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Affiliate Networks for Indian Bloggers / Webmasters – Part 2

Welcome to IMS’s part 2 for the best affiliate networks list for Indian affiliate marketers (part 2).

In this version of the article, we shall be digging into more affiliate networks available for advertisers & publishers for the Indian marketers & INTERNATIONAL affiliate marketers.

Previously, I’ve shared a couple of GREAT affiliate networks which is absolutely beneficial for marketers who’s just getting started or have been involved in the “scene” for quite some time.

We’ll be revealing more affiliate networks which is popular in the Indian market, with some well-known brands, meanwhile some brand names are least popular.

However, regardless of the size of the affiliate network / the popularity of the brand. We are still able to gain MASSIVE exposure via advertising or promoting (publishing) ads for the merchants (advertisers) on the listed online affiliate marketplace.

Without further ado, let’s resume with several reputable & legitimate affiliate networks (handpicked by me).

Most of the networks do provide affiliate programs for their brands, which is the main purpose why IMS is devoted to become.

Be an online resource hub for affiliate marketers from literally any parts of the world!



Tyroo is an advertisement network company established in India. Tyroo is part of the SVG Media Group huge family.

The company is headquarted in New Delhi & is recognized as one of the leading company in Global Mobile user acquisition & monetization platform.

It has recently teamed up with Snapchat (a leading social media platform) to expand its global presence.

The company has the capacity to deliver a staggering “20 Billion +” ads every month to consumers across 15 targeted markets such as Delhi, Singapore, Jakarta, Dubai, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc (with physical presence) in these markets.

Tyroo offers the right & best in class ad formats available in today’s global market, hence, it is available to deliver GREAT results to advertisers & publishers for the platform.

Here are some key benefits to be part of the network:

#1 The company helps to maximize app monetization via Native Target’s innovative & recognized ad formats

#2 Native target delivers maximized monetization solution that empowers its users to get the best ROI, user engagement & higher performance from mobile applications

#3 Hero product assist users with app discovery for new free applications by generating up to 2X Click Through Rates, 3X Conversion Rates & boost higher eCPM (Effective Cost Per Mile)

#4 Serve ads as per “In Market” local language based on user / publisher preferences

#5 The company provides self-served / optimization control over the flexibility of inventory for chosen campaigns, ad formats, creative, etc.


Click here for a glimpse on the official website.



Aduncle is an international affiliate network with presence in the Indian market.

The company offers CPA, CPC, CPI, CPS campaigns for publishers to expand their business potentials & turn its business / brand more recognizable with the aid of the world-class network.

AdUncle provides full internet marketing service including publisher training forums, campaign management, etc.

The company is also featured in more than 25 newspaper a.k.a traditional media across India & TV channels like CNBC.

The commission payout threshold for AdUncle is capped at 50 USD. There are 3 different payment scheme terms offered by the company which is Net 15, Net 30 & Net 45.

The payment scheme can be altered based on the flexibility of the campaign & the publisher’s performance.

Here are some key benefits to be part of the network:

#1 AdUncle provides options for entry level & seasoned professionals alike within the advertising / affiliate business space

#2 The company manages & runs over 100+ campaigns (both incentive & non-incentive based), the company offers flexible payouts to its publishers (as mentioned earlier)

#3 The company offers various payout methods to its advertisers / publishers via NEFT, Bank Transfer, PayPal, cheque, etc.

Click here for a glimpse on the official website.




Affoy is a new “player” within the affiliate marketing space. The company was founded by core members of another popular Indian affiliate network (company), Payoom.

The company started its operations during year 2017 & has gained traction since then, expanding at quick pace.

Apart from that, the founding team has been well-known in the market for being able to deliver GOOD commissions to their affiliates.

During our recent studies, the company has been known for sharing up to 90% of its revenues! (definitely the highest in current Indian’s market).

However, there’s one major drawback for the affiliates (publishers) for the network, there’s only a handful of offers being provided within the company / network.

I’ll put it in a much appropriate way, which is much lesser compared to other competing companies.

Here are a few key benefits for becoming part of the network:

#1 They offer timely & great commissions payout to its affiliates

#2 The entire network is built upon an experienced founding team (most of the time they started of as affiliates themselves), similar companies like Affoy are usually founded by super affiliates

Click here for a glimpse on the official website.




Vertoz is a highly recommended affiliate network for international or Indian marketers. It’s one of the leading affiliate network with varied Indian offers that affiliates can publish.

The company offers diverse affiliate programs that allows publishers to earn more with every action by its targeted audiences.

The display campaigns available within the network allows publishers to promote advertiser’s products on display networks.

Not just that, affiliates can endorse the campaigns launched by Vertoz on social medias (monetise our followers in our social media channels & help our followers buy the product that they want).

There’s also another great feature that the company has, the company allows us (affiliates) to endorse the advertisers with our e-mail list.

Here are some key benefits for becoming part of the network:

#1 Vertoz offers various campaign modes such as CPC, CPL, CPM, CPS, CPI, CPV

#2 Vertoz offers reliable tracking, granular reporting & personalized support for both advertisers & publishers

#3 The company is also renowned for its on-time payment practices

Click here for a glimpse on the official website.




ShareASale is a leading provider of affiliate marketing solutions worldwide. The company has been in business for the past 18 years.

The company originated from U.S.A. & is famous for its high paying, extensive range of CPS & CPA affiliate offers for its publishers.

The company adopts efficient & state-of-the-art technology for a total user satisfaction (both the publishers & advertisers).

Here are some key benefits for being part of its family:

#1 The network provides plenty of international offers (merchants / advertisers from every part of the world)

#2 Well known for its honest & fair business practices has turned the company into a household brand for the affiliate marketing industry, not only that, ShareASale is providing an advanced platform backed with SUPERIOR customer service

#3 Indian affiliate marketers will get paid for the commissions they’ve made via the platform, affiliates get paid DIRECTLY to their local bank accounts

Click here for a glimpse on the official website.




ClixGalore, yet another popular international affiliate network which is dedicated to the Indian market. Indian marketers are able to find Indian & international affiliate offers as well, within the network.

Most importantly, Indian marketers can get themselves paid in Rupees (INR).

ClixGalore provides ease of use to its partners by providing simplified sign up process for its affiliate programs & it also allows advertisers to advertise their business within the platform (gain exposure for the company / brand’s products).

Besides that, ClixGalore offers text & graphic advertisements for publishers who’s interested in promoting its offers.

These are promotional tools which usually consists of well-designed & captivating banners or other equivalent image form medias.

Take a look at some benefits for being part of the network:

#1 ClixGalore allows its publishers to run CPA, CPL & CPC based affiliate programs SEAMLESSLY with 99% of all e-commerce stores & shopping carts

#2 Another GREAT feature launched by the company is the flexibility for its publishers to generate different type of promotional landing pages for advertiser’s products

Click here for a glimpse on the official website.


CJ by Conversant (formerly known as Commission Junction)

CJ by Conversant

CJ is a highly popular global affiliate marketing network, equivalent to ShareASale.

It is one of the oldest & biggest affiliate network in the WORLD.

CJ specializes in pay-for-performance programs (CPA campaigns only).

There’s literally 3000+ Indian advertisers within its network, which is why it’s a network suitable for Indian publishers.

One thing that’s great about CJ is the entire ideology of the company that is stated by the company, CJ believes that the best way to increase their global reach is by fostering a productive partnership between advertisers & publishers.

CJ pays its affiliates by issuing a cheque / direct deposit to its publishers. The commission payout threshold is capped at 50 USD.

Take a look at the several key benefits for being part of the network:

#1 Affiliates can easily select products that they want to promote based on the niche segregation which is already available in the market, absolutely a great feature for affiliate marketers with various niche sites (earn higher commission payouts with faster selection time)

#2 The company offers mobile advertisement units for its affiliates

#3 CJ offers 3rd party WordPress Plugin for WordPress users

#4 Publishers are able to sign up as Hostgator & Bluehost affiliates through the network

Click here for a glimpse on the official website.




The company is headquartered in Bangalore, India. The company is deemed as one of the quickest developing affiliates network platform in India.

The platform offers mostly CPS, CPA affiliate offers from famous e-commerce brands such as Amazon, FlipKart, etc. iCubesWire offer solid linking, coupons & offers for various affiliate programs within the platform.

The commission payout schemes for publishers are separated into 2 different types, net 30 & net 60.

Last but not least, let’s take a look at the key features of joining the network:

#1 The company has developed a network of 15,000 advertisers worldwide, with the likes of famous brands such as Amazon, FlipKart, Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s, GoAir, Qatar Airways, AxisBank, etc.

#2 The company offers mobile marketing administrators for the affiliates, services provided include SMS marketing, OEM, application establishment programs for IOS, Android, creative media solutions, etc.

Click here for a glimpse on the official website.


Verdict! Wait a minute…Want to know more about how we could actually convert our traffic into actual sales? (the priority task for being a PUBLISHER)

Yes, despite all the affiliate networks that’s available in India for the past 2 version of the article. We’ve missed the most important part for being an affiliate (publisher) for literally any affiliate network / company.

The most vital element towards becoming a successful affiliate offer publisher is by mastering the art of COPYWRITING (one of the major skill needed by ANY affiliate marketer), who wants to achieve SUCCESS within the space.

I’m not kidding, what’s the point of setting up a website or joining any affiliate network if we’re not able to be a PRO in traffic conversion (converting website visitors) into our potential consumers.

Don’t hesitate to click on the following link for a thorough review & GAIN ACCESS for FREE to the secret community where I learned my affiliate marketing skills from SCRATCH, (IMS’s #1 recommended affiliates online training center).


Disclaimer #1: If you ever decide to purchase any products / services using the AFFILIATE LINKS provided within this page.

Feel free to do so as it’s TOTALLY SECURE & THE LINK will direct you to the OFFICIAL HOME PAGE of the companies this site is AFFILIATED with.

Thanks for the trust towards​ & my recommendations. We’ll just earn A SMALL FRACTION of the commission from the PURCHASE made.

The price of the items won’t be INFLATED due to the purchase decision made using the AFFILIATE LINKS provided (the retail price is exactly the same as advertised on the said company’s official site)

I’ll only recommend companies / brands that​ has handpicked ourselves. The funds received shall be the main “fuel” to keep the site going & it’s the ESSENTIAL element for CONTINUOUS QUALITY CONTENT PRODUCTION 🙂

Disclaimer #2: Do not hesitate to share your LOVE with me by sharing your thoughts at the COMMENTS section below & subscribe to our newsletter for UPDATED relevant posts from

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