the respective platform.

One great feature that SEMrush is proud off is the ability to quickly grow backlinks to grow organic traffic aka search traffic from major search engines.


Commonly used features for SEMRush

Organic Research

SEMrush organic research feature

SEMrush users are able to analyze competitors’ best SEO keywords used by competitors in order to get higher rankings in search engines. Users are able to get full insights of competitors’ organic strategy.

Users are able to get quick understanding about the competitor’s keyword rankings in mobile & desktop version. Apart from that, users can get display results shown for the top 20 search results in search engines such as Google & Bing.

Look at the shown image below, I tried searching the phrase “make honest money online” & this was the organic search results displayed.

organic search results & ads copies

If you do notice, there’s also the “ads copies” section shown within the image above. It’s actually the paid keywords campaign such as Google Adwords & Bing Ads.

Users for SEMRush are able to determine the competing keywords used within their post / page & get instance knowledge about the strength & weakness of the content provided on the web.

There’s also another “great” feature provided by the SEMRush. The ability to observe position changes of domains by monitoring competitors’ position changes & comparing them with the user’s piece of content.

Keyword rankings reflect consumer’s changes in behaviors, therefore SEMRush users are given the chance to step ahead of the game by knowing which keyword is working & which one doesn’t (react to ever changing organic search trend).

All the above great features are available in Jaaxy’s search analysis & SiteRank feature too 😉


SEMRush backlinks feature

Backlinks are still the most important factor to determine the credibility, trustworthiness & quality of a website. Backlink is another vital factor that most webmasters have to consider in order to “outrank” the competitors.

Users are now able to monitor the backlinks also known as inbound link (in layman’s terms).

Deep link analysis feature allows users to:

  • Check incoming links for a URL, domain / root domain (website)
  • Understand how authoritative a referring domain (website) is and where it’s located
  • See anchor texts
  • View the URLs and titles of linking & target web pages (internal link)
  • Compare backlinks weight on competitors’ website

SEMRush backlinks infographic

For your information, the backlink feature is also available within Jaaxy’s Search Analysis feature too.

Jaaxy's backlink search analysis

Keyword Research

As mentioned above, SEMRush users can find the right keywords for SEO & PPC campaigns. Choose the best performing keyword for Adwords & BingAds.

The keyword research feature offers users with advantages such as:

  • Well-tried & tested keywords, the ones that help competitors and industry leaders websites rank in Google’s and Bing’s top results
  • Users are able to get extended information about the “value” for organic & paid search results. Get useful information such as CPC, volume, the number of results, trend & ad copies for the queried term
  • Discover which web’s biggest player use keywords for their most popular landing pages
  • Analyze the data for both desktop & mobile indexing

Here’s a snapshot of it I’ve made earlier on, by searching the term “make honest money online”.

phrase & related keywords match

Keyword Difficulty

SEMRush's keyword difficulty feature

This is yet another great feature provided by SEMRush. It actually helps users to choose “wisely” on the “phrase targeting strategy” that the user will be using on their page.

It almost seems impossible if users wanted to rank for a certain keyword by not checking on the keyword difficulty. This feature has streamlined the process of identifying the “best” keyword to use.

Here’s an example of the phrase that’s used:

Example of searched phrase's difficulty level

The tool tabulates the possibility for ranking on that certain phrase. The higher the percentage, the more effort it will take to outrank the competing keywords.

Similar to SEMRush’s keyword difficulty feature, Jaaxy offers its own version of determining the possibility of “owning” an “affordable phrase” to gain UNLIMITED amount of organic traffic to our page / post.

Here’s how it looks like:

Jaaxy's QSR & keyword ranking factor

Notice the red arrows pointing towards the 2 figures? QSR basically means “Quoted Search Results” or in layman’s terms. The number of competing websites that will be competing for that particular phrase / keywords.

The SEO basically means “Search Engine Optimization” 😀 Yeah, it carries the exact meaning with the jargon that most internet / digital marketers use MOST OF THE TIME.

Unlike SEMRush’s keyword difficulty results, we pick phrase with a HIGHER SEO & LOWER QSR to determine our chances to rank on the FIRST PAGE (top 10) of all search engines. Alright, perhaps on the first 3 pages of SERP (top 30) to gain more exposure for our site / content.

I’ve also discovered another great feature offered by SEMRush, which is the ability for keywords management. Making it easier to manage the incredible keywords that has struck through our mind.

Here’s how it looks like:

SEMRush's keyword difficulty data management

Take a look at Jaaxy’s wonderful feature that offers equivalent functionality just like SEMRush.

Jaaxy's keywords management tab

Jaaxy’s users can save all of their preferred phrases into the “saved list” & monitor the performance for the phrases included within the list. On the other hand, users can export the ENTIRE saved list into CSV & TXT file (as shown in the image above)

Other features worth mentioning

  • Domain vs Domain
  • Keyword Magic Tool

Domain vs Domain

SEMrush's domain vs domain feature

SEMrush users can now be an SEO / SEM practitioner. Be an “expert” within these fields without hiring any SEO consultants to help in ranking the webmaster’s site.

Users can independently evaluate the competition landscape in desktop to mobile index. SEMrush users are able to enter up to 5 domains per attempt for their rivals analysis endeavors.

SEMrush “practitioners” now are given the chance to identity the number of common & unique keywords used by the competing domains (up to 5). As mentioned above.

Identifying competitive unique keywords will help its users discover search terms that the user might not have considered. The feature is pretty SIMILAR to Jaaxy’s Search Analysis & Alphabet soup feature.

Jaaxy's search analysis feature

Jaaxy's alphabet soup feature

In Jaaxy, there’s no similar feature like the Domain vs Domain. However, there’s a feature known as Domain search. Jaaxy users are given the chance to purchase the domain (.com, .net, .org) for the searched / saved keywords.

This is a great feature for webmasters who’s looking to check availability without accessing domain hosting platforms such as GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc. Streamlined the entire process for purchasing a domain “immediately” after doing keyword research (at similar prices to other major web hosting companies, platforms)

Jaaxy's domain purchase feature

Jaaxy’s Pricing Structure

Jaaxy's pricing table

Notice the starter option within the image? That’s actually the free version for new users (get up to 30 searches) to anyone who registers as a free user.

The rates with “strike through” is available ONLY for Jaaxy Lite members. For more information, on the BONUS membership option for Jaaxy, check here for the Jaaxy Lite version which is integrated with another platform. It costs 49 USD per month too but PACKED with other essential features for setting up & hosting a WordPress site from SCRATCH.


Features unlocked in the PRO version

  • Sortable search results
  • Unlimited search history
  • Search analysis
  • Manual QSR search
  • Manual domain search
  • Alphabet soup (15 / letter)
  • 2x Multi-Threaded search
  • 2000 SiteRank analysis scans

Features unlocked in the Enterprise version

  • 35 search results
  • 5x speed
  • Automated QSR
  • Automated Domain search
  • Alphabet soup (50 / letter)
  • 5x multi-threaded search
  • Unlimited keyword lists
  • 10,000 SiteRank analysis scans

SEMRush’s Pricing Structure

Monthly plans

  • Pro version: 99.95 USD / month
  • Guru version: 199.95 USD / month
  • Business version: 399.95 USD / month

Annual plans

  • Pro version: 999.40 USD / annual
  • Guru version: 1999.40 USD / annual
  • Business version: 3999.40 USD / annual


SEMRush 99.95/199.95/399.95 USD per month
4.4 of 5 stars 0 reviews
  • Features
  • User-friendliness
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Value-for-money
User Review
0 (0 votes)
Jaaxy Lite, Pro & Enterprise review 49 / 99 USD per month
4.8 of 5 stars 0 reviews
  • Features
  • User-friendliness
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Value-for-money
User Review
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After going through “nearly” all the GREAT features provided by both companies. You should be able to decide which keyword research tool suits you the most.

I would strongly recommend you to pick Jaaxy due to several reasons:

  • Both companies offer “almost” similar features which is incomparable with other basic keyword research tools like Google keyword planner
  • You’ll discover ALMOST IMMEDIATELY that Jaaxy’s pricing is much “affordable” for most webmasters (regardless of experience). The flagship version costs 99 USD per month, compared to SEMrush’s business version that costs a WHOPPING 399.95 USD per month.

That’s 300 dollars in difference!

  • At a glance, SEMrush does look like it has “stuffed” its entire software with “tonnes” of features for its users. As a result, it does seem a bit complicated for new users (even advanced users). There’s just too much to “discover”. It may end up being a MAJOR time sucker for its users.

As we all know, the most vital in content marketing / success of a website is not just subjected to the AMOUNT of research done. Creating timely, thorough & helpful content is ANOTHER key winning factor too.


In terms of the user interface design complexity, I’ll certainly vote for Jaaxy due to it’s sleek & simple user interface. Any new / advanced users can easily get their hands on the software with minimal obstacles.

Hesitate no more, start your Jaaxy experience by entering the phrases that you want to research on the search bar ABOVE 😉

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