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Hello there our beloved site visitor,

Welcome to IMS’s version of “guide” towards refining YOUR “content marketing” knowledge & SaaS Product Knowledge (just by staying tune to OUR site, you’re able to learn some INSIGHTFUL AND UPDATED SECRETS about creating a sustainable full time income online through monetizing your blog content)

No bragging & bull s**t information provided. We promise.

A true location independence “hustle” that’ll keep you going for as long as you could go!

Good or Good?

First things first, my name is Chris Chong (nicknamed ChrisCee1028 in the internet world), currently I’m the chief author & chief editor for most of IMS’s pages & posts.

I’m a tech & internet savvy guy(born & raised in Malaysia) who is always seeking for ways online & offline to create multiple ways of income (both active & passive income ways) to combat the rising costs in our country & overcoming the global inflation scenario.

Long story short, I’ve just started my blogging & digital marketing endeavors couple of months ago (not exceeding 1 year in knowledge & experience within the space).

I’d literally learned how to create my own WordPress site & started by learning the skills and drills learned from our #1 internet marketing hub choice.

You could check out the review that I’ve made about the internet mentoring platform that I’ve written not long ago in my HOMEPAGE’S top navigation menu.


***The Latest Edition***

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Our mission here is simple, we’re providing our fellow visitors with the STATE-OF-THE-ART content marketing tips and tricks PLUS resources needed to excel in blogging, content marketing & social media marketing, digital marketing to help YOU save your precious TIME, figuring it out yourselves.

Because at the end of the day, time is all that matters (being able to achieve your FINANCIAL GOALS as early as possible and create a thriving career by being able to work on what you’re truly PASSIONATE ABOUT).

Something that you can’t stop doing each day, unleash TRUE ENTHUSIASM, at the same time making money that might be possibly better than your current day job.

Back then, I(Chris) was busy digging for the information and facts as regards to making money online & I’ve found the most viable way (for me) would be blogging+affiliate marketing, yes blogging is far FROM DEAD, so does affiliate marketing.

Even if the market is saturated, I believe you’ll still be able to discover ways AFTER LEARNING the ropes learned from my recommended internet marketing mentoring community.

If you’ve did a lot of research prior to stumbling into my blog (WordPress site) you’ll be surprise why they’re still people who’s still doing it as their “full-time job” despite the TOUGH COMPETITION that’s available on the internet.

I was quite intrigued about the entire idea of being an advertiser for REPUTABLE & TRUST-ABLE BRANDS / COMPANIES, some might even market their self created digital products (known as publishers), meanwhile, able to earn a fraction of $ for every sale made (by successfully referring your friends & literally ANYONE online!)

Bonus Fact:

#1 Research says that there are literally more than 3Billion ACTIVE users on the INTERNET, we could absolutely harness the power of the internet by making GOOD INCOME.

#2 Blogging+affiliate marketing is a truly unique way to make a GOOD LIVING on the internet.

The entire affiliate marketing concept is so unique that it’s also HARD at the same time. The rate of success is lower than most people’s expectation.

The “drop-out” rate for monetizing content on the internet with your blog/website is a really interesting approach which is nothing NEW but there are still people who’s willing to DIVE their nose into the field.

I suppose that’s the main reason why it is considered as a sustainable & viable way to make a LONG TERM good income. Apart from the usual grinding & hustling for a company & investing money on other companies / assets.

Blogging+ affiliate marketing is something that we could truly consider (provided with the right knowledge & application of the knowledge).

Let’s cut to the chase, I(Chris) came across this most helpful & caring, legitimate internet marketing mentoring community which helps to accelerate my(Chris) skills and knowledge about refining my(Chris) internet marketing skills with the aid of the PRO internet marketers (some of them has been in the industry for literally more than 10 years, some of them are yearly 6-7 figure earners!)

Here’s a snapshot of the PRO internet marketer 🙂

And this guy over here (together with his spouse),

Yet another pro internet marketer who has been in the business for more than 8 years (as of year 2018)


We dedicate ourselves, in reviewing & provide helpful INSIGHTS about resources available on the internet, which you’re able to utilize when you’re just getting started to build YOUR blog / website from scratch.

By the way, we’re dedicated to help YOU by increasing YOUR rate of success in the internet world (by being able to own YOUR range of “online assets portfolio” with possibly any niche that you want!).

By the way, making money online is ONE of the BEST niche to kick-start with!

If you haven’t discover any niche that you want to work on at the moment 🙂

Ways to achieve our career & financial goals is not just determined by working in OUR day jobs or setting up a conventional business which might ultimately land yourself into a “self created job” & get yourselves dived into an ocean of debts! (in case there are any hiccups occurring in your business).

I truly believe that everyone deserve a better quality in life by selecting a career such as blogging+affiliate marketing which can ultimately earn yourself a spot towards time & financial freedom in life (spending more time with your loved ones & living an EXCITING LIFE)

With that said, making money online & creating a portfolio of “online assets” is definitely the way to go!

There’s a famous saying, before you earn, you have to learn! And like what Warren Buffet used to say, the best investment you can make is an investment in ourselves…

If you ever need a helping hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them at the comments section below and we will be more than happy to help you out. (and also, do stay tune to our updated blog posts for updated insights & resources to help you succeed in your blogging & affiliate marketing hustle)

You may contact me (Chris) via: / connect with me via my Wealthy Affiliate profile.

Stay tune & don’t forget to subscribe / bookmark the website into your smartphone / tablet/ laptop’s internet browser, cheers 😉

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