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Do you know the importance of staying ACTIVE on GOOGLE PLUS (Google+)?

Hello dear IMS loyal readers & subscribers,

In this version of the article I would like to talk about the importance of setting up our Google+ profile & why we should stay active on the platform.

As you can see, Google+ has been around since 2011 but there’s not many people who knows how to reap the benefit from it.

Most of the people, or I should say the usual crowd will stick to famous social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WeChat (famous instant messaging + social media platform) from China.

The usual social media user crowd will neglect the importance of Google+.

This shouldn’t happen to internet / affiliate marketers as we do know that social media platforms like Google+ are one of the HIGHEST QUALITY traffic source to our websites / channels.

They provide EXTREMELY high traffic quality & conversion possibilities to our offers / people that actually BUMPS into our contents.

I’ve personally started & TRIED posting on Google+ since 2013, like what most people do (because it’s FREE & COMPLIMENTARY) with our Gmail account (Google Account). Therefore, people like me will usually take it for granted by leaving it aside, because it doesn’t provide the same attractiveness like what Facebook or other major social media platforms has to offer.

It’s a big NO-NO for internet marketers, as we’re actually leaving “money” on the table.

Did you know that by sharing posts / pages (content) we’ve posted on Google Plus could actually help us to boost our SEO efforts?

In short, Google+ helps to boost the ranking potential on Google for our content shared on our websites, blogs.

Besides that, Google+ delivers more engaged visitors than Facebook, on average a visitor from Google+ will spend over 3 minutes on our content compared to 2 minutes on other similar social media platforms (the referral traffic visitors).

Google+ is also an engaged platform whereby people are already having thriving conversations about context.

Many visitors visit Google+ to discover GREAT content just like the content we post on the platform.

Let’s begin with the several MAJOR factors that would help to increases the EXPOSURE for our content published on the platform.

Create captivating posts that helps to increase engagement

Google+ is one of the few networks that allows us to customize our posts (increase captivity hence enhancing readability).

We could actually utilize formatted post to boost the readability in our posts.

Here’s an example on how to edit our Google+ posts.

Example of G+ formatted posts (personal profile)

Use “asterisk” sign in front of our words / phrases to BOLD it.

Example: *internet marketing*

Use the “hyphen / dash” sign at the front of our words / phrases to create STRIKETHROUGH effect.

Example: -internet marketing-

Use the “underscore” sign at the front of our words / phrases to create ITALIC effect.

Example: _internet marketing_

The advantages of formatting our Google+ posts

#1 Bold headlines helps to mark our article headline on Google+

#2 Italicized text to portray our highlighted text

#3 Utilize bullet points for a concise preview of our content

#4 Bold our text to form CTA purpose, highlight the subject that we would like to share with our audiences (absolutely vital to gain engagement among our audiences)


Increase the visibility & lifetime of our Google+ posts

Tip #1: It’s all about increasing the exposure of our posts!

Tip #2: In other words, MARKETING, MARKETING, MARKETING for the contents we’ve created.

Tip #3: Do not spend a LIFETIME in producing & “perfecting” our posts.

Tip #4: Utilize hashtags(#) to reach our posts to like-minded people on Google+, hence, the posts are grouped in different categories (allow for more search ability to people who’s interested in the subject).

Tip #5: If we do not have any ideas, whatsoever on what kind of hashtags to include in our posts, just begin typing & Google+ will suggest us with the relevant ones

Tip #6: Publish our Google+ posts in “public” mode to gain more exposure for our posts

Tip #7: Utilize the “collections” feature to group our content to a single topic / niche, something similar to “categories” section in our blogs / websites.

Bonus tips

#1 Google+ automatically keeps up to 3 hashtags for the posts we’ve made

#2 Gray hashtags represent those created by us, blue hashtags represent those created by Google (G+)

Google+ might suggest our posts in the “Discover” section on G+ whenever we start to utilize the hashtags / public post / collections feature, thus, gaining more exposure for our posts (suitable for boosting the exposure of our profile / content to audiences which is not within our NETWORK)

G+ Discover Section (Hashtag groupping)

G+ Discover section (public post groupping)

G+ Discover section (collections groupping - 1)
G+ Discover section (collections groupping - 2)

Improve social engagement for our Google+ posts

Bring VARIETY to our G+ posts! Loads of it.

#1 Include wide range of posts GENRE, don’t just promote our content all the time on our G+ profile. Sometimes, we need to share some captivating stuffs (gags, interesting news, etc).

That improves interaction among our audiences with our contents / profiles (building a FRIENDSHIP with our audiences).

Building an emotional bank account with our G+ circles (audiences).

#2 As mentioned earlier on, build our G+ profile by consistently content apart from our usual VITAL content that we would like to share.

For example, videos, GIFs, conduct polls, etc.

Example for posts variety on my G+ profile - 1

Example for posts variety on my G+ profile - 2

Post consistently on our Google+ profile (if possible, 1 post a day 😀 ), I know that seems hard, but as we all know.

Internet marketing is not REALLY an EASY CAREER. There are TONNES of work that we have to deal with in order to start seeing some RESULTS & ALOT of RESULTS ($).

Start posting our content during “peak hours” between (9am – 11am), depending on our OWN TIME ZONE.

I suppose most companies in the world begin their operation hours by 9am. That’s why it’s known as a 9-6 JOB 😀

Those are the best moments to MAXIMISE the exposure of OUR CONTENT. Most of the people would be checking out on their G+ accounts.

That’s when our content STARTS to go VIRAL! How good is that?

Here’s one of the INFOGRAPHICS I’ve found on

Best posting moments for G+

Join relevant Google+ communities to gain MASSIVE exposure

G+ communities function JUST LIKE Facebook communities & they usually consist of a bunch of close knitted community members.

Those like-minded people who’s within our NICHE, interested & have lots of interests & knowledge about our NICHE.

Did you know that, we could actually join these communities without much hassle, just request to join ANYTIME when we’ve found the appropriate communities.

However, certain communities require approval by the creator / moderators of the community.

Example of relevant G+ communities

Bonus tips:

#1 Don’t create our own community if we’re not really good at Google+ unless you’re focusing ALL YOUR social media efforts on G+ only.

Don’t try to REINVENT THE WHEEL, leverage what other like people have already created, the creator of the community might add us as one of the moderator if we’re really active & helpful on the community. (I’ve seen it happening to other people)


#2 Interact & build relationship with the fellow community members, as a human being, NOBODY dislikes social interactions (we’re a social animal, by nature).

The more we’re active & worthy in the communities that we’ve joined. That’s when we start to build our TRUST & AUTHORITY within the community.


#3 Abide by the rules set by the creators / moderators. Be nice & don’t be a SPAMMER. In fact, nobody loves SPAMMERS.

Promote our posts with a compelling teaser / summary

Likewise, it’s all about creating a compelling header to attract traffic into our content. It’s all about captivity & ATTRACTION marketing.

We could include attention-grabbing teaser & summary of main points on the body section of our Google+ posts (equivalent to our blog posts & social media posts).

Here’s an example of a compelling post written by a FRIEND of mine.

Example of a compelling & interactive G+ post

Embed comments & +1’s in our website pages / posts

Google+ helps us to increase authority & ranking of our websites by the amount of engagement on our content (posts).

G+ shows us 2 out of 10, most recent posts extracted from our circles (followers) & the people we’re following.

By doing so, it helps to increases the chance for us to interact with the people within our network. It also increases the chances or gaining more +1’s & comments on our content thus gaining more REFERRAL TRAFFIC from G+.

That would lead to increase ranking for our posts both on the G+ platform & other search engines as well.

Bonus tips:

#1 Add social share plugins for our content (try social plugins listed in for WordPress users or install WP themes that’s bundled with social share buttons.

For example, Hestia Pro by Themeisle (WordPress theme & plugin developer)


#2 Add Google plus badges by leveraging existing web traffic to our website / content. Try this NEW GOOGLE PLUS BADGE WIDGET WordPress plugin by MyThemeShop.

Example of G+ badge WP plugin shown on website

Increase our post exposure by leveraging influencer Google+ accounts

We could always need some help by mentioning a 3rd party authority account within G+ a.k.a. influencer account / brand pages to help boost & gain some extra traffic to our content.

Tag influencers (whenever applicable), ,mention their profiles / pages on our G+ posts can increase their concern in our content thus increasing the probability of an influencer “stumbling” into our content (+1 on our posts & drop a comment on our posts).

They might even share our content too, if they find our content useful.

Conclusion. Summary for benefits of Google+ to us (internet marketers).

If you’ve ever notice, G+ is actually not just an ORDINARY social media platform. It’s actually a PUBLISHING PLATFORM disguised as a social media platform.

In that way, the platform could actually increase their retention for users staying active on the platform.

How does it benefit us as internet marketers? We’ll get more quality & targeted referral traffic from the platform itself. Bear in mind, G+ is a product of Google (

Therefore, it absolutely makes sense that Google will actually increase the RANKING for the content we’ve indexed & shared on Google’s search engine & other search engines as well (other tech / search engine companies might actually replicate the Google’s way, who knows?).

Don’t neglect the importance of STAYING ACTIVE on the G+ platform, another important factor INCLUDED in the search engine RANKING FACTORS.

Learn how to improve your SEO & social media marketing STRATEGIES by joining our #1 recommended community for internet marketers.

Don’t forget to +1 & comment on G+ if you happen to stumble across this piece of content on G+ platform. As always if you love this piece of content don’t forget to share this piece of content / share your thoughts with us. Cheers.


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