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What is Affiliate Marketing and How it Works – a SIMPLE & STRAIGHTFORWARD GUIDE

Affiliate marketing is considered as one of the most successful business model which has been created since the inception of THE INTERNET. It has certainly benefited most of the vendors/merchants worldwide especially the brands/companies from the United States & European Countries.

In general, affiliate marketing is known as performance marketing for these trust able brands/companies such as famous international e-commerce giants like Amazon, Ali Express (by Alibaba Group). In fact, Amazon is considered as one of the EARLIEST brands which has implemented and has even patented the affiliate marketing patent for its own brand during the early days of the INTERNET! (Partial sources about Amazon & affiliate marketing came from WIKIPEDIA).

The world RENOWNED brands & companies will reward the AFFILIATES a.k.a the PUBLISHERS by the successful sales they have made. The CPS (Cost per sale) method is often applied in these CASES.

Refer to the image below for a simple understanding about THE AFFILIATE MARKETING CONCEPT

affiliate marketing concept


There are various ways to GET THE MOST out of being an AFFILIATE MARKETER, ONE can utilize the power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click) a typical way of earning money ONLINE with the well-known example such as Google Adwords, email marketing, content marketing (blogging, podcast, vlogging), display advertising (Facebook Ads, Google Adsense, etc).

The most COMMON & EFFECTIVE way to monetize the content that we have PUBLISHED on the internet is by publishing reviews of products/services, here’s an example of comparison for review of various LEGITIMATE affiliate marketers training platform.


Ways to make actual earnings from Affiliate Marketing that actually works!

  • Create content based on the NICHE that you want to discuss about, the BEST way to START is by discussing a NICHE that you’re absolutely PASSIONATE about! It could be your HOBBY, because that is the easiest way to BEGIN, you are totally in control and have know-how how about the IDEAS & TOPICS revolving the NICHE of interest that you’re interested about. Here’s an example of the INTERNET MARKETING NICHE website for YOUR reference. (YOU may Google for websites which is related to YOUR NICHE).
  • Likewise, create TARGETTED TRAFFIC for our vendors, lots of traffic for our vendors (don’t be frightened by the AMOUNT, every website gains traction after certain amount of period, typically within months after the creation of the website)
  • ONE major factor for CONTENT creation has to adopt the following concept known as CIAO principle (Captivating Informative Accuracy Opinionated, despite the FORM of CONTENT which will be created

Advantages for being an AFFILIATE MARKETER

  • One can work from absolutely ANYWHERE from the face of earth, regardless of the GEOGRAPHICAL location ( there’s a popular term for it, it’s known as “the DotCom lifestyle”), being able to work from anywhere with a LAPTOP / TABLET with connection to the internet
  • ANYONE can start creating their ONLINE BUSINESS with literally minimal knowledge about THE INTERNET / TECH powering the internet, thanks to the POWER OF THE INTERNET which allows us to leverage the AMOUNT OF USERS ON THE INTERNET (there are approximate more than 3Billion USERS on the internet!)
  • By far, affiliate marketing is still considered as one of “the best” online business model which has been introduced apart from the famous DROPSHIPPING, Fulfillment by Amazon, developing e-commerce websites like Shopify & Lazada (popular south-east Asia e-commerce site)

Disadvantages of being an AFFILIATE MARKETER

  • often times it is considered as a “too good to be true” online business opportunity by typically introducing someone else’s product / services in exchange for a portion of the profit


  • some may consider it as not being “realistic” and these opportunities are mainly mended for internet savvy people / expert digital marketers, which is true in most cases but NOT ENTIRELY TRUE as you will hear TRUE stories about people who have MADE legitimate income ONLINE by participating in LEGITIMATE ONLINE training platforms. We shall quote more affiliate marketers who has made it in their online marketing career / business, more on that later.


  • As discussed in the earlier section of the topic, affiliate marketing is known as performance marketing whereby ONE is only paid via the successful transactions he/she has made, this is kind of CHALLENGING for those who are just getting started


  • the affiliate marketing opportunity is NOT a GET WEALTHY QUICK method just like any “big claims” on the internet/other forms of media

Affiliate marketing in a nutshell

There are a lot of affiliates for the reputable brands/companies on the internet, and the business model can only evolve according to today’s GLOBAL TREND such as the introduction of BLOCKCHAIN to business models of all types (that includes the affiliate marketing business model).

Nobody knows how the market will actually evolve according to global trends, as an affiliate marketer, one has to stay updated to the LATEST INFORMATION & THE NEWS related to the industry & the internet revolution.

Here’s a few pictures about the affiliate marketers (working full time from technically anywhere), a frequent traveler by the name of Nathaniell & Grace (stay at home mum with 2 kids)


nathaniell's affiliate marketing journey-1


And another picture of his story as a successful affiliate marketer


nathaniell's affiliate marketing journey-2


And now the stay at home mum, Grace’s story

Grace (stay at home mum's story)


By the way, both Grace & Nathaniell is a student & a part of the affiliate training community which is being mentioned earlier. Read the review of the COMMUNITY for better understanding about it!

Bonus fact for starters: Do not juggle among different NICHES all at once, progress to another NICHE once we have gain maturity in the initial NICHE site, most affiliate marketers tend to perform poorly (in terms of gaining traffic & monetizing their content), most suffer from the “shiny object syndrome”(easily switching from one niche to another) especially ONE can easily gain access to the internet during the information EXPLOSION era!


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