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Affiliate Networks for Indian Bloggers / Webmasters – Part 1

Hello, dear loyal readers of IMS.

Welcome to our recommendation for the affiliate networks available in India (available for Indian affiliate marketers & global affiliates).

Recently I’ve summarised the reputable affiliate networks that affiliates (publishers) & advertisers can join to further expand their reach into the India’s commerce world.

Before we begin with the recommendation of the widely popular affiliate networks within the country, let’s head back to the basics of affiliate marketing and a brief explanation for the existence of affiliate networks within the affiliate marketing industry.

Apparently, affiliate networks actually act as intermediary between publishers (affiliates) & advertisers (companies that’s offering a product / service).

If you’ve read my previous articles about affiliate marketing in Asia & specifically the rise of E-Commerce in India.

You’ll know why India is considered as one of the country growing with leaps and bounds in both e-commerce & affiliate marketing.

Countries from all over the globe just love India, due to a few key points that the country has to offer.

#1 India is the biggest marketing HUB in the world


#2 Lots of room for global brand / businesses to tap into the “gold mine”, that’s why you could notice there are lots of affiliate programs for the Indian bloggers / affiliate marketers.

That being said, Indian brands are building numerous affiliate programs to cater for audiences from India & affiliates worldwide.

Here are various types of Ad models utilised by affiliate networks to make money online.

#1 CPA (Cost Per Action / Acquisition)

Advertiser pays for a specified acquisition, for example a sale, click or form submitted)


#2 CPC / PPC (Cost Per Click / Pay Per Click)

Advertiser pays a publisher, a website or network of websites when the ad is clicked


#3 CPM / CPI (Cost Per Mile / Cost Per Impression)

In the online advertising world, cost per thousand denotes the price of 1,000 advertisement impressions on one web page. For example, if the publisher charges 2.00 USD CPM, advertiser has to pay the publisher 2.00 USD for every 1,000 impressions of its ad.


#4 CPD / PPD (Cost Per Download / Pay Per Download)

Unique visitors download our digital products (if you have one) through PPD networks & get paid whenever the file is downloaded.


#5 CPI (Cost Per Install)

This online advertising model is designed specifically for mobile applications. Publishers proceed with placing digital ads across a range of media in an effort to drive installation for the advertised app.

Alright, I notice that the “introduction” is kind of lengthy, without further ado. Let’s proceed into the respective affiliate networks in India.

DGM India

DGM India

DGM India is considered as the fastest growing affiliate network in India. Not just that, it’s considered as one of the leading digital media platform within the country too.

It offers online marketing solutions that envelope advanced technologies, unique processes & high quality supply sources through social networks (medias), ad networks, e-mail marketing & search engines.

DGM has worked with blue chip clients across the globe for the past 12 years.

The company has a track record of great results & superb quality work (verified by the Indian commerce world).

Here are some Key Benefits for joining DGM’s network:

#1 The company offers affiliate program, known as DG perform (affiliates can promote products & services from foremost Indian brands).

DGM India's Affiliate Program (DG Perform)

#2 The company offers attractive commission rates across all programs (additional rewards & bonuses for TOP performers)


#3 Direct deposit into local bank accounts are available for the affiliate commission payout


#4 Payment term for their CPA campaign commission payout period ranges from 60-90 days


#5 DGM incorporates the latest ad serving technology paired with advanced web analytics (for optimizing advertising spending)


#6 Services offered by the network include performance, branding, video & mobile services. DGM proprietary technology used across platforms serves more than 500k actions & 200 million CLICKS monthly.

The network aggregates inventory from all over 20k websites across India.

Check here for the official site.

Optimise (Formerly known as Online Media Group)


The company is a leading affiliate (performance) marketing network from UK. Formerly known as OMG ( What a cool acronym 😎 ).

Over the years, it has “set foot” in India & turned itself into a household brand (a household affiliate network).

There are lots of (CPA), CPI offered within the network. OMG aids its partners, advertisers & publishers to drive greater traffic volume & revenue in exchange for high ROI.

The brand has a global coverage over 30 countries around the globe & recently it has announced that its revenue has surpassed the 30 million GBP (pound sterling) mark.

Here are some KEY BENEFITS for joining the network:

#1 There are plenty of affiliates / mobile & reward solutions to numerous brands all across the globe


#2 The network is backed by market-leading technologies, exceptional client service, innovation & performance to provide world-class affiliate marketing solutions to PREMIUM PUBLISHERS


#3 OMG has a few branch offices across the globe, ranging from countries like, France, Singapore, Brazil, Australia & UK (headquarters for OMG)


Check here for a glimpse of the official site.



The network is established in year 2008m, since then vCommission has established itself as the leading network in India. At the moment it has more than 18,000 affiliates ONBOARD.

Since then, it has collaborated with famous Indian & international brands such as Airtel, FlipKart, eBay, Amazon, Domino’s Asian Points, etc.

It is also the second affiliate network established in India offering CPA, CPI, CPC solutions for publishers.

Here’s a list of the KEY BENEFITS for joining vCommission:

#1 The brand offers direct deposit to local bank account (wire transfer), however, there’s a payment threshold of 100 USD (which is considered high IMO)


#2 vCommission is well-known for maintaining their “good payment term status” since its inception


#3 Apart from offers by Indian brands, vCommission affiliate offers by global BRANDS too


#4 Join the network to be an “e-commerce platform enabler”


#5 Proven to work lead generation system being implemented


Check here for an overview for the entire site.



Komli is another popular network in India’s affiliate marketing scene. The network is established in year 2006.

There are literally 100’s of CPS / PPC affiliate offers to choose from. It has a network of 400 advertisers across 4000 campaigns & has helped 1000’s of people reaching & realising their performance marketing goals.

Komli employed a range of social media experts & since then, it has improved it’s social media marketing strategies for its clients, one of it, is the company known as PMD solutions.

Since 2006, Komli has become the largest exclusive re seller for Facebook’s, premium inventory in Philippines & Thailand, since then, it has shared a strong & exclusive bond with FB.

Here’s one of the benefits for joining Komli:

# The payout period for affiliate commissions typically happen within 30-60 days

Check here for a glance at the official site.

Admitad India


Admitad India is another leading affiliate network originated from Germany. The network was launched during year 2005, since then the, the network has improved its global presence to countries worldwide.

The network mainly offers CPA solutions for its publishers (100’s of exclusive offers), however, the program consists of great offers, high conversion rates & numerous attractive deals for the affiliate offers.

Here are some key benefits for joining Admitad:

#1 It has implemented its “in-house” technology platform into the Indian commerce world & allowed Indian affiliates to promote global brands


#2 The brand claims to offer a WHOPPING 7-10 days payment cycle


#3 Admiatad offers a wide range of promotional tools such as widgets, re-tag container, product feeds, promo codes, etc.

Check here for an overview of its official site.


Verdict… How do we fully leverage the “power” of affiliate networks available in India?

With that said, although affiliate networks in India are flourishing, so is the entire industry within the country and the whole APAC region in whole.

We, as internet / affiliate marketers should GRAB the chance to master the skills of affiliate (performance) marketing as FAST AS WE CAN.

No matter what industry we’re involved in, we have to act fast & adapt to the CURRENT TREND.

Stay updated to the latest insights about the industry and LEARN the necessary skills & drills to excel within the affiliate marketing space.

I totally agree that we have to participate in affiliate networks to maximize our knowledge, expertise & earnings from the industry.

Before that, we have to remember that we can’t simply learn how to RUN before learning how to WALK.

Do check out one of the leading affiliate “network” & affiliate community ONLINE that me & 1000s of online entrepreneurs are involved in. Don’t forget to “network” with us over there 😉


Disclaimer #1: If you ever decide to purchase any products / services using the AFFILIATE LINKS provided within this page.

Feel free to do so as it’s TOTALLY SECURE & THE LINK will direct you to the OFFICIAL HOME PAGE of the companies this site is AFFILIATED with.

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