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What is ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp all ABOUT? – Quick Insight for the 100 days RETIREMENT PLAN!

Hey guys, welcome to our quick review about one of the world’s fastest growing non VC-backed software company in the company, and the products they’ve launched in the market has taken the market by STORM.

The scenario is similar to Apple’s iPhone launch back during year 2007, the owner Russel Brunson is a well-known, legit and successful affiliate/ internet marketer by launching some of his successful digital products & campaigns. He had also written some INFORMATIVE books by the name of “Dotcom Secrets” & “Expert Secrets” which is rated as one of the HIGHLY RECOMMENDED books by successful & highly accredited internet marketers.

So, the tagline for Russell Brunson’s Clickfunnels Bootcamp is known as “the 100 days retirement plan for Clickfunnel’s affiliates”. Sounds amazing to me and definitely it is very captivating to the newbies in the affiliate marketing industry. So, What’s the catch for the 100 days retirement plan??? Let’s crack the CODE together my fellow LOYAL readers…

Introduction about Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

ClickFunnels affiliate bootcamp is actually a great program for SEASONED marketers otherwise known as the PRO internet marketers. That’s because they offer a lot of techniques & skill sets which requires newbies to invest some of their money, before BEGINNING to get a glimpse of some healthy commission payouts ROLLING into their bank accounts!

Why am I even mentioning about the above said point, that’s because they offer first class training in getting traffic via the PAID advertising methods such as FB ads & buying ads to promote your affiliate products/services, and of course YOUR self created products/services that you wish to PROMOTE in the marketplace (that really STACKS up to your BUSINESS COSTS initially)

Well, back to their “100 days affiliate retirement campaign”, they are teaching their disciples with the “100days signing up new members” per day plan, whereby you’re taught to get 1(one) referral every single day, let’s do some simple math regarding the “100 day retirement plan”,

Example of commissions payout

1 free trial a day = 40% commission on 97 USD membership (which sums up to approximately 40 USD of commissions per month, that’s the lower end for their membership commissions)

The same concept applies to their 297 USD membership whereby their affiliates will get approximate 120 USD of commissions per month from their upper end membership signed up.


Let’s do the math here,


That’s 40 USD per day x 100 days summing up to 4000 USD per month of recurring commissions! (That’s a lot! provided YOU get a new sign up every day within the 100 days program)


As for their PREMIUM membership also known as ETISON SUITE, it goes in this way,


120 USD per day x 100 days summing up to a WHOPPING 12,000USD per month of recurring commissions!


So according to Russell Brunson, we’re able to retire as an affiliate marketer after the 100 days program (sounds TEMPTING to me)

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp – Breakdown, Ratings & Mythbusters

Name of the program : Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp or the “100 days clickfunnels super affiliates retirement plan”


Owners: Russell Brunson

  • Training Provided: 4.5 out of 5, top-notch training provided by the industry’s leading experts
  • Support Provided by Clickfunnels Bootcamp: submit your FAQ about the program in their designated website for CF’s team support >>> (by the way there’s a Virtual Assistant on their support web page too); 2 out of 5, there are certain complaints about the support team delaying in answering their queries (often in timely matters)
  • Pricing: 2 out of 5, although ANYONE can join the 100 days challenge for free, but initially you will be FORCED to sign up as a ClickFunnels member after day 65 (in order to resume with the bootcamp & be earn the commissions AGAIN)
  • Community Support: 4.5 out of 5, they have a “secret group” within their Facebook Community known as the CLICKFUNNELS AVENGERS GROUPClickFunnels Affiliates FB group
  • Toolkit: 4.75 out of 5, one has to sign up as a ClickFunnels member in order to get full access of their tools like landing page builder, opt-in funnels, website hosting, conversion tracking & stats, etc.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp
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  • Training Provided
  • Team Support
  • Pricing
  • Community Support
  • Toolkit
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BONUS FACTS: EVERYONE can basically undergo their training courses & carrying out the assigned take by literally spending an hour a day to resume with the tasks, provided ONE doesn’t exceed the 65 days mark for the FREE TRIAL as an affiliate for clickfunnels


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ClickFunnels Bootcamp, who actually needs it??? (c’mon troops let’s assemble)

Before I jump into the usual “pros & cons section”, there are a few items that I would like to highlight regarding the bootcamp.

ClickFunnels affiliate program is really useful for the advanced or expert marketers who has been in field for a WHILE, it combines all of Russell’s PRIMARY online marketing tactics to drive traffic to YOUR offers. And it is also applicable to ANY other online offers besides ClickFunnel’s offers.

Previously, I was mentioning about promoting YOUR offers with FB ads (using targeted traffic based on the demographics for YOUR offers thus offering relevant OFFERS to YOUR targeted traffic. However, it can cost you a BOMB for those just getting started in the industry (I’ve heard that it can be extremely profitable if everything is done RIGHT)ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Dashboard


#1 Learn how to target FB ads & copywriting skills as a beginner with the top-notch training provided by Russell Brunson & his CF team

#2 The content in the bootcamp is portrayed in easily understandable content (suitable for beginners & advanced affiliate marketers)

#3 CF bootcamp offers one of the industries leading commission compensation plan for their affiliates which is 40% from every sale made

#4 CF affiliates gets extensive range of training material (that includes courses, webinars & their books)

#5 Learn how to upsell your leads (by applying the knowledge learned from Facebook Ads training), capture lead emails & implement a follow up sequence meanwhile upsell them with a lower ticket item
(such as DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets & Funnel Hacker Cookbook)


#1 Affiliates are required to spend literally few hours a day just by consuming the video content within the whole 100 days challenge (it all starts during the first 65 days of the challenge), this is quite overwhelming for STARTERS, when everybody is trying to learn how to make that FIRST SALE online!

#2 Jumping straight into paid advertising methods such as FB ads, Google Ads can burn a hole in YOUR pocket, the newbies in affiliate marketing industry(in this case CF affiliates or affiliate for ANY offer), instead, one can start from learning to gain FREE traffic such as mastering the ART of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) to their websites/channel for MAXIMIZING their profits!

#3 Newbies require some marketing & selling skills beforehand in order to achieve the “3 monthly subscribers” target allowing them to cover their costs for the monthly CickFunnels subscription fees (starts from 97 USD per month)

#4 The monthly subscription fees to become an affiliate is considered costly for starters, it costs 97 USD compared to other leading LEGIT training platforms in the market
(check out our review for another LEGIT affiliates training platform below)

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp at a glance

Name of product: ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp (100 days retirement plan)

Owners: Russell Brunson

Price: FREE (until day 65)



In a nutshell, ClickFunnels affiliate Bootcamp is certainly HIGHLY recommended for affiliate marketers who wish to earn some LUCRATIVE recurring commissions by promoting the program, plus ONE has to follow the program closely by applying all the know how taught by ONE of the MOST successful internet marketers (Russell Brunson).

ClickFunnels affiliate bootcamp is definitely LEGIT in terms of its reputation & given the fact that it had helped advanced or expert internet marketers to enhanced their skills by using PAID ADVERTISING (often times recommended for established internet / affiliate marketers), internet marketers with established online income & earnings.

In my opinion, newbies are recommended to learn in establishing their ONLINE PRESENCE a.k.a. driving FREE & ORGANIC traffic to their websites / channels before proceeding into the PAID ADVERTISING sector.


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