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Boost SEO content EFFORTS via JAAXY (keyword research tool)

Hello dear loyal readers, subscribers for IMS.

Welcome to our review about one of the most VITAL tool for any content marketers. The keyword research tool!

Introducing Jaaxy. It is one of the essential tools for any website / content to gain ORGANIC TRAFFIC from search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)

It is one of the best way to “guess” for what our target audiences are looking for & the number of visitors to our website / content.

The tools give us insight into pages that could help us gain more traffic, so that we could focus on CONTENT CREATION & MARKETING for our content.

Jaaxy is the ULTIMATE all-in-one keyword research tool for our NICHE MARKETING ARSENAL, plus, it costs us a lot LESSER than any other SEO tools available in the market.

Here’s some KEY BENEFITS for becoming a JAAXY user:

#1 We don’t have to download the software in order to get started. It’s available on the internet.


#2 It’s SUPER EASY to use


#3 The software is equipped with game changing keyword data FAST. It helps to boost our rankings on major search engines (gets accurate results in result time from Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc)


#4 It’s a keyword tool that helps us save time over “manual process” of researching SUITABLE keywords for our niche

Jaaxy at a glance


Jaaxy Pro: $49 (USD) per month (subject to change)


Jaaxy Enterprise: $99 (USD) per month (subject to change)

Jaaxy helps me to save more time while doing keywords research for my niche. I gain access to Jaaxy Lite by being a premium member of our #1 recommended internet marketer’s training community

I’ll just have to pay $49 (USD) every month for the premium membership & gain access to Jaaxy IMMEDIATELY.

Jaaxy lite still offers all the features needed by any content marketer. In fact, the features offered are still considered one the best tool that’s available in the market.

Not everyone would require to be a member for the community that I’ve recommended, instead, we can proceed into the details for Jaaxy Pro & Enterprise version.

The problem with most keyword research tools

If you’ve ever purchased any keyword research tools in the past or the ones you’re using right now, you’ll notice that MOST of them actually produce A LOT OF data, metrics and hashes that we’ll actually have to make sense of.

The problem is that with most of these keyword metrics, there is no value in the hashes. In other words, most keyword research tools that’s available in the market provide ALMOST non-useful data.

A few key items that you’ll have to watch out before purchasing keyword research tools apart from Jaaxy:

  • Any keyword research tool a.k.a software that require you to install it into your device (hard drive)
  • Any KRC that provides you with Pay Per Click guestimates
  • Any KRC that harnesses Alexa as the “key factor” in determining competing keywords / phrase
  • Any tools that require us to conduct several searches to accomplish a singular task
  • Tools that don’t extract data from ALL major search engines

All the above are usually the INDICATORS for a LOW QUALITY KRC. It doesn’t take long to realise that tools that “line one’s pocket” is actually providing its users with absolutely useless data & is incapable of getting at the meaningful data needed by users when they first purchase it.

Introducing…the most commonly used features in Jaaxy

Keyword Data

This is the core for keyword research tools. In other words, good keywords EQUAL topics / niches with the most TRAFFIC (keywords that will rank on first page of search engines)Jaaxy lite keyword research dashboard


Alphabet soup

Introducing one of the most interesting features available within ANY VERSION of Jaaxy. It blends or keyword with every letter of the alphabet to gain potential search terms (displayed in search engine results page).

For example, I used the phrase “make honest money online + a” (alphabet a) & the letter “e”. Check on the images below for a better understanding about what I meant.

Jaaxy lite's alphabet soup dashboard - 1


Jaaxy lite's alphabet soup dashboard - 2

Alphabet soup automatically helps us to do a new suggested search term based on the phrases or we get the “instant search results” for the suggested terms.

We could even add the keywords to the brainstorm list archive.

Saved List

It is a place whereby we could store our preferred keywords. Get it archived & we could even SELL THE KEYWORDS that we’ve search (it is possible, but not done by me yet 😀 ).

Saved keywords list could be used for PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns.

Besides that, we could even SPY on our competitors (those that fall under the same niche / terms).

Jaaxy's saved keyword list

Search Analysis

This is another cool feature that we could look into. Discover whose content ranks better based on our desired keywords.

We could check on a list of popular article directories that rank well in SERP like YouTube, Vimeo (video streaming sites).

Get insights about what our competitors used to rank in search engines. It even shows us what’s not ranking.

That being said, we could add a YouTube video & our content will probably rank easier, compared to our competitors 😈

We could always improve the rankings for our piece of content based on what our competitors are not doing.

Let’s say they have a thousand word count in their piece of content, we could make it 1,500 to increase our chances to rank higher.


Jaaxy provides training for being a user of the software. The training videos are recommended for Jaaxy Pro / Enterprise users only.

I don’t need to watch these videos because I’ve learned most of my keyword research skills through WA.

Check out the training video attached for a concise understanding about how Jaaxy works.

Affiliate programs

Jaaxy offers one-stop-solution for doing research on affiliate programs availability just by selecting the various world renowned affiliate networks such as ClickBank, LinkShare, Commission Junction (the niche that we’re interested in the search toolbar).

Get insights for affiliate programs available in the market (that’s related to our niche).

Jaaxy Affiliate Program Walkthrough


Discover trending topics that is being shown in websites like Twitter, Yahoo, Google & Amazon. Harness the trending topics as one of the pieces of content that we’re going to deliver.

Click on the “brainstorm” tab to have a glimpse of it. Aligned on the same row as “Keywords” & “Alphabet Soup”.

Head on to the “brainstorm” section if we run out of ideas while producing our content. Let the search engines / social media assist us in seeking ideas for our content.

The main features for Jaaxy – Keyword Data & Lists Analysis

KEY features for Jaaxy

Based on the shown image, I’ve extracted a few important data that we’ll have to focus, that will be the key essence for creating content as we proceed throughout our entire content creation journey.

#1 Monthly searches (Avg)

This is the amount of people that’ll be searching for the keyword each month. Higher shown figure = higher number of searches to our content.

#2 Estimated traffic (Traffic)

This is the amount of visitors that we could expect while our content based on the selected keyword is ranked on page 1 of Google & other major search engines.

Higher shown figure = higher number of traffic to our content.

As we all know, most search engines display 10 pages / posts on their search engine results page.

#3 Quoted Search Results (QSR)

This is the amount of competing content ranked on search engines based on the keywords that we have included in our meta tittle (header for our content / keywords included in our content, the lower the better).

#4 Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI)

A concise indicator for keywords that’ll be ranked, go for “green”(Great) or “yellow”(Normal) to get our content ranked (possibly ranked higher than other authority sites that belong to the same niche)

#5 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is one of the key elements that contributes to KQI.

The higher the better (the shown figure indicates how easily a piece of search engine optimised content could ranked easier) & inclusive of long tail keywords (lengthy keywords for our META tittle has higher chances to rank than shorter ones because it’s more detailed & less competitive).

#6 Domain availability in SiteDomains (Domains)

Domains that are available for a specific keyword is shown while we insert our keywords within Jaaxy’s “Keywords” SERP.

These days, exact match domains will still rank well in Google / other major search engines.

This AWESOME feature is suitable for affiliate marketers / website developers that’ll create & sell niche sites (flipping domains on website marketplace).

These people are the ones who will use the function a lot.

#7 Saved Lists

As mentioned earlier, this is a place to archive our preferred keywords (get our hands easily on keywords with high average traffic & low QSR).

It can also turn into a guideline for the next piece of content that we’ll be creating. It could be the heading or the keywords included within our content.

We could even send it to our subscribers as BONUS information (token of appreciation for their loyalty).

#8 Keywords (Related)

Get an idea for the related searches that’s performed by the ACTUAL people (relevant to the keywords we’ve included in the search results).

Site Rank

SiteRank Dashboard Overview

I’ve inserted the keyword “Jaaxy” as an example. SiteRank is recommended for those who build websites for clients & wanted to prove them how to improve the performance of their site over time.

It will show us the position of (our website) & the graph included will indicate the performance of the site overtime.

Test drive your Jaaxy experience here!

Verdict! Exclusive INSIDER information for the wise person.

Jaaxy Lite, Pro & Enterprise review 49 / 99 USD per month
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  • User-friendliness
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Value-for-money
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The most frequently asked question of all TIME. Is it worth the money to grab a keyword research tool?

Folks who sign up as a premium member for our #1 recommended training community for internet marketers / Jaaxy using the links provided within THIS PAGE, will entitle themselves for exclusive information (strategies) to boost your SEO / content ranking efforts.

Applicable ONLY to folks who signed up as a PREMIUM MEMBER for the community $19(USD) during the first month (Jaaxy Lite is included within the membership’s subscription).

I believe certain folks might sign up for Jaaxy Pro or Jaaxy Enterprise instead if they truly understand the power of keyword research tools & intend to SAVE TONNES OF TIME & MONEY in improving their content’s SERP performance.


Without further ado. Let’s hop into the INTERESTING WORLD of keyword research by inserting keywords that you’ll be interested to research on in the Jaaxy’s mini search bar above.

Have fun doing keyword research for your projects using Jaaxy 😉


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