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Harnessing Keyword Research “Toolkit” for content marketing

Keyword research is one of the most important element when we’re blogging / creating content for our website. In fact, it’s one of the most IMPORTANT factor while creating content on our blog / website.

Why am I saying so? That’s because SEO comes into play in nearly almost every aspect of content marketing endeavors & it is still one of the most important factor that one has to take into account while optimizing every piece of content created.

Imagine, without optimizing our content for search engines, it almost seems impossible to resume with our “content marketing” endeavors a.k.a ANY FORM of online marketing endeavors.

Nearly every type of business model requires “online presence” these days, without keyword research using “premium keyword research tools” that’s available in today’s market. It almost seems impossible to get our “content” marketed to the public (at least to the marketer’s respective target audiences)

Competition is fierce in terms of online marketing for “virtually” any NICHE that we’re involved in. By now most people who’s living in the modern era should have “some degree” about search engines & marketers are also aware of the power of “search engine optimization” which usually involves aspects like keyword research using “state-of-the-art” keyword research tools.

A keyword research tool that’s truly utilizing the latest technology in terms of keyword analysis to help optimize our content that’s displayed in search engines (that includes social media platforms like Pinterest) as well.

I couldn’t stress more about picking the right “keyword research tool” for all of your search engine optimization efforts that’s packed with tonnes of value & literally VERY AFFORDABLE to most people.

You may also check out about the comparison regarding I’ve made earlier on about Jaaxy (the keyword research tool that I’m currently using) vs SEMRush (a well-known keyword research software that’s adopted by quite a number of online marketers).

Check out the product comparison review here.


Revealing JAAXY, the affordable & value-loaded keyword research software

Software name : Jaaxy

The owner of the company: Co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate

Support provided by the company: top-notch, as it’s constantly updated with regular updates & maintenance to stay up-to-date to search engine algorithms especially there’s a “non-official” leaked information from Google stating that there’s nearly “200 SERP ranking factors” that’ll affect the ranking for every piece of content that’s indexed on the world’s largest search engine (tech company) & the algorithm is regularly updated to match with the latest trends in today’s “online world”.


Pricing: 49 USD monthly fee for “Pro” users & 99 USD per month for the “Enterprise” users

Ease of use: Intuitive user interface which is easily learn able by literally anyone even for non-tech savvy marketers / bloggers / webmasters. Here’s how it looks like:

Example of Jaaxy's dashboard

See, don’t you think it’s very well-made. A clean-cut & intuitive user interface that’s suitable for anybody that’s interested in beginning the “keyword research” journey.

Language availability: English only (at the moment), there’s no support for other form of languages for the software. This tool is suitable for English speakers who’s deciding to create content that targets the “english-speaking market”.

Recently I’ve found another keyword research tool for search engines that’s available in various language. If you do notice, the pricing for other brands / companies is absolutely NO-MATCH to Jaaxy at least in terms of the “english-speaking” audiences.

Features: Apart from the main feature which is keyword research, there’re other functions such as Alphabet Soup (phrase suggestion based on the initial keywords that we’ve input into the search bar); Saved List (store all of our preferred keywords / phrases under one section); Search Analysis (execute in-depth analysis for keywords that we wish to rank on search engines); SiteRank (analyze the performance for the URL of a particular post / page within our website); Brain Storm (likewise, it’s the suggestion of keywords that’s relevant to the phrases we decide to analyze)

For detailed review on the complete list of features within Jaaxy, visit the post I’ve created earlier.

Leveraging keyword research tool capabilities on content marketing

Recently I’ve discovered that Jaaxy, the main keyword research tool that I’m currently using almost in a “daily-basis” / during times when I want to refine my content marketing & social media marketing endeavors plays a SUPER IMPORTANT role.

Why is it so?

Almost every “guide / walk through” I’ve read on the internet suggests that we should be optimizing our keywords for our content. In layman terms, optimizing our tittle, description, body of content, tags, etc. keywords to increase the rate of ranking whatever we put out on the internet.

I’ve noticed that my content that I’ve displayed on social media platforms has increased significantly after optimizing keywords for “meta-tittle”, “meta-description” not to mention by cleverly re-using the keywords that’ll input into the content of my post to increase the rate of getting “crawled” by search engines.

I’m not saying that we should be KEYWORD STUFFING just to get our piece of content ranked higher on search engine result pages however we should use it wisely. Input more keywords that our “target-audience” SHOULD type in search bars.

Write naturally for every piece of content that we’ll be generating, at the same time “place” your keywords smartly, in other words do your due diligence by examining the “potential keywords” that’ll rank well for your niche / content that we’ll be putting out.

Brands & famous company names are usually popularly searched but the disadvantage of POPULAR BRAND NAMES are the number of “Quoted Search Results” that’s competing for that particular term. Try popular brand names like Apple, Samsung, Huawei (tech companies).

Here’s an example of the keyword “apple” that I’ve made using Jaaxy. Well, the word “apple” can literally mean “the fruit” / the ultra-famous tech company brand.

Getting QSR of 100 and below


Referring to the image above, “Traffic” literally means the amount of “total visitors” that we’ll be getting for the term / phrase that we desire, provided our page / post is displayed on the FIRST PAGE of search engine results page.

“Avg” means the amount of queries the “term” is getting on a monthly basis & of course we’ll have to consider about the “QSR” & “KQI (Key Quality Indicator)” that’s paired with “SEO” index.

That being said, we’ll be able to rank out content to page 1 of all MAJOR search engine results page if we get “Great” on “KQI” & “SEO” indicator of 80 and above.



I usually practice the “low hanging fruit” principle by aiming for phrases that usually has a “QSR” of 150 and below. Given the fact that most famous brands usually score a QSR of 150 and above.

If you’re able to discover phrases that has a QSR score of 100 and below. Be sure to save it 😉

Here’s an example of keywords that I’d saved earlier on for my niche:

Keywords that has QSR of 100 and below

Using long tail keywords on social media platform: Pinterest

As mentioned earlier, I’ve managed to gain followers & my “monthly unique viewers” just by optimizing the keywords for my Pinterest boards (meta tittle, description) & I also practiced “long-tailed keywords” in order to stand out from the crowd for the name of Pinterest boards.

Instead of naming it “Digital Marketing Ideas & Techniques”, I named it “Digital Marketing Ideas & Techniques for Webmasters & Bloggers” for a better “coverage” for my target audiences.

The Pinterest board that I’m mentioning here is basically a curation about everything regarding online / digital marketing. Just by using keyword research via Jaaxy, I manage to grow my number of followers from almost-zero followers to 76 followers in just 14 days!

Of course this is combined with other Pinterest strategies as well.

Gaining followers on Pinterest board by practicing long tail keywords

As you can see, I’m not able to gain followers in Pinterest for such a short period if I’d not use Jaaxy as my main keyword research tool as one of my main resource in “moving forward” for my content creation “journey”.

Without the help of Jaaxy I wouldn’t even stand a chance to rank my content on major search engines & social media platform search engines.

Recently I’ve been studying the performance of my website on Google search console & I’m quite impressed by the results of following the training taught within the online marketing training hub in just merely 4 months.

Google search console website performance analysis

Although this may not seem to be an outstanding achievement however, I believe the performance of my WordPress site would definitely improve gradually by applying the basics & fully utilizing the power of Jaaxy.

Hesitate no more, test drive your keyword research projects by starting to input phrases that you’ll like to check out.

Market your content like mad by harnessing the power of “keyword research tools”

I’ve personally come across several keyword research tools several keyword research tools like SEMrush, AhRefs, KWFinder, Long Tail Pro, etc. but I’ll have to go with Jaaxy due to its intuitiveness, sleek design & VERY GENEROUS deal offered for the monthly subscription fee.

That alone is incomparable for other similar services or if you’re just like me, an online marketer that’s always on the quest of searching the best SAAS / other online marketing resources that’s available on the market.

A true advocate of value-for-money for literally every tool (services) that I use in my journey for producing digital assets. You can consider getting the resources offered by Wealthy Affiliate to start with.

In that way, you’ll be able to get the “bundled” keyword research tool Jaaxy at just 49 USD per month. Wealthy Affiliate’s membership resources that includes WordPress managed hosting service, WordPress site builder, online marketing training, classes, community support, website support, keyword research tool (Jaaxy).

Last but not least, use paid keyword research tools for optimum results

Most people might think to save money & use free keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner / just relying solely on Google search engine results page.

That’s a big NO-NO as we’re not actually getting the best delivered results & those data provided by search engine results page doesn’t provide COMPREHENSIVE DATA like what Jaaxy / other keyword research tools has to offer.

Before you go, remember to check out on the YouTube video below showing you a concise concept about how to ROCK your keywords by using Jaaxy 🙂


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