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Can Malaysians succeed as an affiliate marketer? (thoughts from a MALAYSIAN)

Hello dear loyal readers / subscribers,

Welcome to the interesting topic which is widely discussed among Malaysians, being a successful internet / affiliate marketer.

We shall go in depth about the “truth” for being an internet / affiliate marketer who intends to monetise their website / blog’s content via affiliate offers (being a publisher) for ANY reputable companies worldwide.

Why do I emphasize on the country MALAYSIA only?

Easy. That’s the country which I’m born at. My home country, an Asian country located at the Southeast part of Asia. You guys may check more about Malaysia via Wikipedia.

I’ve discovered about the online business model known as AFFILIATE MARKETING about 5 years ago. I didn’t really get my “hands dirty” into the industry, due to my scepticism about the industry earlier on.

Is it really possible to make money online via the INTERNET only?

It’s not e-commerce (setting up an online store & selling physical goods online), sad to say, that’s what most citizens of Malaysia think about it.

Even for certain parts of Southeast Asia, because “globalisation” is not always the norm within countries in Southeast Asia, unlike Singapore, an international hub for global trade which is used to globalisation.

Singapore has adapted the terminology of “globalisation” way back then. Way back earlier than countries like Malaysia or other developing countries in the SEA region.

One key reason may be due to the language barrier. I’ll explain more about why language is an essential “obstruction” for countries like Malaysia to succeed internationally.

I should say, well-established & acknowledged in this INTERNATIONAL PLATFORM known as the INTERNET (a truly global platform).

But wait…after “typing” that much, I haven’t even explain what is affiliate marketing & how the affiliate marketing truly works…

The concept for this online business model equates to being an associate for an online / offline company.

A reputable one or companies that are seeking for RAPID development by adopting the business model (boosting the revenue & profit) for the company.

It almost seems like the business model is WAY too good, for folks who are willing to build a side hustle.

There are 4 basic steps for internet / affiliate marketers to start earning money online. Check here for more details about the STRAIGHTFORWARD GUIDE in understanding the fundamentals of being an affiliate (online affiliate) for the companies that anybody wants to.

That’s it, as simple as ABC…

Any chances to succeed within the field as a Malaysian?

First of all, I suppose this is one of the main question that any Malaysian who’s interested in beginning with their affiliate marketing journey.

Some may even be reluctant to do so, making the right considerations & choices before “diving in” to the business opportunity.

As far as I’m concern, most Malaysians are desperately to seek ways to earn a side income / extra income.

Create an additional income stream / passive income stream to BATTLE with the rising living cost in the country. Inflation nowadays in this part of the Asia is TERRIBLE.

Most families are not able to sustain their current household expenditures, with the weakening currency issue & our decline in global competency index.

I have friends from the lower & middle class in Malaysia that’s always seeking ways to earn extra FOREIGN CURRENCIES apart from earning the local currency.

Some may even be involved in international currency trading. I can understand why most Malaysians do so, especially the immigrants, those who have stayed in the country since independence of the country.

Wait a minute, I’m not discussing about political issues neither am I mentioning about the history of Malaysia now… I think that it’s absolutely crucial to tell our story to the friends who’s not familiar with this part of the world.

There’s an interesting “scenario” for the people who’s born & settled at Malaysia. We are a country of multi ethnicity, diversified culture & we speed a wide range of LANGUAGES.

Apparently, there are 3 major languages spoken by different races (the immigrants, now citizen) of the country.

A typical Malaysian usually speaks up to 3 languages with some speaking & understanding beyond 3 LANGUAGES. Pretty impressive huh?

Yeah, that’s the “perk” for being a Malaysian.

There’s a term for the “highly-diversified” language conveying method, known as “rojak“. It’s a Malaysian common word, widely used term within the country, even tourists are aware of the word & knows a thing or 2 about the diversified culture in Malaysia.

Malaysian language is the official language or I should say the popular local / majority language spoken among most Malaysian kids that were born, raised & lived in the country.

Most Malaysians speak the language (regardless of the ethnic).

The locals in Malaysia will communicate among themselves in a form of English language (2nd most popular language within the country), known as the Malaysian English.

Most of the time, understood by Malaysians only.

The “language” comprise of various widely spoken languages spoken in the country like Malaysian, Mandarin, Chinese dialects, Tamil, etc.

As a result, there are very few bloggers / affiliate marketers from Malaysia succeeding in the INTERNET world, a space which is mostly dominated by the “proper English language” world.

Malaysians tends to fail in creating content that RESONATES with the global English speaking community due to the abnormal English language that’s being used within the country.

The blog / website’s content will only go VIRAL if it is written in a Malaysian English format whereby it resonates with the Malaysian locals who speaks Malaysian English, with the likes of the Malaysians.

Thus it dramatically reduces the global reach to audiences worldwide. Even if the Malaysians have some captivating content to deliver to the internet.

Malaysians speak the English language with borrowed words from other languages, without practising proper grammar & vocabulary which is often, very important while conversing with people from the west.

We practice implicit English language within the country.

typical malaysian english in our daily lives(cartoon version)

Well, let’s resume with the actual “truth”, we’ll go though those figures for percentage of affiliate marketers who actually succeed.

Statistics for number of affiliate marketers “failing” within the space

Most of the time, we are intrigued by the awesome amount of affiliate marketers making loads of money ONLINE.

However, we’re not aware of the intensely high failure rates (rarely disclosed) by marketers too…

An affiliate business is just the same like any other business startup in BRICK & MORTAR BUSINESSES.

There’s up to 95% failure rate in affiliate marketing (affiliate business).

An absolutely staggering figure to know about, that’s because just like many business startups.

People tend to fail within the first five years & the failure rates are mainly driven by the few reasons below…

#1 Exposed to SCAMS or self-proclaimed gurus who’s going to teach you how to be a millionaire or earning money via the FULLY AUTOMATED way (by pressing a magic button), and the money starts rolling in…

#2 Most beginners, even the advanced marketers tend to learn their techniques / skills by doing “self-exploration”, doing lots & lots of research online or by asking friends who’s involved in the industry.

#3 Do not have a bunch of like-minded friends (entrepreneurs) who’s willing to assist or provide a helping hand, whenever the marketer needs it.

Most affiliate marketers lack the proper guidance provided by a community of experienced & helpful marketers.

Don’t be discouraged, let’s move on to the bright side for being an affiliate marketer.

The “beauty” side as an affiliate marketer.

We’re able to build a side hustle while maintaining our MAIN HUSTLE.

We have absolute control in our working hours, “work when you feel like it”. (too good to be true?)

Don’t take my word for it. Go ask the experienced marketers or me 😀

Just like building any business or starting a career path from scratch, it’ll be extremely HARD, but the rewards are absolutely encouraging.

Don’t forget we’re constantly connected to nearly 3 BILLION people via the internet (chances of making money from the sheer size of the market).

Let’s streamline to “English” speakers only, there’s more than a BILLION of English-speaking individuals out there.

Computer, smartphone & internet literate.

the sky's not the limit

The ugly “truth” about being an affiliate marketer

Most marketers tend to give up too early, before even reaching their “gems”.giving up too early

Image Source: Shutterstock

Most affiliate marketers would give up before reaching the break even point, which usually happens after the website / marketing channel is built.

6 to 9 months is usually the break-even point for online businesses, typically it could take up to A YEAR.

This is when online entrepreneurs start to gain profits & recover the “investments” that they’ve made throughout the entire period.

This is also a CRUCIAL moment when business owners start to reap “some” rewards for the hard work they’ve put into the business & scaling it to a sustainable ONLINE income stream.

Possibly even a PASSIVE INCOME stream too!

There’s also a major reason why most affiliate marketers are not making it till the end, that’s because, the affiliate marketing business model is one of the hardest & complex way to make money online despite the fact that it is the easiest way to begin.

Low startup costs & low operation costs is often the key factors why most entrepreneurs like to pick the business model.

Another drawback for affiliating with different companies are, marketers won’t be able to control the “quality” for the product & services that the companies we piggyback with.

Hence, be wise & pick the company that we like to associate with 🙂

Ultimate saviour remedies for affiliate marketers (regardless of nationality)

In order to be a well-trained affiliate marketer & being able to excel within the space.

We sometimes have to rely on the experienced / expert ones to guide us along the path.

Just because most of the people who’s seeking for making money online opportunities encountered “scammy” experiences, doesn’t mean we’ll have to give up entirely for being a “teachable” individual.

I’m always a good learner but not always a good executor. Plus, there’s really no guaranteed success in, virtually any career / business opportunity.

Therefore, I truly believe that ANYONE can succeed within the field, if we’re teachable & making things happen.

Success lies within those who’s willing to be teachable & take MASSIVE ACTION to succeed in our endeavors.take massive actions by tony robbins

Be sure to check out our #1 Most Recommended Affiliates Training Community to get yourself WELL TRAINED & all prepared for the affiliate marketing journey.

Buckle up & get ourselves ready for the wonderful journey that lies ahead.

PS: For Malaysian affiliate marketers or affiliate marketers from non-native English-speaking countries, we could always produce our content in our respective “native” language or get help from translators.


Do drop us a comment at the comments’ section & don’t forget to share it within your SOCIAL NETWORK if you found this piece of content beneficial to YOUR FRIENDS.

Affiliate / internet marketers from MALAYSIA don’t forget to share your PRECIOUS THOUGHTS & EXPERIENCES with us 😉


Till then, my friends.

Signing off.


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